Corrupted Excel Recovery

Are you facing a problem while working with the Excel worksheet? Have you noticed that your excel file started behaving abnormally? Are you looking for the ways to recover your excel worksheet? If yes then do not worry at all because here you will get the complete solution. In some cases, excel file recovery mode tries to repair the workbook. If the recovery mode doesn’t work then obviously you will need other alternatives. Below mentioned are some of the common ways by which you can easily recover your corrupted Excel Workbook:

1. Try Excel Recovery:


If the automatic recovery mode fails then there is a manual feature to recover a corrupted workbook. Follow the steps below to recover the file:

  • Choose Open from the File Click the Office button and select Open if you are working in Excel 2007.
  • With the use of Look In Control option, locate and specify the workbook which has been corrupted.
  • From the dropdown list of Open button, choose Open And Repair option as hown in the Image A.
  • If this is the very first way to manually recover the corrupted workbook then click Repair in the resulting dialog box as shown in the Image B.

Image A

recover corrupted workbook


Attempt to Manually recover the corrupted workbook.

Image B

recover corrupted workbook

Excel will easily repair the file if you are lucky. This feature only recovers files if something went wrong with the Excel file so this feature will not be applicable for the recovery of all corrupted files.

2. Corruption still occurs while the workbook is open:


Corruption is still taking place when the workbook is open? If yes, then do not save the workbook.  You just simply have to save the corrupted workbook with the changes you have made recently. However, you can simply revert to the last saved version because reverting to the last saved version, without saving first should obviously discard the corrupted component. With this, you will simply lose the data but possibly you can rebuild it quickly.

Reverting to the last saved version:

  • Choose Open from the File Click the Office button and select Open if you are working in Excel 2007.
  • With the use of Look In Control option, locate and specify the workbook which has been corrupted.
  • Hit the Open

3: Disable Automatic Calculation


If Excel still fails to open the file on its own or through the Open And Repair option, then try setting the calculation method to manual and you can try again. In order to reset the calculation setting, do the steps:

  • Open a new blank workbook.
  • Choose Options from the Tools menu and then click the Calculation Now click the Office button then click Excel Options and then at last select Formulas in the panel to the left.
  • Now click Manual in the Calculation section.
  • Simply hit OK.

Now you can simply try to open the corrupted workbook. Sometimes Excel can open a corrupted workbook if it there is no need to recalculate.

4: Try Microsoft Office Tools


If Excel can’t open the corrupted workbook then using Microsoft Office Tools is a good choice:

  • Choose All Programs from the Start
  • Select Microsoft Office.
  • Choose Microsoft Office Tools.
  • Select Microsoft Office Application Recovery.
  • Choose Microsoft Office Excel in the resulting dialog box as shown in Image C.
  • Click Recover Application. This process will take few minutes.
  • Now simply respond to the Send Report To Microsoft prompt.

recover corrupted workbook

This recovery tool will quit the Excel and then it will allow your Excel to restart along with displaying a list of recovered workbooks. If your workbook will be recovered then you will get in the list.

5: Move the file


Most of the times, a corrupted workbook is not actually corrupted, it is just inaccessible. If you find that your Excel can’t recover your corrupted workbook then just move the corrupted file to another folder, server or drive.

These are some of the common and the most effective ways that can be applied to recover the corrupted Excel workbook. If the above ways doesn’t work for the recovery then obviously you will have to try other alternative such as MS Excel Repair Tool. This tool is the efficient way to recover any of the corrupted excel workbook in all scenarios.


How to Recover Corrupted Excel Workbook:


Step 1: Download and install MS Excel Repair tool and hit on “OK” button in order to start the process.


Step 2: Click on Select file and the corrupted excel workbook and click on the “Select folder” for searching the file in a specific folder and then click “Select File” to search the file in the particular drive.


Step 3: Click on “Scan” for scanning the corrupted file after select your file.


Step 4: Now you are able to see the scanning process.


Step 5: After performing the above steps for scanning, you can preview the corrupted workbook.


Step 6: Now click on “Repair” button to repair.


Step 7: Lastly you have to select the preferred location to save the repaired workbook on your PC.


After applying all the above mentioned steps, you will easily recover your corrupted excel workbook.

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Top Five Ways to Recover Corrupted Excel Workbook