XLSX Password Recovery: Recover & Unlock Excel File Password

XLSX Password Recovery

Several users used to lock their Excel files using strong passwords to protect their workbook data from unauthorized access. But, at times, users forgot their Excel password which they have set. Although this situation can be really frustrating as they may lose their crucial files. Thus, if you are one such user, there is nothing to worry about. In this post, we will show you how to perform XLSX password recovery with ease.

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Excel File Repair Online: Repair Excel File Online for Free

Excel File Repair Online

A few months ago, when I was working with a vital Excel document, suddenly my file got corrupted due to which I could not access the data saved within it. Since I didn’t have the extra copy of my XLSX file (backup), I was worried about how to repair it. Fortunately, with the help of some Excel file repair online tools, I would repair my corrupted document successfully.

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4 Working Ways to Fix Excel Toolbar Missing Issue

Fix Excel Toolbar Missing Issue

It is common to encounter a toolbar missing issue in MS Excel while working on the Excel. Even many users have recently reported about the Excel toolbar missing from the top menu. Thus, if you are one such user who is facing the same problem and unable to perform any operation due to a lost toolbar, keep on reading this post.

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XLSX File Recovery: 5 Ways to Repair & Recover XLSX Files

Repair & Recover xls and xlsx file

Losing crucial Excel files is a very frustrating situation as this deletes many hours of work and leaves you completely helpless. However, in this article, we will show you how to perform .xlsx file recovery from Recycle Bin, .temp folder, previous versions, or using an advanced Excel File Repair & Recovery Tool.

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How to Recover Unsaved Excel Files [2023]

How To Recover Unsaved/Overwritten Excel Files

It is quite painful of losing an important Excel Workbook due to power failure or software crash while working on it for hours without hitting a Save button. But don’t worry, as this optimized post contains ample information on how to recover unsaved Excel files in no time.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started…

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How to Fix Excel Formula Not Auto Calculating (5 Ways)

Fix Excel Formula is Not Auto Calculating

If you are working on an Excel workbook/spreadsheet and finding difficulty in auto-calculating the formula, it must be because of the disabled auto-calculate option. In such a case, enabling the auto-calculation option and checking the entered formula could assist you to fix Excel formula not auto calculating. For more workaround, you must check out this article.

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4 Fixes For “Excel Superscript not Working” Problem

Excel Superscript not Working

Troubled with the Excel Superscript not working problem and wondering why doesn’t superscript work in Excel, this article tutorial is for you.

In Excel, Superscripts are used for highlighting the special information in mathematical equations, tables, or molecular formulas.  But many Excel users are unable to format text or numbers as Superscripts.

So, if you are also struggling with the same problem, this article is for you. Here we have demonstrated four potential fixes for the Excel superscript not working problem.

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8 Fixes To Resolve Excel The File Format And Extension Don’t Match Error

Excel The File Format And Extension Don’t Match Error

Receiving Excel file format and extension don’t match. the file could be corrupted or unsafe error? In that case this blog is going to be super beneficial for you. As it covers all the necessary details regarding Excel file format and extension don’t match error and ways to troubleshoot this on your own.

Before approaching the fixes let’s know about the reasons behind this Excel File Format And Extension error.

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10 New Tricks To Fix Excel Corruption In 2021

Fix Excel Corruption In 2021


This blog is primarily aimed to provide the best fixes to repair corrupt Excel file. Besides this, it also gives an overview of the tricks to identify xls/xlsx file corruption and ways to avoid instances of Excel Corruption In 2021.

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5 Ways To Fix Excel OLE Header Corruption

5 Ways To Fix Excel OLE Header Corruption

Does the corruption of OLE header prevent you to perform any activity in your Excel file?

We all know it’s very common to encounter such a corruption issue in Excel files. But have you ever questioned yourself, why such corruption issue occurs?

Check out this article to get answers to such questions and to find out the best possible solutions to fix Excel OLE header corruption.

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