7 Ways To Fix Excel Cell Contents Not Visible Issue

Does your Excel cell content not visible but show in formula bar? Don’t have any idea why is the text not showing in Excel cells?

Want to know how you can solve this Excel text disappears in cell mystery?

In that case, this particular post is very important to read. As it contains complete detail on how to fix Excel cell contents not visible issues.

User’s Query:

Let’s understand this issue more clearly with these user complaints. 

Issue: Content of Excel cells invisible while typing

If I’m typing text or numbers into an Excel cell, while I can see what I’m writing in the formula bar above the chart, the cell shows nothing but the vertical stroke of a cursor, and no text or numbers at all until I tab out of the cell. I find this very annoying, though not a stopper to doing work. It’s unlike any Excel I’ve used in the past.

Source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/content-of-excel-cells-invisible-while-typing/7937a331-4b27-4790-adda-9341d2010f10?auth=1

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How To Fix Excel Cell Contents Not Visible Problem?

These are the fixes that you all must try to get rid of the issue Excel cell contents not visible but show in formula bar.

1# Set The Cell Format To Text
2# Display Hidden Excel Cell Values
3# Using The Autofit Column Width Function
4# Display Cell Contents With Wrap Text Function
5# Adjust Row Height For Cell Content Visibility
6# Reposition Cell Content By Modifying The Alignment Or Rotating Text
7# Retrieve Missing Excel Cell Content

Let’s discuss all these fixes in detail….!

Fix 1# Set The Cell Format To Text

If you are facing this Excel cell contents not visible issue with a particular formula.  Even after checking the formula, you haven’t found any error but still, it not showing the result.

  • In that case, immediately check whether the cell format is set to text or not.
  • You can also set the format of the cell to another suitable number format.
  • Now you need to get into the “cell edit mode” so that Excel can easily identify the format modification. For this just make a tap on the formula bar and hit enter.

Fix 2# Display Hidden Excel Cell Values

  • Choose either the range of the cell or the cells having hidden values.

Tip:  you can easily cancel the cell selection, by tapping any cell present on the Excel worksheet.

  • Go to the Home tab and hit the Dialog Box Launcher which is present next to the Number.

display hidden cell value

  • Now from the Category box, tap to the General for application of the default number format.

display hidden cell value 1

Just tap on the number, date, or time, a format that you require.

Fix 3 # Using The Autofit Column Width Function

To display all the text not showing in Excel cell you can use the function Autofit Column Width.

It’s a very helpful feature to make easy adjustments in the column width of the cells. So this feature will, ultimately going to help in displaying all the hidden Excel cells content.

 Here are the steps which you need to perform.

  • Choose the cell having hidden excel cell content and follow this path HomeFormat > AutoFit Column Width.

excel autofit column width

  • After this, you will see all the cells of your worksheet will adjust their respective column width. This ultimately shows all the hidden Excel cell text.

change column width 1

Fix 4# Display Cell Contents With Wrap Text Function

With the Excel wrap text feature you can apply such cell formatting in which text will get wrap automatically or put a line break.  After using the wrap text function your hidden excel cell content will start appearing in multiple lines.

  • Choose that cell whose content is not visible and tap to the HomeWrap Text

excel wrap text function

  • After that, you will see your selected cell will be expanded with all the hidden content. Like this:

excel wrap text 2


If still your Excel cell content not visible completely then maybe it’s because of the row size which is set to some specific height.

So follow the next solution of changing the row height to perfect content visibility.

Fix 5# Adjust Row Height For Cell Content Visibility

  • You can choose single or multiple rows in which you want to make a row height changes.
  • Go to the Home tab. Now from the Cells group choose the Format option.
  • Within the Cell Size, tap to the AutoFit Row Height.

excel autofit row height

Note: for quick autofit row height of the entire worksheet cells. Just tap to the Select All button. After that make double-tap on the boundary present just below the row heading.

Fix 6# Reposition Cell Content By Modifying The Alignment Or Rotating Text

For the perfect display of data in the worksheet, you must try repositioning the text present within the cell.  For this, you can make modifications in the alignment of the cell content or you can use the indentation for correct spacing. Or else display the cell content at various angles by rotating it.

1. Select the range of the cells having the data which you wish to reposition.

2. Now make a right-click over the selected rows, you will get a list of options. From which you have to choose format cells.

excel text alingment

3. In the opened dialog box of Format Cells choose the Alignment tab and perform any of the following operations:

  • Change the horizontal alignment of the cell contents
  • Change the vertical alignment of the cell contents
  • Indent the cell contents
  • Display the cell contents vertically from top to bottom
  • Rotate the text in a cell
  • Restore the default alignment of selected cells

text alingment

Fix 7# Retrieve Missing Excel Cell Content

Another very high possibility of having this Excel cell content not visible issue is worksheet corruption. As it is found that data from Excel sheet goes missing when Excel file or worksheet got corrupted.

So either you can try the manual fixes to recover corrupt Excel file data. Or else go with experts recommended solution for recovery i.e Excel repair software.

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Wrap Up:

By trying the above-mentioned fixes you can easily fix Excel cell contents not visible but show in formula bar issue. But even if the fixes fail to display hidden Excel cell content then immediately approach the software solution.

Don’t do unnecessary delay as this will lessen the possibility of complete Excel worksheet data recovery.

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