How to Fix Excel Found Unreadable Content in XLSX (8 Ways)

Excel Found Unreadable Content In Filename

The “Excel found unreadable content in ‘filename.xlsx’.” is a rare error message that users experience when trying to open the Excel 2010/2007. When this error occurs, it is really difficult to access the data of that Excel document. Thus, if you’re also struggling with the same issue & looking for how to fix Excel found unreadable content in XLSX, don’t panic. As this write-up covers the best fixes that can help you to troubleshoot this error and get easy access to your Excel file data.

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How to Convert Text to Number in Excel (6 Easy Ways)

How to Convert Text to Number in Excel

It is quite a frustrating situation when the numbers are formatted or stored as text in an Excel spreadsheet. Due to this, you’ll be unable to perform various Excel tasks like creating charts from values, mathematical calculations, or grouping them into arrays. But don’t worry, in this write-up, you’ll learn how to convert text to number in Excel using 6 different ways.

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MS Excel AutoRecover Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

Excel AutoRecover Not Working

While working on the Excel workbook, it is common to encounter unexpected situations like Excel crashes, sudden system shutdowns, accidentally closing an Excel file without saving it, etc. Such kind of scenarios can lead to severe data loss. However, to avoid losing your important work due to such unexpected reasons it is suggested to use the AutoSave and AutoRecover features. But, at times, the Excel AutoRecover not working.

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9 Ways to Fix Arrow Keys Not Working in Excel [2023]

Enable Sticky Keys

Yesterday, while working on my Excel spreadsheet, I was trying to use the arrow keys for easy switching between the cells but the arrow keys are not working in Excel. I was feeling very depressed at that moment. Fortunately, I found some workable solutions by applying which I had easily overcome this issue. Although those fixes are outlined in this post.

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XLSX Password Recovery: Recover & Unlock Excel File Password

XLSX Password Recovery

Several users used to lock their Excel files using strong passwords to protect their workbook data from unauthorized access. But, at times, users forgot their Excel password which they have set. Although this situation can be really frustrating as they may lose their crucial files. Thus, if you are one such user, there is nothing to worry about. In this post, we will show you how to perform XLSX password recovery with ease.

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How to Insert Checkbox in Excel (Step-by-Step Guide)

insert checkbox in excel 2016 insert checkbox in excel 2016

In Microsoft Excel, the Checkbox is an interactive feature commonly used to make binary selections. Even though it is used to select or deselect the options. However, it has three states for selection: Select, Unselect, and Intermediate. Therefore, if you want to use this feature & also eager to learn how to insert checkbox in Excel, follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below in this tutorial.

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Excel File Repair Online: Repair Excel File Online for Free

Excel File Repair Online

A few months ago, when I was working with a vital Excel document, suddenly my file got corrupted due to which I could not access the data saved within it. Since I didn’t have the extra copy of my XLSX file (backup), I was worried about how to repair it. Fortunately, with the help of some Excel file repair online tools, I would repair my corrupted document successfully.

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4 Working Ways to Fix Excel Toolbar Missing Issue

Fix Excel Toolbar Missing Issue

It is common to encounter a toolbar missing issue in MS Excel while working on the Excel. Even many users have recently reported about the Excel toolbar missing from the top menu. Thus, if you are one such user who is facing the same problem and unable to perform any operation due to a lost toolbar, keep on reading this post.

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7 Most Underrated Excel Functions You Must Try


Microsoft Excel is such a complex program but still it is used worldwide to perform various tasks such as analyzing, auditing, and calculating data. Even though MS Excel provides varieties of functions to perform countless tasks easily. However, some of the Excel functions are used by many users regularly. So, in this post, we will discuss the most underrated Excel functions in detail so that should be used rarely.

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