4 Fixes For “Excel Superscript not Working” Problem

Troubled with the Excel Superscript not working problem and wondering why doesn’t superscript work in Excel, this article tutorial is for you.

In Excel, Superscripts are used for highlighting the special information in mathematical equations, tables, or molecular formulas.  But many Excel users are unable to format text or numbers as Superscripts.

So, if you are also struggling with the same problem, this article is for you. Here we have demonstrated four potential fixes for the Excel superscript not working problem.

Read the article carefully and easily fix superscript-adding problems, even in big datasets. But before starting with the solutions to apply Superscript in Excel, it is important to understand why superscript won’t work in Excel.

Why is Superscript Not Working in Excel?

The main reason responsible for the problem is the cell format; if the cell on which you are trying to add the superscript is not formatted as Text, you cannot add the superscript.

To add superscript in Excel, the cell must be formatted as Text. The superscript is added to the data in the cell, which Excel reads as text.

So, the problem is mainly related to the cell format in Excel. Luckily, there are different tricks that help you to fix Excel Superscript not working problem.

How to Fix Excel Superscript Not Working?

#1: By Using Format Cells

As the problem is related to the cell format, it is suggested to use the format cells option and select the right cell format.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Type the complete data value first, then choose the cell you wish to make superscript.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Right-click on it and choose Format Cells.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Now, check the Superscript option and click OK in the Format Cells window.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Press Enter to complete the data conversion to a superscript, which should go smoothly.

Excel Superscript not Working

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#2: By Using Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar enables quick access to Excel’s most frequently used commands. This toolbar can be altered so that we can select the commands we use the most frequently. Then, we may use any portion of the application to access these commands. If the standard techniques fail, we can set superscript using this QAT. Let’s try to figure this out.

  • Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon at the top of the screen to begin using this technique.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Next, select More Commands.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Next, choose Superscript and click Add in the Excel Options window.
  • Click OK.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Then, as shown in the image below, choose the data value to be converted to superscript and click the Superscript icon.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • The number 2 should now be a superscript as a result.

Excel Superscript not Working

 Finally, you will now superscript Excel data without any problem.

#3: By Inserting Superscript from Equation

Another trick to do a superscript in Excel is to use superscript equations directly. This allows you to select the correct cell format on which superscript will be applied,

Follow the steps given to do so:

  • Choose Equation from the Symbols section of the Insert menu.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Click Superscript here, then click Script.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • The formula must then be completed with the values shown in the image below.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • To establish the numbers as superscripts, repeat the previous procedures for all the other cells.
  • As you can see, using this technique to add superscripts quickly.

#4: By Using Ink Equation

The Ink Equation feature in Excel will be used in the final method to attempt to resolve Excel superscript not working issue. See the steps listed below:

  • To do this, select the Equation symbol from the Symbols section of the Insert tab.
  • Next, select Ink Equation.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Draw the base number and the superscript using the mouse, then click Insert in the Math Input Control window.

Excel Superscript not Working

  • Now you will see the problem is resolved, and you will be able to add superscript in Excel.

Excel Superscript not Working

So, this is all you need to try to resolve the superscript not working in Excel problem.

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Wrap Up:

This is all about how to fix Excel Superscript not working problem, try the solutions given one by one to resolve the problem, and add Superscript in Excel data.

I hope our guide turns out to be useful for you.

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