Microsoft Excel Transpose Not Working? Fix It Now!

Have you ever tried to use the TRANSPOSE function in Microsoft Excel only to find it doesn’t work as expected? It can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re on a tight deadline. Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. In this helpful blog, I’ll explore why Excel TRANSPOSE not working for you and provide clear, step-by-step methods to get things back on track.

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About Excel TRANSPOSE Function in Detail

TRANSPOSE is one such Microsoft Excel function that flips the orientation of given cell range data or array. With the help of this function, you can easily change the horizontal range to vertical or vertical ranges to horizontal. This means, you can turn your rows data into columns or your column data into rows.

Excel transpose not working

Let’s take an example– Suppose if someone gives you an Excel file whose data is very clumsy to understand and thus you want to make some data arrangements into it. Well, you can easily perform this tough task by using Excel inbuilt TRANSPOSE function.

Why Is Transpose Not Working in Excel?

These are a few reasons due to which the Excel transpose function won’t work:

  1. Incorrect Data Selection- If your selection contains blank cells or doesn’t encompass all necessary data, it can lead to this problem.
  2. Data Types & Formatting Issues- When your Excel spreadsheet contains mixed data types such as, text, numbers, dates, Excel might struggle to transpose it correctly.
  3. Merged Cells- Merged cells can even interrupt the Transpose function.
  4. Hidden Rows or Columns- MS Excel may attempt to transpose hidden data (rows and columns), leading to unpredicted results.

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How to Fix Microsoft Excel Transpose Not Working Issue?

Without wasting any more time, let’s know how you can easily resolve this Excel transpose function not working issue.

Method 1: Transpose using Copy and Paste

If the Excel transpose function fails to work, another easier way to transpose data is by using the feature of copy and paste. Transpose Data doesn’t have any link with the original data set. So, if you don’t need the original set of data then just delete it.

However, if any changes are done in the original data set then it won’t get reflected in your transposed data, as it is just a copy.

Let’s transpose Excel data even when your transpose not working Excel.

In the shown example, you will see a list of countries along with the monetary values. Follow the below steps to transpose Excel spreadsheet column into rows.

transpose with copy and paste 1

  • At first, you have to choose the values contained within the “Country” column.
  • Now hit the CTRL + C for copying of your column values.

transpose with copy and paste 2

  • After then click into the empty cell where you want to transpose your Excel data.
  • Now make a right tap on that empty cell.
  • Within the Paste Options, choose Transpose option:

transpose with copy and paste 3

  • When you place your mouse hover on this transpose option. You will instantly be able to see the preview of your transposed Excel data.
  • After tapping on the transpose icon you will see that a new row comes in your Excel spreadsheet.

transpose with copy and paste 4

  • Perform the same step with other Excel columns. Doing this will turn all your column into rows.
  • You can delete the older data set that you have before performing the transpose step.

transpose with copy and paste 5

  • Select the cells you want to delete and right-click on it. From the context menu choose the delete option.

Method 2: Transpose An Excel Table Into Another Excel Table

Another way to perform transpose operation in Excel without using the transpose function is by using the power query.

Well, the trick is to make use of the Power query which is already having its own private transpose function.

Note: If you are using Excel 2013/2010 then you have to install the Power Query just like an add-in. but if you are using Excel 2016 version then you don’t need to do is.

Steps to transpose Excel data in Excel 2016 using power query:

  • Make the selection of your source table and then tap to the Data tab from the Excel ribbon. After then get into the Get & Transform Data group and choose the From table.

power query 1

  • Now in the opened dialog box of Create Table, be sure that the showing range is correct after complete assurance taps to the OK option. You will that on your screen a dialogue box of query editor will get open.

power query 2

  • From this Query editor, you have to make a tap on the ‘Transform’ tab.

power query 3

  • Follow this path: Transform tab >>Table –> Use First Row as Headers –> Use Headers as First Row.

power query 4

The above step is to ensure that the first row is treated both as the data and the transposed one.

  • Hit the Transpose button this will starts transposing up your data.

power query 5

  • Choose the option “Use First Row as Headers”. Doing this will make your 1st row of Excel transposed data as the header.

power query 6

  • Now tap to the File tab –> after then hit the Close and Load option.

power query 7

  • Doing this will shut down your Power Query Editor window.
  • Create a new Excel sheet in which you will keep your transposed data.

Note: only make editing in the original/source table. As any changes are done in the 2nd table i.e transposed data table will be overwritten with original table data whenever it gets refreshed.

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Method 3: Using the Paste Special Feature to Fix Excel Transpose Not Working

Another effective method that you can try to solve this problem is to use Paste Special feature in Excel. To use it, follow the below instructions carefully:

  • Open the faulty Excel sheet >> copy your data range.
  • Then, right-click where you need to transpose the data.
  • Choose “Paste Special” option among various options.

Fix Excel Transpose Not Working

  • Now, select the “Transpose” checkbox >> click “OK.”
  • Restart Excel document to check for the issue.

Method 4: Updating The Table And Query

Maybe the Excel Transpose Not Working because your transposed data contained in the query or table is not updated correctly.

Well, there are some easy options available to update the transposed table data after making changes in the original table.

Each Excel query contains update options. To know this make right-click on the Query > properties>usage

update query and table

Here you will see the following option so choose as per your requirement:

  • Refresh every … minutes

Set the time interval after which your table data automatically gets updated but still means that two tables can be out of sync.

  • Refresh data when opening the file:

It’s highly recommended to keep this option ON.

Note: be careful if you are getting any of these options as there is always some time difference between the original table and the transpose table data update.

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Unique FAQs:

Is There a Limit to Transpose in Excel?

Transposing in Excel has a limitation of 65536 elements.

Why Is Transpose Not Working in Sheets?

Most probably Transpose not working in sheets due to merged cells and hidden rows and columns.

What Is the Shortcut for Transpose in Excel?

Ctrl + Alt + V, then E is the shortcut for transpose in Excel.

Is There a Formula to Transpose?

Yes, =TRANSPOSE(A1:F5) is a formula for TRANSPOSE function in Excel.

How to Paste Values and Transpose in Google Sheets?

To paste values and TRANSPOSE in Google sheets, navigate to Edit >> Paste special option >> Paste transposed command.

Wrapping Up

By understanding the common causes of TRANSPOSE not working Excel and following the solutions mentioned in this blog, you can ensure that your Excel tasks go smoothly. Now, go ahead and apply these techniques to enjoy working with the Excel transpose feature without any trouble.

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