5 Ways To Fix Personal Macro Workbook Not Opening Issue


The tutorial help you to know how to fix personal macro workbook not opening problem and other related issues. Apart from that you will also get to know how to Copy and use Macros in the Personal Macro Workbook.

What Is A Personal Macro Workbook?

Personal Macro Workbook (.xlsb) is a hidden Excel workbook that opens every time with the opening of the Excel application.

In Excel 2007 – 2019, personal Macro Workbook is also known as “Personal.xlsb” and in the earlier version it is popularly known as “Personal.xls”.

MS Excel knows the exact location of this file on your PC so it automatically looks for this file on every launch. No action is required from your side.

Apart from macros, this Personal Macro Workbook also stores user-defined functions that are written in VBA.

In this workbook, you can easily store macro codes and further on you can use it from any of your workbooks. It’s the best option to save macros which you need to use very often.

Let’s take an example, suppose you get data from colleagues on regular basis and thus you need to clear up the data and format it. As you need to follow this same step every time. So for making this task easier, you can create a macro and save it in the Personal Macro Workbook.

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Why Should I have a Personal Macro Workbook?

Generally, when you create or record any macro in Excel, you can only access or use it from that specific Excel workbook. But if you need to use the same macro in other Excel files storing these macro VBA codes in Personal Macro Workbook is the best option. After this, your macros become easily accessible from any workbook.

It’s a time savior option, as you don’t need to create the same macro again and again for all your workbook.

Where Can I Find the Personal Macro Workbook?

Personal Macro Workbook Personal.xlsb file is mainly stored in the following locations within the XLSTART folder:

In Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 10:

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

In Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\

Point to remember

  • By default, the AppData folder is kept hidden. So, for fetching this XLSTART folder in Windows Explorer. You need to go to the view tab and then make a check across the Hidden items.


  • If this XLSTART folder doesn’t exist within your PC then it means your Personal Macro Workbook Personal.xlsb file is not created yet.

How To Fix Personal Macro Workbook Not Opening Issues?

In this section, we will talk about several aspects of Personal Macro Workbook Not Opening Issues and of course ways to fix it.

Fix 1# Personal.xls File Not Opening

If you are facing this Personal.xls File Not Opening in your personal.xlsb file.  Then possibilities are high that the directory in which this Personal Workbook is kept, Excel counting it as untrusted one.

By default, the Workbook is got created in the directory similar to the following.


The actual directory will slightly differ as per the version of Excel or windows you are using. This directory is considered as the trusted one by the storehouse of the “OK to load” workbook.

If it’s not trusted then Excel fails to load anything it has.

So to fix Personal.xls File Not Opening it’s important to check whether the directory is a trusted one or not. Here are the steps to check it:

  • Open your Excel file and tab to the file>options.
  • From the left side of the dialog box hit the Trust Center.


  • Hit the Trust Center Settings button. Excel will open the Trust Center dialog box.

Personal.xls File Not Opening 1

  • From the left side of the dialog box, hit the Trusted Locations.

Personal.xls File Not Opening 2

Now you can look through all the directories present in the dialog box and also get the right one where your Personal workbook is been stored.

If it’s not there, in that case you need to make use of controls in the dialog box for adding it.

Fix 2# Personal Macro Workbook Fails To Load

Behind this Personal macro Workbook fails to load issue the reason can be your Excel application considering that the location of Personal.xlsb file has changed now. Or possibly the file has now got corrupted

Try the following steps to fix this Personal macro Workbook fails to load issue:

  • Using Windows, try to locate and rename your Personal.xls file.
  • Start your Excel application. Now execute your macro recorder by following this option: view> Macro > Record New Macro.

fix personal Macro Workbook Fails To Load issue

  • Make sure that the macro you are recording now is kept in your Personal.xls workbook. For this, you have to choose the “Personal Macro Notebook” from the drop-down list of “Store Macro In”.

Personal Macro Workbook Fails To Load

  • Hit the OK button, to start your macro recorder.
  • Choose a different cell in your Excel worksheet.
  • Now stop the running macro recorder by tapping the view> Macro> Stop Recording

fix personal Macro Workbook Fails To Load issue 2

Doing this will create a new Personal.xlsb file, in whatever location Excel expecting it to locate.

Now open the old Personal.xlsb workbook and then copy the entire macro code from it to the newly created Personal.xlsb workbook.

Once, it’s done, just save this new Personal.xlsb file and delete the old one.  So when the next time you try to open your Excel file, your new Personal.xls workbook will load smoothly.

