5 Ways To Fix Excel File Not Loaded Completely Error


Stuck with this “File not loaded completely” error in your Excel application? Don’t fret; you can easily fix this off. Just try the fixes listed down in this post. But before that, it’s important to know why this error message comes.

So let’s find it out first…!

User’s Scenario:

For a more clear idea about this specific Excel File not loaded completely error read out this user query.

I have been given a CSV file with more than the MAX Excel can handle, and I really need to be able to see all the data. I understand and have tried the method of “splitting” it, but it doesnt work.

Some background: The CSV file is an Excel CSV file, and the person who gave the file has said there are about 2m rows of data.

When I import it into Excel, I get data up to row 1,048,576, then re-import it in a new tab starting at row 1,048,577 in the data, but it only gives me one row, and I know for a fact that there should be more (not only because of the fact that “the person” said there are more than 2 million, but because of the information in the last few sets of rows)

I thought that maybe the reason for this happening is because I have been provided the CSV file as an Excel CSV file, and so all the information past 1,048,576 is lost (?).

DO I need to ask for a file in an SQL database format?

source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16945348/excel-csv-file-with-more-than-1-048-576-rows-of-data

What Are The Causes And Symptom Of Excel File Not Loaded Completely Error?

The very obvious reason behind the occurrence of this Excel File not loaded completely error is crossing the row limitation in Excel.  Well, the maximum number of rows allowed in an Excel single worksheet is 1,048,576.

The error also arises when any user tries to open such a spreadsheet which hides the maximum worksheet limit for total rows and columns.

Another circumstance in which you may get this file not loaded completely error is while importing CSV data into Excel sheet which hides Excel maximum size limit.

Older versions of Excel before 2007 had a limitation of 255 variables. So, if you are willing to open large .csv file into Excel older version, it won’t load or open completely. You started getting file not loaded completely error message.

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How To Fix MS Excel “File Not Loaded Completely” Error?

1.  Try To Open Spreadsheet With Alternative Options

Try to open an Excel file using other alternative freeware spreadsheet application which might not have the same maximum limit as that of your excel application.

Just open your excel workbook with alternative excel software and then reduce the number of rows and columns within the file. So that it gets open with your regular MS Office application suite program also.

 Read the following tutorial to know different ways to open Excel file without Excel.

2. Import The Spreadsheet Into Access

  • Open a blank database file in your Excel application
  • Tap the External Data> Excel.
  • Tap to the browse option for selecting the Excel spreadsheet.

Import The Spreadsheet Into Access

  • After then hit the Import the source data option into the new table within the current database.
  • Tap on the OK.

Import The Spreadsheet Into Access 1

  • From the Import Spreadsheet Wizard window hit the Next and Finish.

After that, you can easily see your spreadsheet content present in the database table. Now you can remove extra or unwanted table rows and then export the modified file back to your Excel application just like a spreadsheet.

3. Split A CSV File Before Importing It

If you are still getting the File not loaded completely error while trying to import a CSV file then split your CSV file with some reliable Split CSV file program.

After that you can import your split CSV  file into distinct Excel worksheets.

4. Repair A Corrupted Excel File

The Excel File not loaded completely error also encounters due to corrupted Excel workbook. To fix this follow the below steps:

  • Hit the File.
  • From the Open option choose the excel file which is not opening and showing not loaded completely error.

Open And Repair Method

  • Now hit the arrow sign present in the open button.
  • From the drop-down list choose the Open and Repair.

Open and Repair in-built Utility

  • If the repair option seems available their then make a click on it.


5# Repair MS Excel File with Excel Repair Tool

If corruption issue won’t resolve with the above manual fixes then go with the recommended option i.e Excel repair tool. It is an efficient way to repair corrupted Excel workbooks.

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  • With the help of this software, you can recover your deleted chart sheet, table, cell comment, image, cell comment, formula, and all other data components from corrupt or damaged Excel files.
  • It is easy to use and supports all Excel versions.

Wrap Up:

Now you must have got enough idea on how to fix Excel File not loaded completely error. To avoid this error again in the future, you need to take better care of not crossing the maximum limit specifications.

Alternatively, you should use multiple sheets within your single workbook. As max limit of column and rows are more specifically allotted to the single worksheets.

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