How To Lock And Unlock Cells, Formulas In Microsoft Excel 2016?

Lock and Unlock Cells Formulas

Want to lock cells in Excel 2016 and make them protected from any type of modification OR unable to edit/modify cells because they are locked? Read this blog till its conclusion, and know the simple tricks to lock & unlock cells in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Preventing spreadsheet cells from any types of unwanted modifications become necessary as no one want inadvertently change in cells that should not be modified.

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5 Easy Methods To Merge Rows and Columns in Excel Without Losing Data

merge columns and rows in excel,


Does merging rows and columns in Excel seems a tough task for you to perform? Read this tutorial to learn different ways to merge rows and columns in Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a very useful application and can be used for performing various tasks. This is the reason Excel provides various useful functions to make the task easy for the users.

One of the most common tasks that everyone needs performing now and then is merging rows and columns.

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3 Ways To Import Data From MS Word To Excel


Need to shift or convert MS Word data into Excel Worksheet? At the same time looking for some easy fixes to import Word documents into Excel without any software?

Even I also think that the task of importing Word document into Excel is best.  As it keep you aside from the headache of Excel file recreation from the beginning.

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7 Easy Ways To Convert Text To Numbers In Excel

7 Easy Ways To Convert Text To Numbers In Excel

Excel is undoubtedly a powerful application of Microsoft Office suite. In this powerful application there are plenty of Excel functions allotted to perform complex tasks easily and effortlessly.

But in some cases, Excel becomes a big disaster.

Today in this article I am going to describe a common problem of how to convert text to number in Excel.

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6 Ways to Use Pivot Table to Analyze Quarterly, Monthly & Yearly Trends


Excel is the very popular application of Microsoft Office suite, but this is very tricky also. And we all know the fact that how complex is it.

However, there are many features in Excel that makes it less complex and easily perform certain tasks. One of the most powerful Excel features is the Pivot Tables.

A Pivot table allows you to extract the impact from a detailed, large data set. This helps you to quickly sum up and categorize many table records into a single report.

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5 Easy & Quick Ways to Remove Blank Rows in Excel

remove blank rows

Using Excel file regularly than here follows the quick tips on how to remove blank rows in Excel without destroying your data in Excel 2013, 2010 and earlier.

In Excel blank rows or cells in the datasheet is very annoying. However, while working on Excel sometimes we need to deliberately insert empty rows to make the report understandable and readable.

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How To Insert Checkbox In Excel 2010/2013/2016/2019?

How To Insert A Checkbox In Excel

Insertions of checkboxes in Excel may sound you like a trivial task. But do you have any idea that using this checkboxes; will make your work easier with the worksheets. As, this will ultimately help you in keeping track over your goals, schedules, assignments etc. in a well-arranged manner.

Checkboxes and other controls like drop downs, look quite impressive in Excel and can be quite helpful while designing forms in MS Excel.  These controlling options prevent users from entering some unwanted data in your forms and hence they are preferred to traditional text boxes.

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How To Use Dynamic Data Labels To Create Interactive Excel Charts?

If you are an Excel user then this blog is highly useful to you, here know how to create Dynamic Data Labels, which can be highlighted when they are needed the most.  

In MS Excel worksheet Chart is a perfect tool to present data in an enhanced and more understandable way but most of the time it is seen that it stuck because of the overloading of the excess of data representation. Actually, the fact is that Chart looks more understanding when it is neat and clean.

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How To Create Backup Of Active Workbooks In Excel?

How To Create Backup Of Active Workbooks In Excel

In this tutorial, check out a very useful topic on how to create backup of the Excel workbook. This is very useful to overcome the unpleasant situations in Excel. So here check out the complete information on how to backup Excel files automatically or manually as well.

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