How To Fix Excel Save As PDF Not Showing Issue?


This blog is written with the main objective to figure out why my Excel cannot save as pdf. So, if anyone of you dealing with Excel save as pdf not showing an issue then must read this post. This post covers all the essential detail required to fix save as pdf not showing in Excel problem.

Apart from, this, we will discuss several aspects how to save selection or entire workbook as PDF in Excel? Or how to enable PDF file in Excel.

Why Save As PDF Not Working In Excel?

Excel cannot save as PDF problem mainly occurs after upgrading or updating the Microsoft Office or Office 365 application like shifting to the Office 365.  After that, you will notice Excel save as pdf option not available.

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How To Fix Excel Save As PDF Not Showing?

If you are unable to fix Excel save as pdf not showing issue then try the listed solutions to avoid this issue in an easy manner.

Method 1# Repair Installation

  • Close previously opened Adobe or MS Office applications.
  • In the start menu, search box type “Adobe Acrobat”.
  • From the list open the Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Choose the “Help” tab which is present on the top section of the window.
  • After that choose the “Repair Installation” option.

Method 2# Export As PDF

When the save as pdf not showing in Excel in that case you can try exporting your Excel file as PDF format.

Here are the steps to export the Excel files as a PDF.

  1. Make a tap over the File tab from the Excel ribbon.
  2. Now hit the Export
  3. Choose the Create PDF/XPS Document.
  4. Hit the Create PDF/XPS

Export as PDF

  • After that open the Publish as PDF or XPS menu, this is similar like Save As menu. Choose the location to publish and access advanced PDF Options.

Export as PDF 2

Method 3# Publish As PDF Quick Access Toolbar Command

Another option that you can try is publishing the PDF command in the quick access toolbar.

  • Make a right-click anywhere on the quick access toolbar and after that from the menu choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

Publish as PDF Quick Access Toolbar Command 1

  • It will open the window of Excel Options. From the right side, pane choose the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Now from “choose command from” section select All Commands.
  • Scroll down on this page and then choose Publish as PDF or XPS.
  • Hit the Add button for adding up the command for adding up command in the Quick Access Toolbar commands selection.

Publish as PDF Quick Access Toolbar Command 2

  • Hit the Ok.

After doing this, you will be able to use this command for publishing Excel file as PDF documents from the Quick Access Toolbar.

Publish as PDF Quick Access Toolbar Command 3


How Do I Enable A PDF File In Excel?

Following here are the steps to Enable PDF file in Excel.

  • Hit the Insert tab from the Excel ribbon. After that from the text group chooses the object icon.

Embed PDF File in Excel 1

  • On the opened dialog box of objects go to the ‘Create New’ From the drop-down list choose the ‘Adobe Acrobat Document’.

Embed PDF File in Excel 2

Note: adobe object will appear in the list only when the Adobe Reader is already installed on your PC.

  • Choose the ‘Display as icon’ option.
  • Select the OK button.

Embed PDF File in Excel 3

  • Select the PDF file that you desire to embed and then click on the Open button.

After performing these steps you can easily embed PDF files in the worksheet.

Once the PDF file is inserted into your Excel worksheet, you will see that it will automatically get opened. So, you can close it and then perform your work.

PDF file inserted by the above-given steps is similar like any other object. So you can resize it and then put it anywhere within the worksheet.

Embed PDF File in Excel 4

Similar steps should be followed to insert the PDF file in Excel.

How To Save An Excel 2007 Workbook As A PDF File?

Before saving your Excel file in PDF file format, you need to download and install XPS Add-in or save as PDF application from the Microsoft Web site.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • In the Excel Help window browse for the PDF and XPS.
  • Tap to Enable Support for Other File Formats, like PDF and XPS link within the Excel Help.
  • Search and tap to the XPS Add-in MS Office Programs or Save as PDF Programs link.
  • After this, the browser window will get open and show the right add-in page within the website of Microsoft Download Center.
  • Carefully follow all the online instructions for the downloading and installing of the add-ins program.
  • After completing the task of add-in program installation and downloading. Now it’s time to save the workbook like a PDF file.
  • Hit the Office Button, and then go to the Save As option.
  • Click the XPS or PDF option present on the menu.
  • Edit folder location or filename. After that tap to Publish button.

You will see that Excel will start saving your workbook in PDF file format. It will automatically get opened in Adobe Reader.

How To Save Selection Or Entire Workbook As PDF In Excel?

1: Choose the ranges up to which you want to save as PDF file.

Note: if in case, you need to save the complete workbook in a PDF file then leave this step.

2: Hit the File > Save as tab.

Save Single Workbook As PDF 1

3: Now in the opened dialog box of Save As, select PDF item from the appearing list of Save as type.

4: Tap to the Options… button which is present in the bottom section of Save As dialog box.

Save Single Workbook As PDF 2

5: In the opened dialog box of Options, choose the Entire or Selection workbook option as per your need.

6: hit the OK button to close the dialog box.

Save Single Workbook As PDF 3

After this, you will see that your selected range of data from the worksheet or entire workbook got saved as one single PDF file.


Now that you know how to deal with this Excel save as pdf not showing the issue. So try the given fixes to get rid of excel save as pdf option not available problem.

The above-mentioned manual solution will most probably sort out the issues and mentioned errors from the Excel file. But for any other corruption or file damage most suitable option would be to make use of MS Excel Repair Tool.

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