4 Easy Tricks To Export Data To Excel

how to Export Data To Excel

Summary: Our today’s tutorial will help you all in exploring your knowledge regarding how to export data to Excel. As it covers 4 possible ways to export data to Excel, and also give you some easy tips to tackle issues rendered meanwhile the process.

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How To Insert Animated GIF Images In Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016?

How To Insert Animated Gif Images In Excel

If you are also among those who count Excel applications as boring ones then you are wrong. It’s not at all a boring application..!

That’s right as you can turn your boring Excel spreadsheet into an attractive worksheet. For this, you can do so many things into your Excel workbook like insert gif images, add animation to your workbooks, put animated chart in Excel, insert animated graphs in spreadsheet, use dynamic data labels to create interactive Excel charts, etc.

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3 Easy Ways To Manage Excel Workbook Connections

3 Easy Ways To Manage Excel Workbook Connections

You all must have heard of Excel Workbook Connections but do know how to manage workbook connection in Excel? Well if you are not having any idea of enabling data connection in Excel workbook.

In that case our, this Excel workbook connections tutorial will help in grabbing every pinch of information reading this. So, that any Excel user can easily perform and manage external data connections in Excel.

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How To Create A Searchable Database In Excel?

How To Create A Searchable Database In Excel

You must have used MS Excel for tasks like preparing reports, forecasts, and budgets. But do you know Excel is much powerful than this.  As, in Excel you can make a searchable database.

Want to learn how to create searchable database in Excel? don’t worry this post will guide you to make a database in Excel.

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How To Remove Security Warning Messages In Excel?

How To Remove Security Warning Messages In Excel

Want to remove security warnings message bar which is frequently appearing on your Excel spreadsheet but don’t know how to disable security warnings in Excel.

Even if you don’t know such things. Don’t get worried…!

You can fix this issue on your own just by making few changes in the setting.  To know what changes, you need to perform go down to this post.

As the post covers complete information about, three most commonly encountering security warnings in Excel. Moreover, it also acknowledges you about how to disables Excel security warning messages.

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Top 3 Methods To Unlock Password Protected Excel File

Top 3 Methods To Unlock Password Protected Excel File


In this blog, I am going to discuss each and every aspect about password protected Excel file and how to unlock xlsx file. Find out the fixes covered in this post below if you are unable to open password protected Excel file.

After reading the complete post you will get answer of queries like how to open a password protected Excel file if forgot password or how to fix password protected Excel file not opening issue on your own.

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Excel 2019 New Functions & Charts You Must Learn!

learn Excel 2019 functions & charts

Microsoft Office 2019 is just released, and among its applications, Excel 2019 is the one having a wide collection of latest and developed features, and skills.

Well, plenty of the improvements are within the features like Power Pivot and Get & Transform. Despite this, many new functions and chart types are also available in Excel 2019 to make the work easier for the average users and master Microsoft Excel.

In this article, I am going to outlines some of the improved and latest Excel 2019 functions and chart types describe how to use them.

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Everything You Need to Know About Excel Matrix Functions

excel matrix functions

Excel is a widely used application as it helps in storing, analyzing, calculating, etc. data. Excel function contains many functions that are used to maintain and show data in a presentable way. Matrix is one of the Excel handy function, it is a collection of numbers that are arranged into a number of columns and rows. Matrix could contain complex numbers however we won’t see those number.

In this tutorial, you will get complete information about what is Matrix Function? Its types, how to create a Matrix and more. So, get ready to learn something new today.

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How to Convert Access To Excel File? [The Definitive Guide]

convert access to excel

Can I convert access data to Excel? This is a very common question that many people asked when they are learning Access is “how to convert Access database into Excel spreadsheet?”.

Well, it not actually converting Access to Excel. It usually means that “how to export data from Access database to Excel spreadsheet”. Often, people do this as they need to distribute the data from one person to another.

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