How To Fix #VALUE! Error in Excel [EASY TRICKS]

Summary – Seeing the #VALUE error while working and using formulas in Excel and wondering why you see the #VALUE! Error and how to correct this problem, then this article is for you. Here follow the workarounds given to fix #VALUE! Errors in Excel.

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows us to perform basic and complex calculations with tricky formulas.

But at times, while working in an Excel workbook, it’s quite possible to experience the #VALUE! error. If you are also getting this error message while working on the spreadsheet, then this blog will help you out.

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9 Quick Tricks to Fix “Can’t Type in Excel” Problem

Can't type in Excel

If you can’t type in Excel and want to fix the issue then read on to know more. This article explains why Excel won’t let you type and how to fix the issue when you can’t type in Excel.

This is a common problem and as per the users they are unable to type in any cells in the Excel spreadsheet. Even when the cells in their Excel spreadsheets were neither protected nor were any macros had been enabled on their sheet.

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5 Quick Fixes for Excel SPILL Error

Excel SPILL Error

Seeing the Excel SPILL error while doing multiple calculations on the MS Excel in the latest office 365 subscription and wondering what this error is and how to fix Spill Excel error.

Then this article will include the entire potential fixes which help you to get past the SPILL error and continue with your calculations.

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3 Quick Ways to Transpose Data in Excel?

how to Transpose Data in Excel

Transposing data in Excel is a useful way to switch the orientation of data in an array. This means the data in vertical portions are shifted to a horizontal format without disrupting the meaning. Therefore, in Excel, there is a transpose feature available that allows the users to rotate data from rows to columns or vice versa.

So, here in this article, we are showing you different ways how to transpose data in Excel by using easy steps.

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How to Fix “Excel Not Printing Gridlines”?

excel not printing gridlines

Excel spreadsheet gridlines cannot be printed is an irritating problem reported by various users on the forum sites.

The problem is commonly reported by the Excel 2010 version users, however, this is not limited to this version only the other Excel version users like Excel 2013 and 2016 also reported their Excel Not Printing Gridlines.

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10 Ways To Fix Excel Scroll Bar Missing Issue

10 Way To Fix Excel Scroll Bar Missing Issue


Here in this article, I have covered the entire information related to Excel scroll bar missing issue.

But before approaching towards the fixes it’s very important to understand the root causes behind scroll bar not working issue.

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6 Effective Reasons Why Use a VPN at Work

Defending oneself from cyber threats doesn’t have to halt at the private gadget. Making use of VPN while working has its own advantages. Whether you wish to hide browsing data from the establishment, or you wish to open services and webpages that are the local firewall has restricted, or whether the primary concern is to continue safety when operating the system from a café or home, a VPN will help achieve all of this you can read more about VPN here. Truthfully, there are several explanations to make use of VPN while working.

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How To Use Excel ISERROR Function? [ 3 Easy Examples]

How To Use Excel ISERROR Function? [ 3 Easy Examples]

The Excel ISERROR function is part of the Information functions category. If the supplied value represents an error, the function will return TRUE; otherwise, it will return FALSE. #NAME?, #NUM!, #N/A,  #REF!, #VALUE!, #DIV/0!, or #NULL are all valid errors.

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8 Fixes To Resolve Excel The File Format And Extension Don’t Match Error

Receiving Excel file format and extension don’t match. the file could be corrupted or unsafe error? In that case this blog is going to be super beneficial for you. As it covers all the necessary details regarding Excel file format and extension don’t match error and ways to troubleshoot this on your own.

Before approaching the fixes let’s know about the reasons behind this Excel File Format And Extension error.

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