3 Effective Ways To Solve Excel Error Fixed Objects Will Move Issue

As we all know that Microsoft Excel is a very popular and helpful workbook for manipulating and storing any important data. In Microsoft Excel people can perform various tasks such as calculating, formatting, inserting images, tables, and many more.

But sometimes due to unwanted errors your Excel files or documents won’t work properly and due to this several types of errors occurs such as Excel files freezes, fixed objects will move pop up, Excel workbook gets corrupted, etc.

So, today in this blog post of mine I will discuss how to remove fixed objects will move error in Excel?

Don’t worry, I will discuss each and everything that you need to know about the fixed objects will move pop up error in Excel.

Practical Scenario:

Since my last Microsoft upgrade, Excel (I work all day on Excel, it is my business) has a bug. Keeps displaying ‘fixed objects will move’. When pressing OK nothing happens, you can’t move on because everything is frozen.  I have to come out by shutting down the computer.  It sometimes helps but I then go through the same scenario again and again.  Can you please help?   

Regards Irene Lee

Source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/exel-fixed-objects-will-move-and-freezes/bb7e03b6-cda2-49b8-891e-f81696787afe

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What Does It Mean When Excel Says Fixed Objects Will Move?

The fixed objects will move error in Excel means that while you are creating any charts, pictures or inserting any row or column in Excel spreadsheet and if they are not done in a correct format then there is a probability of getting Excel fixed objects will move no objects found an error.

This fixed object will move pop up error will appear on your system on a regular basis. Thus, while doing any important work in Excel always make sure that it should be done in a proper way so that you can’t face the problem of Excel error fixed objects will move.

How To Remove Fixed Objects Will Move Error In Excel?

Excel error fixed objects will move is not a big issue that you can’t get rid of it. So, let’s discuss in detail how to remove fixed objects will move error in Excel.

Method 1: Check the Extension Name 

Users perform many different kinds of work in MS Excel such as making projects, maintain their work records, calculating formulas, etc.

So, it is necessary to save the Excel files so that you can view it later also if needed. Therefore, always try to save your Excel documents in the XLSX or XLS extension name format.

Because while saving your files in these formats, there is a less chance of facing the Excel fixed objects will move stuck problem. Thus, check the extension name of the files in which format you have the Excel document.

Method 2: With the use of Move and Size with Cells –

Move and Size with Cells mean properties of an Excel object that whether it has been selected or not selected. So to locate the property, just right click on that particular object and then go to the Size and Properties option. Object means picture, chart or screenshot on the MS Excel spreadsheet.

For MS Excel 2007, 2010:

  • First, select the particular object that you want to protect from moving or resizing and choose the Format menu

  • Then in the Size menu to see a screenshot, click on the button option
  • A dialog box will appear

  • Now in MS Excel 2010, on the left pane select the Properties tab and then check the option Don’t move or size with cells to see a screenshot.
  • Whereas in MS Excel 2007, go to the Properties menu and choose the option Don’t move or size with cells

  • After that click on the Close tab to see that the objects are moving or not anymore.

For MS Excel 2013:

  • Now in MS Excel 2013, select the specific object that you want and click on the Format menu
  • Then to see the screenshot, choose the Size menu
  • A dialog box will appear

  • After that in the Size & Properties tab, choose Don’t move or size with cells option to see screenshot below the Properties menu

  • After all the steps gets completed close all the tab and see Excel fixed objects will move stuck issue solved or not

Method 3: Try the Visual Basic Script

With the help of Visual Basic Script, you can get rid of the issue of fixed objects will move pop up in Excel. As Microsoft has issue some coding lines that can copy in your Excel spreadsheet according to the article given below:

Dim wksht As Excel.Worksheet

Dim wb As Excel.Workbook

Set wb = ActiveWorkbook

For Each wksht In wb.Worksheets

For Each cmt In wksht.Comments

cmt.Shape.placement = xlMoveAndSize

Next cmt

Next wksht

End Sub

Automatic Solution: MS Excel Repair & Recovery Tool

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Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair & Recovery Tool:



So, this is all about how to remove fixed objects will move error in Excel. I tried my level best to solve the fixed objects will move pop up issue.

As well as hope the above given solutions provided to you will definitely help you out to get rid of Excel error fixed objects will move problem.

Thus, make proper use of them and in future also if you come across any kind of such problem then with the help given solutions you can easily get rid of this with ease.

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