5 Fixes for Excel Ideas Button Missing

Are you unable to use the ideas feature for Excel or after adding the ideas in the insert tab no button appears?

Well, the Excel ideas button missing is a common problem reported by several users on the Microsoft official community.

Therefore in this article, we have shortlisted the potential fixes to troubleshoot the Excel ideas button missing problem.

But before starting with the given steps it is important to enable the Ideas option in Excel, to the first check you have activated Ideas in Excel.

How to Enable Ideas option in Excel?

Here follow the steps to enable the ideas option in Excel:

  • Launch Excel and then click on the File options
  • Click on the General and under the Office Intelligent service check mark the Enable service box.

Excel Ideas Button Missing

  • If you find it already enabled then uncheck the box and check if again
  • After that restart Excel to let the changes take effect.

Now after enabling the ideas option in Excel, select the data set in the cells and try generating the ideas in Excel.

If still facing the problem, then try the solution given one by one and resolve the problem completely.

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 What to Do When Excel Ideas Button is Missing?

#1: MS Office 365 Subscription

If you lack an annual MS 365 subscription, you don’t have Ideas command access on Excel.

This simply means that you need to buy (or have access to) an updated Microsoft Office version, and it turns up the ideas button on your MS excel. Hence, it also makes a subscription to MS Office an important aspect to be considered.

#2: Internet Connection

Office Intelligence Services is something that powers the Ideas command. Therefore, to generate ideas commands for you on the basis of content, internet access is required by Excel.

If you’re offline or have spotty internet, you must troubleshoot the internet or look for alternate wifi.

Troubleshoot internet connection:

  1. Do Right-click on ​the Internet Access from the taskbar
  2. Click the Troubleshoot Problems
  3. Follow prompts to resolve internet issues

#3: Mixed Content

MS Excel might not function with mixed objects. Like adding a line, shape, or text box, might probably not let the Ideas button function. That is because it is intended to function with placeholders only.

Instead, you can even try doing copy/pasting on a blank slide to check if the Ideas button functions there.

Microsoft pushes monthly updates when you have 365 Office subscriptions, so expectantly they repair this matter in upcoming updates.

#4: Check MS Excel File Type

While saving your work, the Ideas tab will not function if the file type is not appropriate and will appear to be greyed out for you.

To resolve this, you need to simply save your document in regular .xlsxformat.

To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Select Ctrl + Shift + S (or F12) on keyboard
  2. Go to the location where your file needs to be saved
  3. Click on Save as Type to see the drop-down menu and then select Excel Workbook
  4. Then click on Save

Hopefully, this will turn on the Ideas button for your Excel if it was greyed out previously.

 #5: Check with your Organization

If you have the latest MS 365 subscription at your workplace and you do not see the Ideas button in the menu tab, it is possible that the organization you are working for has turned off the feature.

Office Intelligence Services is a thing that IT administrators have the authority to turn off within the company. Therefore, if all the above workout fails, then you must check with your entity and get this resolved with the help of your IT Admin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Excel Ideas tool?

Excel Ideas is an artificial intelligence-powered insights service to extract essential information from the spreadsheet that needs data formatting. This feature makes the work easy and allows creating the presentations, spreadsheets and the professional documents in quickly by showing customized suggestions and insight when called.

What version of Excel has Ideas?

The Excel Ideas function is available only in the subscription-based MS Office 365 Excel version or the Online Excel version. The one-time license version of Excel 2016 and 2019 is not having ideas functionality.

What Version of Office is having Office intelligence services?

Office intelligent services are only available if having subscription-based Office 365. If you are running the Office 365 subscription, then you can easily enable it using the Excel, PowerPoint, Word or Outlook.

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 So above mentioned are various ways to fix the MS Excel Ideas button missing problem.

Provided that you have MS Office 365 Subscription it needs to be turned on by your company, second main thing to check is the file type and content.

Hope the article is helpful for you. If you are facing any other issue related to this specific one, let us know by sharing your experience on our social media FB and Twitter Page.

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