Top 10 HTML Coding Challenges in 2023

html coding challenges

Apart from CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), why do you think individuals intending to be software engineers should learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language)? Ideally, the two programming languages form the basis of modern web development. What does this mean?

Similar to decorating a house interior, incorporating high-resolution imagery, space, and beautiful typography into a software application is necessary to meet a client’s specifications and expectations. In particular, a student pursuing a degree or diploma in computer science requires HTML and CSS skills to properly define the structure and style of a website.

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Fixed- Microsoft Has Blocked Macros from Running Excel!

Microsoft Has Blocked Macros from Running Excel

It’s not surprising to encounter errors/issues while handling the MS Excel. But recently many users have reported the strange error message “Security Risk- Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is untrusted”. Below you can see how the error looks like:

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How to Use IFERROR in Excel (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Use IFERROR in Excel

This article contains complete information regarding how to use IFERROR in Excel to handle the errors that might occur while calculations/data processing.

Microsoft Excel uses a wide range of functions and formulas in order to calculate values & correlate data. One such function is- IFERROR. Though it is an in-built function in MS Excel that helps to change the standard error returns into the custom displays, typically in a text form.

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How to Fix “Microsoft Excel Cannot Access the File” Error?

Microsoft Excel Cannot Access the File

Recently many users are reporting about a peculiar error message stating “Microsoft Excel cannot access the file ‘XXXX’. There are several possible reasons”. This error typically occurs when Excel encounters difficulties in opening or accessing a specific file. (Below you can see the real interface of this error).

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Excel Recovery Tool: 5 Software to Repair & Recover Excel Files

Excel Recovery Tool

Last night, when I was working on my important Excel document, all of a sudden, the file got corrupted & I could not access it properly. Since I did not have a backup of my XLSX file, I tried an advanced Stellar Excel recovery tool which is suggested by one of my friends. It actually worked for me to repair & restore my corrupted data effortlessly.

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6 Methods to Fix Excel Not Recognizing Numbers in Cells

Fix Excel Not Recognizing Numbers in Cells

Is your Excel not recognizing numbers in cells? Struggling hard to fix this issue? If your answer is “Yes” then don’t worry, this article is going to be super beneficial for you. As this blog covers all the essential information regarding Excel does not recognize numbers and the possible solutions to troubleshoot this issue on your own.

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Microsoft Excel Can’t Insert New Cells (11 Quick Methods)

microsoft excel can't insert new cells

While working on the Excel worksheet, you may encounter the issue of not being able to insert new cells. Well, this problem is quite common & can be fixed easily. Though in this optimized post, you will find a few feasible ways to fix the Microsoft Excel can’t insert new cells error along with the major factors behind it.

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How to Automate Repetitive Tasks in Excel?

How to Automate Repetitive Tasks in Excel

Are you tired of performing the same mundane tasks in Excel continuously? Do you find yourself spending hours on tasks that could easily be automated? Well, the good news is that there is a solution: automation. In this post, we’ll discuss how to automate repetitive tasks in Excel, saving you both time and energy.

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How to Fix Excel Sum Formula Not Working Returns 0?

Excel Sum Formula Not Working Returns 0

Yesterday night, while working on my Excel worksheet, when I used the SUM formula in a cell & selected the columns, then it returned 0. At that time, I thought that it is because of the double quotes in a cell. So, to resolve the Excel sum formula not working returns 0 issue, I formatted the cells but it was still returning 0. Luckily, I have fixed this problem by using some effective ways.

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