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Is your Excel workbook is corrupt, or can’t open the workbook in Excel? Wondering what went wrong and how to repair Excel workbook?  Then you are at the right place, in this article check out the complete steps to repair and recover corrupted Excel workbook.

Microsoft Excel workbook corruption is not a new issue for Excel users. There are many known and unknown reasons due to which the Excel workbook gets corrupted or start showing errors.

Well, the question arises here how to repair corrupt Excel workbook and get back lost data.

Here in this article read the complete information to effectively repair damaged Excel workbook and recover Excel file data.

But before moving further learns some of the common reasons due to which Excel workbook gets corrupted.


Why Excel Workbook Gets Corrupted?


  • Due to sudden power loss
  • Due to virus infection
  • Unexpected system shutdown can corrupt the open workbook
  • Bad sectors on the storage device
  • A technical defect in Excel file
  • Hardware failure
  • Large Excel files

These are some of the common reasons for Excel file corruption. Now try the given ways to fix Excel workbook corruption and recover corrupted Excel workbook data.


How to Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook?


When Excel detects corruption in Excel workbook while opening, this automatically starts File Recovery mode and try repairing the workbook. But if File Recovery mode doesn’t start, them make use of the inbuilt repair utility to repair excel workbook.

When Microsoft Excel detects a corrupted workbook upon opening, it automatically starts File Recovery mode and attempts to repair the workbook. If File Recovery mode doesn’t start, try using this manual process to repair corrupt Excel file


1: Use the Open and Repair Tool


In order to repair Excel workbook make use of the inbuilt Open and Repair tool.

Follow the given instruction to run it:

  • Open new Excel sheet and click File > Open.
  • Choose the corrupted Excel file
  • Then click the arrow next to Open button > click Open and Repair.

repair corrupt excel file

  • If this is your first try to repair workbook manually > then click Repair in resulting dialog box.

open and repair tool

  • It is estimated now your Excel file is repaired but if Excel won’t recover any data from corrupt Excel workbook
  • Then click the second option Extract Data

Hope this works for you to repair corrupt Excel workbook but if not then make use of the professional recommended Excel File Repair Tool, to recover corrupted Excel file.

However, in many cases, it is seen this fails to repair the severely damaged or corrupted Excel file.


2: Utilize the Excel Recovery Tool


 It is recommended to make use of the Excel Recovery Tool, this is the professional recommended utility that helps you to repair and recover corrupted, damaged and inaccessible data from Excel workbook. It is capable to fix different errors and issues related to the Excel workbook and recover deleted Excel data

This is a unique tool and is capable to restore entire data including the charts, worksheet properties cell comments, and other data without doing any modification. It is easy to use and support all Excel versions.

Excel Repair for Windows

Hope the given methods help you to repair corrupted Excel workbook. But if you can’t open the workbook in Excel, then there are some recovery methods that help in recovering workbook data.

So, try the given solutions to recover corrupted Excel workbook data.


How to Recover Corrupted Workbook Data


Note: Before following the solutions, make sure to automatically save a backup copy of your workbook or create a recovery file from time to time.

Now make use of the given methods to recover corrupted Excel workbook.


Method 3: Recover Excel data from the TMP file


Microsoft is having an AutoRecovery feature that allows you to automatically save Excel file as a temp file on Windows PC. So, try recovering the corrupted or crashed Excel file from temp file.

Follow the steps to do so:

Step 1: Follow the temp folder location and locate Excel temp files with the TMP extension.

The Windows 8/10 users:

The Windows 7 users:

Step 2: Now locate the temporary Excel files begin with “$” or “~” and end with “.TMP”

Step 3: And copy the files and save to another safe location by changing the extension from.TMP to .XLS/.XLSX.


Method 4: Revert Workbook to the Last Saved Version


If the workbook becomes corrupted during working but before saving the changes revert the workbook to the previous version:

Follow the steps to do so:

  • First, click File > Open.
  • Then double-click the workbook that you have open in Excel.
  • And click Yes to reopen the workbook.

Now the workbook opens without any changes you made that caused the workbook to become corrupted.


Method 5: Set the Automatic Calculation to Manual


You can also try changing the calculation settings from automatic to manual as the workbook won’t be recalculated and may open.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Click File > New > click Blank workbook.
  • And click File > Options.
  • Then under Calculation options > in the Formulas category > choose Manual > click OK.

  • Now click File > Open and locate the corrupted workbook and open it.


Method 6: Move the File


If nothing works then try the easy trick like moving the Excel file to the new workbook.

  • Open corrupted Excel file > right-click on sheet tab > Select All Sheets.
  • Now right-click Excel sheet tab > click Move or Copy.
  • Select New workbook > choose Create a copy box > Click OK


Method 7: Use External References to Link to the Corrupted Workbook


Well, you can try to recover data only without formulas or calculated values from the workbook, try using external references to link corrupted workbook.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Click File > Open > and go to the folder that contains corrupted workbook.
  • Then right-click file name of the corrupted workbook > click Copy > Cancel.
  • Now click File > New > click Blank workbook.
  • In cell A1 of new workbook > type =File Name!A1, ( FileName is the name of the corrupted workbook copied earlier) > press Enter.

Please Note:  Just enter the name of the workbook, don’t type the file name extension.

  • If Update Values dialog box appears > choose corrupted workbook > click OK
  • If Select Sheet dialog box appears > choose appropriate sheet > click OK
  • Select cell A1 > click Home > Copy
  • Now choose an area starting in cell A1 that is approximately the same size as the range of cells that hold data in the corrupted workbook.
  • Click Home > Paste
  • And with the range of cells still selected, click Home > Copy
  • Click Home > Paste > under Paste Values > click Values
  • The pasting values remove the links to the corrupted workbook and leave the data only.

Steps to Utilize Excel Recovery Tool:





Microsoft Excel is a very crucial file and a minor mistake can take over your entire Excel workbook and the data stored in it.

So, I tried my best to provide reliable solutions to fix Excel workbook corruption and recover entire data stored in it.

Additionally, it is also important to maintain the Excel file carefully and backup your Excel data regularly to avoid data loss in the future.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Ask Question

Good Luck….

7 Quick & Easy Ways to Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook
7 Quick & Easy Ways to Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook
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7 Quick & Easy Ways to Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook
In order to repair corrupted Excel workbook, try the given solutions to fix Excel file corruption and recover corrupted Excel workbook effectively…
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