Excel Woes? Learn to Repair Excel File Online with Ease!

Like any software, Microsoft Excel is also susceptible to errors or corruption. However, encountering a corrupted Excel workbook can be a source of frustration & potential data loss. Various reasons can lead to this problem. In this article, I’ll explore the common causes of file corruption, and other significant info including some Excel file repair online tools to repair Excel file online effortlessly, recovering your valuable data.

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To repair & recover corrupted Excel file data, we recommend this tool:

This software will prevent Excel workbook data such as BI data, financial reports & other analytical information from corruption and data loss. With this software you can rebuild corrupt Excel files and restore every single visual representation & dataset to its original, intact state in 3 easy steps:

  1. Try Excel File Repair Tool rated Excellent by Softpedia, Softonic & CNET.
  2. Select the corrupt Excel file (XLS, XLSX) & click Repair to initiate the repair process.
  3. Preview the repaired files and click Save File to save the files at desired location.

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Can I Repair an Excel File Online?

Yes, you can repair an Excel file online for free.

No matter how your document gets corrupted, it can be easily repaired. There are various effective online tools available that can assist you to repair your workbook and make its valuable data accessible.

Why Does Excel File Need Repair?

Corrupted Excel worksheets can compromise the integrity of your data, leading to inaccuracies in calculations & potential business setbacks. Therefore, timely repair is essential, repairing the file allows you to access the data stored within the document in case something goes wrong. For instance, you improperly shut down the PC.

What Causes Excel File to Be Corrupted?

Identifying the root causes is crucial for addressing the file corruption issue more efficiently. So, let’s take a look at some major factors of Excel file corruption:

  1. Bad sectors on the storage devices
  2. Unexpected power outages
  3. Conflicts with antivirus programs
  4. Interruption when downloading the XLS/XLSX file
  5. Incompatible macros & add-ins with Excel version
  6. Excessive (large) file size
  7. Disk errors on a system drive
  8. Forceful closing of the Excel.

How to Repair Excel File Online Free by Using Online Tools?

In this section, we have discussed some of the online tools and services that can eventually help you to fix corrupt Excel files for free.

1. Repair Excel File Online Free Without Email Using Aspose.Cells Excel Repair

The first online tool that I would like to recommend is to try Aspose.Cells Excel Repair App. With the help of this online tool, you can fix and recover items from corrupted Excel files without installing any app.

It is enough capable to repair XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, ODS, and more in 3 simple clicks. So, once you must try this service.

Steps to repair an EXCEL file using Aspose.Cells Excel Repair:

1: On your device, open the browser and visit https://products.aspose.app/cells/repair-excel

2: Upload your corrupted or inaccessible EXCEL file which you want to repair.

Aspose.Cells Excel Repair

3: After that, press on the “REPAIR”.

4: Now, you will get your corrupt Excel file fixed successfully. Download it instantly or you can send the download link to your email.

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2. Repair Toolbox

Repair Toolbox is another top-rated online Excel file repairing tool that quickly repairs & recovers the corrupted MS Excel files in a few clicks.

Though you can use this utility on any operating system like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Hence, the chief prerequisite for this service is the browser availability.

So, if you want to know how to repair your corrupt Excel document using Repair Toolbox, follow the below steps:

Excel File Repair Online

  • Now, you have to enter your preferred email. It’s mandatory so that you’ll be notified when your file will be successfully repaired >> click on Next.
  • After that, this service will upload your corrupted document analyzed.
  • Once the repair process gets over you will be able to see or download your repaired file.

3. OnlineFile.Repair

When it comes to repairing damaged Excel documents online then most of the users opt OnlineFile.Repair. This tool not only repairs the corrupt MS Excel file but also recovers its elements like:

  • Cell data
  • Style tables
  • Fonts
  • Sheets
  • Formulas & functions
  • Number formats
  • Cell formatting
  • Column width and row height
  • Cell border color/Cell color

The best part about this service is- it repair & recover all the extensions like xls, xlt, xltm, xltx, xlsx, xlsm, xlam, etc.

How To Repair Excel File Using OnlineFile.Repair?

Microsoft Excel file repair online

  • Next, enter your email address.
  • Once the file is repaired, download the repaired file or the recovered Excel (.xls/.xlsx) file.

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4. Excel.Recovery TOOLBOX

Another best online tool that you can use to repair corrupted Excel file online is Recovery TOOLBOX. This online service can repair the Excel file of any size without any difficulty.

To use this service, follow the below steps:

  • Open the web browser on your computer and visit https://excel.recoverytoolbox.com/online/.
  • Next, click on the “Select File” button to choose the corrupt Excel file.
  • Now, you have to enter your preferred email. It’s mandatory so that you’ll be notified when your file will be successfully repaired >> Click on Next Step.

Repair Excel File Online Free

  • Then, this service will upload your document analyzed.
  • Once the file repairing process is over you will be able to see or download your repaired file.

That’s all…

Alternative Software to Above Excel File Repair Online Tools

In most of the cases, users fail to repair their corrupt Excel documents using several Excel file repair online tools. In such circumstances, it is suggested to go for a versatile Excel file repairing tool like MS Excel Repair & Recovery.

This tool is recommended by professionals as it can repair severe corruption in Excel (XLS & XLSX) files.

Not only this, it even restores the entire data in a preferred location after repairing the Excel document.

Key Features of This Tool:

  • Repairs multiple corrupted Excel files simultaneously.
  • It can resolve all errors or bugs in Excel files.
  • Preserves properties & cell formatting of the Excel worksheets/documents.
  • Recover all the elements of Excel files like charts, tables, chart sheets, cell comments, formulas, images, filters, etc.
  • Shows a preview of the recoverable Excel file & its stuff before saving.
  • It is 100% secure, trusted & easy to use.
  • Compatible with the Excel versions: 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, & lower versions.

The best thing about this program is that- it supports all the Excel file versions & compatible with both Windows & Mac OS respectively.

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* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

So, just download this Excel Repair Tool on your PC and follow the below steps to know it works:

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Related FAQs:

What Is Free Online Version of MS Excel Known As?

The free online version of MS Excel is known as Excel for the web.

Can Online Tools Recover Complex Formulas and Macros?

Yes, advanced repair file Excel online tools can repair/recover complex formulas and macros easily.

How Can I Recover an Overwritten Excel File Online for Free?

To recover an overwritten Excel file online for free, follow the below steps:

  • Open a file >> Go to the File > Info option.
  • Under the Manage Workbook, select a file labeled (when I closed without saving).
  • Now, at the top of the Excel file, choose Restore to restore any earlier saved versions.

Is It Safe to Upload Sensitive Data for Repair?

It completely depends on the reputable online repair services. If you upload your sensitive data on the reputable online tools for repair then they will surely protect your sensitive information.

How Do I Uncorrupt an Excel File for Free?

To uncorrupt an Excel file for free, you can use the Excel’s built-in Open and Repair Tool.

Time to Sum Up

So, this is all about how to repair Excel file online for free.

From next time, if your Excel workbook or document gets corrupted then don’t fret. Simply try the Microsoft Excel file repair online tools mentioned in this post until one of them repairs the workbook.

However, you can even go for an alternative solution to those services like- MS Excel Repair Tool which is also mentioned above in this article. The professional utility assists in repairing Excel (XLS & XLSX) files effectively.

Furthermore, if you’ve any queries related to this topic, feel free to ask us on our Facebook & Twitter accounts.

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