How to Convert Text to Number in Excel (6 Easy Ways)

How to Convert Text to Number in Excel

It is quite a frustrating situation when the numbers are formatted or stored as text in an Excel spreadsheet. Due to this, you’ll be unable to perform various Excel tasks like creating charts from values, mathematical calculations, or grouping them into arrays. But don’t worry, in this write-up, you’ll learn how to convert text to number in Excel using 6 different ways.

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How to Insert Checkbox in Excel (Step-by-Step Guide)

insert checkbox in excel 2016 insert checkbox in excel 2016

In Microsoft Excel, the Checkbox is an interactive feature commonly used to make binary selections. Even though it is used to select or deselect the options. However, it has three states for selection: Select, Unselect, and Intermediate. Therefore, if you want to use this feature & also eager to learn how to insert checkbox in Excel, follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below in this tutorial.

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How to Fix #SPILL Error Excel (5 Easy Ways)

Excel SPILL Error

If you are experiencing #SPILL error Excel while performing multiple calculations on Microsoft Excel and wondering how to get rid of it, then check out this comprehensive guide about this error.

This article describes complete info regarding what does spill mean, why this error occurs & how to correct spill error in Excel to continue with your calculations.

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How to Lock Cells in Excel to Protect Them?

Lock and Unlock Cells Formulas

If you want to lock cells in Excel and make them protected from any type of changes or modification without your permission, read this blog till its conclusion. In this working tutorial, you will learn how to lock cells in Excel & unlock cells in easy steps.

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How To Insert Checkbox In Excel? [Easy Steps]

insert checkbox in excel 2016 insert checkbox in excel 2016

Summary- Checkboxes in MS Excel are used to make binary selections. You can use it to select or unselect options. However, it has three states for selection:  select, unselect, and intermediate. So, if you want to use this function and are wondering how to insert checkbox in Excel, follow this complete guide to insert a checkbox.

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How to Remove Scientific Notation in Excel? [5 Tricks]

While working in Excel, the formulas show a large number of digits in a scientific form, such as 8.7986E+11. If you are wondering what is causing your number to convert and how to stop this number conversion, then this article tutorial is for you.

In Microsoft Excel, using 12 digits or more than 12 digital numbers will convert the numbers into Scientific Notation by default.

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How to Add Standard Deviation Bars in Excel? [Windows & MAC]

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to add Standard Deviation Error Bars in Excel. So quickly learn how to add Standard Deviation Bars in Excel and get a complete view of the data set as well as the margins/ errors in your data.

Excel is a widely used application in industries for maintaining a wide range of data, calculations, growth stats, and much more. So, it is crucial to add the data should be 110% accurate.

But this is not an easy task as maintaining huge data always has scope for error. Therefore, to solve this problem, Excel lets the users add standard deviations and margins of error.

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How to Disable & Remove Hyperlinks in Excel?

remove hyperlink in excel

In Excel, hyperlinks are useful, but sometimes they become very irritating as they may cause clutter if you want to keep the data organized.

Also, by default Excel convert the entire URLs and the email address into clickable hyperlinks, which is a bit annoying.  Luckily there are ways to disable and remove hyperlinks in Excel.

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How To Avoid Cyberattacks Via Excel Add-Ins?

There are more than two thousand Excel add-ins on the market right now. They help people increase the functionality of Excel applications and get more out of them. By using Excel add-ins, you can automate tasks such as business analysis, accounting, or charting. These were usually manual tasks that take a considerable amount of time, but not anymore.

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Invoicing Goes Digital: 5 Ways Excel Simplifies Billing

Tricks For Billing Using Excel

A digital billing system doesn’t have to mean fancy accounting software. You can create a highly effective system using a program you probably already have on your computer—Microsoft Excel.

Spreadsheets are incredibly versatile and can be set up in so many different ways. There are also many formulae and functions that can make light work of doing your weekly or monthly billing. It can take a bit of time to get set up, but once you are, you can make magic happen for your business.

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