5 Ways To Repair and Recover Corrupt Excel 2013 File

Have you ever thought what will you do if your Excel 2013 workbook containing plenty of essential data suddenly starts showing errors or refuses to get opened? Usually such issues conquered  due to corruption of Excel 2013 file.

If you are already dealing with such Excel 2013 file corruption issue then check out this article.

In my today’s article I will tell you some easy tricks to recover corrupt Excel 2013 file. Believe me all the solution which i am going to share with you all are so easy which you can also apply by yourselves.

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Try all the listed solutions to fix corrupt Excel 2013 file easily and instantly.

Best Software For Excel 2013 File Recovery

Go with the professional recommended MS Excel Repair Tool to repair corrupt, damaged as well as errors in Excel file. This tool allows to easily restore all corrupt excel file including the charts, worksheet properties cell comments, and other important data. With the help of this, you can fix all sort of issues, corruption, errors in Excel workbooks.

* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

This is a unique tool to repair multiple excel files at one repair cycle and recovers the entire data in a preferred location. It is easy to use and compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating system. This supports the entire Excel versions and the demo version is free.

Why To Choose MS Excel Repair Tool?

  • Easily repair both .xls and .xlsx file.
  • Restore multiple corrupted excel file in one time.
  • Recover everything included charts, cell comments, worksheet properties and other data.
  • Extremely easy to use even a novice user can use it.
  • Supports both Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Steps To Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:


About Excel 2013 File Corruption:

MS Excel has widely used application for calculating, keeping record and tracking by the professional and many associations as well.

This popular application has released many versions to provide user flexibility and ease of use.

Among all the Excel versions that most popular is the Excel 2013. This is used by many organizations, students, professionals and others due to its advanced features and flexibility.

But despite its popularity, there are many cases seen when the Excel users get on the nerves.

There are many cases seen when the Excel macros and formulas go haywire and mess up everything or worse and corrupt the entire information on the sheet.

However, the most difficult thing is to track what is the root cause of the corruption and damages of the Excel workbook.

So, today in this article I am going to describe a very common problem how to recover corrupted Excel file 2013.

But before moving further towards Excel recovery, it is important to identify the corrupt Excel 2013 file. So, that it will be easy for you to detect what is causing the Excel 2013 file corruption.

How To Identify Excel 2013 File Corruption?

Excel file corruption is something that every Excel user comes across once in a life.

In some case spotting the Excel 2013 file corruption is easy but in many cases, it is a bit difficult to recognize corruption within the sheet.

Well, if the corruption is not detected in time then it might worsen the entire Excel workbook:

Some of the Excel 2013 workbook corruption signs are mentioned below check them out to recognize what is your case.

1. Errors on opening Excel 2013 file

When a workbook gets corrupted and while doing any attempt to open or access the file, it will result in errors or warning signs. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Excel cannot open the file <filename>”, as the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file”
  2. The Excel workbook cannot be opened and repaired because it is corrupted.

2. Unexpected AutoRecover Warning –

The MS Excel AutoRecover feature acts as a fail-safe. This saves copies of the entire opened Excel file at the fixed interval as per defined by the user. The files can be recovered if Excel closes unexpectedly.

So, if in a case while working on Excel sheet you see an unexpected AutoRecover warning – “An unexpected error has occurred. Autorecover has been disabled for this session of Excel” than this is a clear sign that something has goes wrong.

So, in this case, the immediate step you need to take is saved the workbook, though corrupted workbook that is already loaded into the RAM (opened) cannot be saved together. And when you try to save it, the office will try to auto-repair the workbook and this might cause some unique effects like erasing some information.

3. Unexpected Excel Crash

This is clear sign that something terrible has happened with the Excel workbook is the sudden close of the Excel file with the error message “Microsoft Excel has stopped working”.

It is important to note that such sudden crash happens due to corruption or other reasons like bugs or issues with VBA code or improper patching of Office version.

How To Recover Corrupted Excel 2013 File?

Here I have described 5 ways to repair and recover Excel 2013 workbook data stored in it:

1. Restore Excel 2013 File From Backup

Make use of the recent Excel file backup which you have stored in external device to restore Excel 2013 file data. As it is the easiest and effortless way to recover corrupt Excel 2013 file.

Apart from that if you have previously kept the Excel automatic backup option turned on then also the Excel 2013 file recovery is going to be very easy.

After setting the Excel automatic backup ON, every new Excel file starts generating a backup copy of your original file automatically.  You can identify the Excel backup copy with it’s extension xlk.

Restore Excel 2013 File From Backup

Those who don’t know how to backup Excel 2013 file automatically, just follow the steps to do so:

  • First open Excel.
  • Then click File > Save As > Computer > Browse

Restore Excel 2013 File From Backup

  • Next, in the Save As dialog box > click on arrow next to Tools > General Options

Restore Excel 2013 File 1

  • Then check mark ‘Always create backup’ box.

Restore Excel 2013 File 2

  • Click OK and then tap to the Save option.

2. Recover Excel 2013 Workbook From File Recovery Option

The file recovery or recovery file is the alternative of a backup. It is a file that contains entire Excel data so that if the original workbook mistakenly gets damaged or deleted, you can access your entire data.

You can select to automatically create a recovery file at set intervals:

  • First open Excel.
  • Then click File > Options

Restore from File Recover


  • And in the Excel Options dialog box > choose Save > tick mark the Save AutoRecover information every box, > and according to you enter the minutes’ number (the default is 10).

Restore from File Recovery

  • Give the location where you want to save the recovery file in the AutoRecover file location box.

Please Note: Ensure that the Disable AutoRecover for this workbook only box is unchecked.

3. Office Document Recovery

The Document Recovery task pane automatically opens at the time you launch Excel after the sudden crash so that the users can get the file back.

  • You need to click the arrow next to the recovered file in the Document Recovery task pane.
  • and select Open or Save As.

It might happen this option is not available if the workbook has been harshly corrupted.

4. Repair/Recover Excel 2013 File With Open And Repair Method

As Excel detects corrupted workbook, this will automatically start the File Recovery mode and try to repair corrupt Excel 2013 workbook. Besides that, through this method you can also recover corrupted Excel file 2013 data.

If in case this mode does not start then try to use the Open and Repair method to recover workbook.

  • First open Excel
  • Then click File > Open.

Open And Repair Method

  • Next, browse and choose the corrupted workbook.

  • And click the arrow next to the Open button in the open dialog box > click ‘Open and Repair’

repair corrupt excel file

  • At last click on the “Repair” button if you want to repair corrupt Excel 2013 file. But if you need to recover Excel 2013 file data then choose the option “Extract Data”.

open and repair tool


So, this is all about Excel 2013 workbook corruption and how to recover corrupt Excel file 2013 data.

You can try the given solution to repair Excel 2013 file and also recover the entire Excel data.

It might happen the next time if you face the Excel file corruption the reason might be different.

However, you can try the given solutions and recovers the entire data easily.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Facebook, Twitter page.

Good Luck….

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