How to Fix “Excel Not Printing Gridlines”?

Excel spreadsheet gridlines cannot be printed is an irritating problem reported by various users on the forum sites.

The problem is commonly reported by the Excel 2010 version users, however, this is not limited to this version only the other Excel version users like Excel 2013 and 2016 also reported their Excel Not Printing Gridlines.

Gridlines along with the row/column headings are helpful for viewing worksheets printed data in MS Excel.

It is a good impression to broadcast the worksheet before printing it on paper to ensure that it appears as you desired. Fortunately, MS Excel 2010 and 2013 permit you to screen and then print the files in a location – with the help of the Print tab in the Backstage pane.

But recently many users discover when they visit that location, Excel would not print gridlines on the sheet.

This is quite annoying but luckily many users managed to solve the problem by following the fixes given in the article.

So keep reading the article and follow the troubleshooting solutions given one by one.

How to Make Excel Print Gridlines?

Go to the workbook and choose the worksheet wherein you wish to print gridlines. Click the tab that says “Page Layout”.

excel not printing gridlines

NOTE: This is a specific option for every worksheet within the workbook.

In the “Sheet Options” segment, choose the “Print” check box under “Gridlines” such that there’s a tick mark inbox.

The option of “Print Gridlines” relates only to the present workbook and is set up distinctly for every worksheet within the workbook. The state of the option (on/off) for every worksheet is stored with the workbook.

Print Row and Column Headings

Automatically, Excel does not print row/column headings that are visible on the screen. Nonetheless, you can opt for it.

  • Open the preferred workbook and hit the tab at the bottom for the worksheet wherein you wish to print the heading of row and column.
  • Hit the tab which says “Page Layout”, if it is not activated already.

excel not printing gridlines

  • In the “Sheet Options” fragment, select the “Print” check box within “Headings” such that there’s a tick mark inbox.

Similar to the “Print Gridlines” choice, the “Print Headings” only disturb the presently active worksheet within the existing workbook. In order to print row/column headings for additional worksheets in a workbook, choose every worksheet and switch on this option.

How to Fix “Excel Not Printing Gridlines”?

If gridlines do not display in print preview or resultant printout, you perhaps have “Draft quality” turned on for your printer. In order to save ink, this mode is planned, hence it overlooks things such as gridlines.

To inactivate this, go to File > Print > Page Setup in MS Excel. Click the “Sheet” tab. If “Draft quality” is tick marked, remove the checkmark and press “OK.”

For additional troubleshooting steps please follow the steps below.

1. Enable the Print Gridlines option in Excel Ribbon

It hardly takes a few seconds to command MS Excel so as to print gridlines. Simply go to the Sheets Options group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab and check the Print box under Gridlines.

excel not printing gridlines

Yes, it is that simple! Now be restful and keep working on the worksheet.

In order to ensure that the document gets printed along with the gridlines, simply navigate to FILE -> Print or hit Ctrl + P shortcut on the keyboard. In the Print Preview pane, you’ll observe how worksheets will appear on printouts.

2. Stipulate settings of Page Setup to print lines in MS Excel

If you do not remember to turn on the Print Gridlines option in the Ribbon pane, you can still perform that action before obtaining a paper replica of the spreadsheet. Follow the easy steps below to print gridlines within MS Excel from the Print Preview pane.

Note: If you have by this time got out of Backstage view, you need to go visit FILE -> Print or hit Ctrl + P to return.

  • Go to the Page Setup link from Print Settings
  • Switch to the Sheet tab of the Page Setup dialog box.

excel not printing gridlines

  • Choose the Gridlines checkbox in the Print group.

excel not printing gridlines

  • And then hit OK.

You will instantaneously notice lines on your spreadsheet with the Print Preview pane.

Note: Excel doesn’t print gridlines about empty cells within worksheets. If you wish to embrace blank columns and rows into printing also, simply make us of Print Area icon to define a range.

3. Amend the colour of printed gridlines

By design, gridlines within MS Excel spreadsheets are light grey in colour. If you are printing sheets with grids via colour printer, it’s possible to change the colour of lines for something to grab more extra attention.

  • Click the FILE tab in Ribbon.
  • Select Options from the FILE menu to access Excel Options

excel not printing gridlines

  • Choose the Advanced category on the left pane of Excel Options
  • Toggle to Display options for worksheets.
  • Pick sheet from drop-down list where gridlines colour needs to be changed.

excel not printing gridlines

  • Ensure that the Show gridlines check box is tick marked.
  • Hit the small arrow placed right next to the Gridline colour.

  • Select the colour as per your desire and then click OK.

excel not printing gridlines

You will notice that cell boundaries are precisely outlined by selected colour. They’ll assist you to read the info on a paper copy of a spreadsheet and make rows/columns having visually organized data.

Together with gridlines, you can even progress your Excel document readability by printing rows/columns header on every page.

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Now you are aware of ways to print gridlines in MS Excel 2016-2010 and also alter the default color of gridline. We hope these simple tricks will assist you to overcome printing issues, and you will be appreciated by your surrounding for printing data in a friendly manner.

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