10 Ways To Fix Excel Scroll Bar Missing Issue


Here in this article, I have covered the entire information related to Excel scroll bar missing issue.

But before approaching towards the fixes it’s very important to understand the root causes behind scroll bar not working issue.

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What Prevents Scroll Bar From Being Visible?

Have a look over the reason which triggers Excel scroll bar not working or scroll bar missing like issues.

  • Disabled:

The very first reason is that scroll bar option is disabled from Excel application configuration. In Excel there is an option of scroll bar disabling which you can increase your worksheet cell’s visibility.

  • Minimized:

Another possibility is that your scroll bar is minimized by mistake. So may be due to minimizing of the scroll bar it goes missing.

  • Out of View:

Excel program is got zoomed too much or it somehow got minimized due to specific amount of screen space.

As it is seen sometime minimizing the scroll bar for displaying up the cell’s information also leads to scroll bar missing issue.

How To Fix Excel Scroll Bar Missing Issue?

Now that you know what are the root causes behind scroll bar not working issue. So it’s time to resolve these causes to troubleshoot vertical or horizontal scroll bar missing in Excel problem. Make sure to apply all the given fixes after understanding it well in order to avoid the confliction.

Method 1# Resize App Window

You must try resizing the app window to fix Excel scroll bar not working issue. Try the below given steps to resize the app window.

  • Make a right-click on the Excel application windows title bar and then from the list of options choose “Maximize”.
  • Once again hit the title bar and choose the restore option.

Resize App Window

Method 2# Resizing The File Window

For conserving the screen space excel only shows the cells instead of the scroll bar.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for displaying the hidden scroll bar.

  1. Hit the “File Name” present on the top section of Excel screen. After that start dragging it on the left side portion until and unless you can clearly see the file’s right corner.
  2. Make a tap on the “Right Border” and then drag it on the left side. Does this until you see both the left and right corners are completely visible on the screen.
  3. Hit the “Full Screen” button and after that check whether this time scroll bar is visible to you or not.

Method 3# Enable Scroll Bars Feature In Mac

If you are a Mac user then you can fix the scroll not working issue of Excel by setting up the scroll bar system preferences.

First, set the scroll bar System Preferences.

  • Hit the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Tap the General option.
  • Within the Show scroll bars menu you have to select the Always option. After that close the opened dialog box.

Enable Scroll Bars Feature In Mac

Method 4# Enable Scroll Bar Option

Chances are high that scroll bar are manually kept hidden. Here are the steps through which you can enable this option.

  • Hit the File > Options.

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  • Go to the Advanced tab, and then scroll down to the Display section.
  • Choose the Show vertical scroll bar & Show horizontal scroll bar. After that hit the OK button.

Enable Scroll Bar Option

Method 5# Toggle Scroll Bar’s Automatic Hiding

Most of the time it is seen that scroll bars automatically get hidden by themselves. So this can also be the reason behind Excel scroll bar missing issue. Follow the steps to turn on this option.

  • Hit Start > Settings.
  • Now in the opened Windows Settings, scroll down, and hit the Ease of Access > Display.
  • Move down and after that disable the option “Automatically hide scroll bars in Windows”.

Toggle Scroll Bar Automatic Hiding

Method 6# Restore The Application Window

Try resizing and restoring the Excel window to resolve the scroll bar missing issue.

  • On the application window of Excel go to the top left corner there is an icon of full screen in green color. Just make a tap over it.
  • Now take your cursor on the top of the display  and from your keyboard press the Command + Control + F button.

Method 7# Maximize The Scroll Bar

Scroll bar somehow got minimized just to display maximum worksheet cells. It is kept hidden until you maximize the scroll bar.

Follow the below given steps to maximize the scroll bar:

  • Open your Excel spreadsheet in which you are facing this scroll bar missing issue.
  • On the lower right side corner, you will see “3 horizontal Dots” which are present next to the button of “Add”.
  • If these 3 dots are clearly visible to you then it means scroll bar is minimized.
  • Hit and press these 3 dots and then drag it in the left direction to make the scrollbar visible again.

Maximize Scroll Bar

After this, check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Method 8# Check Out The View Settings

  • Make a check across the view settings of your Excel application.
  • Make a click on the title bar of your Excel app.
  • Hit the Preferences option from the menu and then hit the View tab.
  • Choose the vertical scroll bar and Horizontal scroll bar option. After that close the opened dialog box option.

Method 9# Arranging Tiles

Sometime due to the arrangement of tiles in the worksheet scroll bar goes missing.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to arrange the tiles.

  • Hit the “View” tab from the excel ribbon. After that choose the “Arrange All” option.
  • Make a tap over the “Tiled “option and then choose the “OK” button to save all your done changes.

Arranging Tiles


Make a Check whether the issue still persists or not.

Method 10# Try Instant Solution To Fix Excel File Corruption

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It’s time to sum up this post..!

Applying the above given solutions you can easily fix this scroll bar missing issue. So just give it a try to all the listed solutions.

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