Fix 3# Unhide Personal Macro Workbook

There are several causes behind personal macro workbook not opening issue. Out of which one reason can that your personal workbook has somehow got disabled. You can fix this issue by unhiding the personal macro workbook.

Follow are the steps to unhide personal macro workbook.

  • From your Excel ribbon tap to the file >options.

Inspect issues with Add-ins 1

  • On the opened Excel options window hit the Add-Ins tab.
  • From the bottom of the dialog box, hit the Manage drop-down list and choose the Disabled Items.
  • Tap to the Go Excel will display one dialog box in which all the add-ins which are disabled now seem listed here.
  • If your Personal macro workbook is listed disabled here, just choose it and tap the Enable.

Enable Your Disabled Macros

  • Close all the open dialog boxes.

Excel disables all such add-ins which got corrupted or those won’t work correctly.

This method can make your personal workbook temporarily active but won’t fix the issue completely.

Fix 4# Solve Personal Macro Workbook Corruption

To fix corrupt Personal Macro Workbook it’s highly recommended to use Excel Repair Tool, This utility tool will help you to repair and recover corrupted, damaged and inaccessible data from Excel workbook. It is capable to fix different errors and issues related to the Excel workbook and recover deleted Excel data.

This is a unique tool and is capable to restore entire data including the charts, worksheet properties cell comments, and other data without doing any modification. It is easy to use and support all Excel versions.

* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

Hope the given methods help you to repair corrupted Excel workbook. But if you can’t open the workbook in Excel, then there are some recovery methods that help in recovering workbook data.

So, try the given solutions to recover corrupted Excel workbook data.

Fix 5# Open Your Excel Document ‘safe mode’

Starting Excel in ‘Safe Mode’ avoids various issues as it opens Excel without using some startup programs.

  • You can open Excel in ‘safe mode’ by pressing and holding the ‘CTRL’ key when starting this program.
  • Or you can start the program from the command line by pressing the window+ R buttons from your keyboard. In the opened Run window type ‘excel.exe/safe’  and hit the OK button.

open excel in safe mode


How To Copy Macros In The Personal Macro Workbook?

Once you have created and saved this Personal Macro Workbook (PERSONAL.XLSB) file, now you can copy the macros which you want to reuse further.

The following are the steps to copy the macros in the PERSONAL.XLSB file:

  • Open your Excel application.
  • Now go to the Developer tab.
  • Now from the code group hit the Visual basic option. After this, you will see the VB editor gets opened on your screen.

Copy Macros in the Personal Macro Workbook 1

  • Click on Visual Basic option. This will open the VB Editor (or use ALT + F11).
  • In this opened VB Editor, make a tap on the Project Explorer, here you will all the PERSONAL.XLSB objects.

Copy Macros in the Personal Macro Workbook 2

  • Make a double-click on Module 1.

Copy Macros in the Personal Macro Workbook 3

  • In the opened Module code window, just copy and paste the macro code.
  • Now close the VB Editor.
  • Save and close your Excel file.

By following the above steps you can easily save up your macros which you want to reuse in your PERSONAL.XLSB file.

How To Use Macros Stored In Personal Macro Workbook?

If you are having a list of macros which is saved in the Personal Macro workbook and you are willing to use it on your new Excel file. In that case, follow the below steps to do so:

  • From the Excel ribbon tap to the Developer tab.
  • Hit the Macros icon.

Use Macros Stored In Personal Macro Workbook 1

  • In the opened dialog box of Macro, just choose the macro which you want to execute.
  • Tap to the Run option.

Use Macros Stored In Personal Macro Workbook


In the macro dialog box, you can see the list of all macros which are available to get used in the opened workbook.

This includes all the macros which are already stored in your workbook or which are stored in Personal Macro Workbook.

Well, you can run the macro by inserting the button and then assigning macros to it. Or you can apply the keyword shortcut to your macro.

Final Verdict:

I think Personal Macro Workbook is a great option for managing all important macro in just one single place. That’s the reason why no one can afford issues in their Personal Macro Workbook or personal.xlsb file corruption.

After reading this post I don’t think you have to suffer any kind of issues in your Personal Macro Workbook. But if you get any problem then let us know by asking about your problem on our FB and Twitter Page.

Don’t forget to share your opinion regarding this post in the comment section. If you have something more to share about this Personal Macro Workbook not opening issue then don’t hesitate.

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