How to Delete Infinite Columns in Excel? – 3 Easy Methods

Deleting infinite columns in Microsoft Excel is a tedious task, which typically means removing unused or unnecessary columns from the spreadsheet to the right of your data. This action helps to clean up your spreadsheet & make it more manageable. In this blog, you will learn a step-by-step guide on how to delete infinite columns in Excel, ensure the smooth functioning of your worksheets, and boost productivity.

How to Delete Infinite Columns in Excel

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So, let’s delve deep into this blog…

What are the Best Practices to Be Followed When Deleting Infinite Columns?

Before moving towards the methods for how to delete infinite blank columns in Excel, it is vital to understand the important tips to be followed to avoid the inconsistency of data.

  1. Save Your Crucial Work- It is a virtuous idea to save your work before deleting columns or rows in an Excel sheet.
  2. Use Shortcuts- Another crucial tip that you need to follow is to use keyboard shortcuts to delete columns. This will save you time and effort.
  3. Be Careful While Deleting Columns- Always be careful and double-check that you have selected the accurate columns before you remove them from a spreadsheet.
  4. Undo Changes- While deleting the unnecessary columns if you make any mistake, you can press CTRL+Z keys together to undo the recent changes.

How to Delete Infinite Columns in Excel Worksheet?

In this section, you will find 2 effective ways to remove infinite columns in Excel with less effort. So, let’s try them.

Method 1- Use Manual Selection & Deletion

Note: If your spreadsheet contains a huge amount of data, it is not recommended to try this method. As this method is more time-consuming and may lead to data inconsistencies.

The very first and easy trick that you can try is manual selection & deletion. If your worksheet contains less data, follow the below steps for infinite column deletion.

  • First of all, select the infinite blank columns by pressing Shift + down arrow to the row up to where you need to choose the column.
  • After this, make right-click on a selected column.

How to Delete Infinite Columns in Excel Worksheet

  • Then, find and click on “Delete” option from an appearing options list. This will immediately delete the selected column from the spreadsheet.


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Method 2- How to Delete Infinite Columns in Excel with ‘Go To Special’ Feature?

Go To Special is an excellent feature in Microsoft Excel that can also assist you in deleting infinite rows and columns in Excel sheets. Here’s how to use this feature to get your job done:

  • Open the Excel sheet from which you need to delete the columns.

‘Go To Special’ Feature

  • Now, select the entire data of the sheet & press the F5 key from your keyboard. Then, select Special from the dialog box.


  • After that, click on the Blanks >> select OK This will select all the infinite blank columns from the selected data.


  • Next, navigate to Home tab >> in the Cells Group >> click Delete. This will help you to delete the selected rows, columns, cells, and entire worksheet.
  • Then, choose Delete Cells from a dropdown list.

All the infinite columns from a selected range will be removed.

Method 3- Using VBA Code

If you often need to delete infinite Excel columns, you can use a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) script to automate the process. For this, you have to:

  • In the opened sheet, press Alt + F11 keys simultaneously to open a VBA editor.

Visual Basic Editor

  • Under the VBA editor, click on Insert > Module to generate a new module.

How to Delete Infinite Columns in Excel

  • Now, copy & paste the below VBA code into the opened window:


DeleteInfiniteColumns() Dim LastCol As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = ActiveSheet ‘ Find the last column with data LastCol = ws.Cells.Find(“*”, [A1], xlFormulas, xlPart, xlByColumns, xlPrevious).Column ‘ Delete all columns to the right of the last column with data ws.Columns(LastCol + 1 & “:” & ws.Columns.Count).Delete

End Sub

  • Then, exit from the VBA editor.
  • Press the Alt + F8 keys to open the “Macro” dialog box.
  • Choose “DeleteInfiniteColumns” >> click Run.

And you are done!

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Related FAQs:

Are There Infinite Cells in Excel?

No, there are limited cells in Microsoft Excel. A single spreadsheet contains 1048576 rows & 16384 columns.

How to Make Unlimited Rows in Excel?

No, you cannot make unlimited rows in a single Excel spreadsheet. However, you can eventually create a new Excel worksheet to add more rows.

Why I Can't Delete a Row or Column from Excel?

It is likely due to the protection settings of the Excel worksheet.

How Do I SUM Infinite Columns in Excel?

You can use the formula field with ‘SUM(A:A)’ & replace ‘A:A’ with the indefinite range you want to total.

How Do You Delete Thousands of Blank Columns in Excel?

By pressing Ctrl + Space to select the entire column you want to delete. Then, right-click on the selected columns & select ‘Delete’ option.

Does Excel Have Unlimited Rows and Columns?

According to Microsoft, Excel has a row limitation of 1,048,576 and 16,384 is the column limitation.

How Do I Make Unused Columns Disappear in Excel?

Firstly, select one or more unused columns in the worksheet, then right-click the selected columns >> select Hide option.

Final Verdict

So, this is all about how to delete infinite rows and columns in Excel spreadsheet. Simply follow the step-by-step methods outlined in this blog to remove these infinite columns and make your spreadsheet manageable without unnecessary distractions.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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