How To Fix Broken ActiveX Controls In Excel?


While using MS Excel are you getting error messages “Can’t insert object”?

 Are you unable to access or change the properties of any active controls on worksheets?

Or while you are trying to refer to ActiveX Control as a member of a worksheet, you are getting error 438? Then this article is for you.

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5 Fixes To Resolve MS Excel Runtime Error 57121

Excel runtime error 57121


Are you the one struggling with the MS Excel runtime error 57121 while using working not the Excel file or during trying to open it? Then RELAX!!!, you are at the right place.

Here in this article check out the complete information about the run time error 57121 in Excel and its fixes to get rid of it permanently.

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4 Ways To Fix “The File Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Opened Excel” Error

The File Is Corrupted And Cannot Be Opened Excel

Every time while trying to open Excel file, you are encountering the same error “the file is corrupted and cannot be opened” ?

Well dear, it’s a clear sign that your Excel file is somehow got corrupted.

Many users like you found complaining about this random error the file is corrupted and cannot be opened Excel 2016 and 2010 while accessing their Excel workbook.

This error is not limited to the Excel 2010 and 2016 users even the other Excel version users are also facing this specific error.

So to fix this annoying Excel error here in this article, we are going to provide some best fixes to resolve Excel the file is corrupt and cannot be opened error.

if you don’t know how to deal with this Excel the file is corrupted and cannot be opened error then go through the listed solution.

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[8 Fixes] Excel Found Unreadable Content In Filename .xlsx Error

Excel found unreadable content

Are you the one struggling with the Excel found unreadable content error and looking for some easy fixes to troubleshoot this?

Here check out the complete information to fix unreadable content in Excel error. As this article covers best applicable fixes that can help you to get easy access to your Excel file and it’s data.

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How To Create Backup Of Active Workbooks In Excel?

How To Create Backup Of Active Workbooks In Excel

In this tutorial, check out a very useful topic on how to create backup of the Excel workbook. This is very useful to overcome the unpleasant situations in Excel. So here check out the complete information on how to backup Excel files automatically or manually as well.

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How to fix KB00804 – VBA Errors in Microsoft Excel?



This KB combines and replaces the information that was found in these other KBs:

  • KB00364 – PI add-ins to Excel not available with various VBA errors after upgrading to Office 2010.
  • KB00267 – Run-time error ‘459’: Object or class does not support the set of events” or “Compile Error in Hidden module: Main” error message appears when opening Excel installed with PI Data Link.
  • KB00526 PI Data Link error: Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found.
  • KB00631 PI Data Link Error: “System Error &H80040111 (-2147221231). Class Factory cannot supply requested class.

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Resolve Excel Error “An error occurred when sending commands to the program”

resolve excel error

Microsoft Excel has become an important part of any business this helps companies to manage their crucial data easily. It gives the businesses to make the most of their data and maximizes the return on investment. This makes the importance of data more apparent. Larger firms collect larger volumes of data from multiple sources, including online sales, social media, and in-store-transactions. They need to be able to collate and analyze this information quickly and effectively. But there are many cases when the excel files get corrupted and start showing errors. Here in this article know how to resolve Excel error “An error occurred when sending commands to the program”

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