Ms excelAlmost every day Microsoft Excel is used by many office workers as well as in daily office work. It plays a very important role as it lessens the burden on the workers. It would help you to make a spread sheet, chart or table that contains the most important and confidential data related to the business. Moreover, the business related excel are edited frequently or revised repeatedly, contains complicated spreadsheet and generally contains rich content in Excel files which adds value to the company. Now just imagine if your MS Excel stops working or your xls or xlsx file gets damaged or corrupt, then in that case it would be a huge loss for the company. Then, the question arises is that Can the damaged files can be recovered? The answer is Yes. This is possible with the help of recovery features in Microsoft or with the help of third party software.

Reasons for Excel file getting damaged

Here are some of the reasons which are responsible for damaging xls and xlsx file which are mentioned below:

Open Files: The computer file should be closed before your computer shut down. This is very important as it is the main reason for your excel files getting corrupt. Generally, during shut down the computer closes all files that are open. The files that are open become corrupt when the computer is simply turned off or if the system crashes.

Hard Drives: During the passage of time the hard drive may develop a bad sector. Now if the excel files falls in that sector, then in that case it may become corrupt.

Software: Excel files may get damaged due to software problems. The unexpected closing of the Excel file may , result in corrupting the file.

Virus: Excel file may become corrupt if your computer is infected with virus.

Ways to fix the damaged xls or xlsx file

You can prevent your excel file from getting damaged by shutting down your computer in a proper way and checking regularly for any problems related to your system’s hard drive. Virus attacks are also addressed by the security updates. Within Excel, Microsoft has now included a recovery feature which would help you recover the damaged xls or xlsx file.

If you are unable to recover the damaged excel file then in that case it can be recovered with the help of MS Excel Repair Tool. It is professional software which would help you to recover the damaged or corrupted excel file. It can restore all the corrupt excel file and also recover everything that was included in the charts, cell comments, worksheet properties and other data. It can recover the complete text as well as other data of the file and restores them without modifying its original formatting.


Steps to recover the damaged xls and xlsx files

Step 1: You first need to download and install MS Excel Repair tool and hit on “OK” button to start process.


Step 2: Click on Select file and the corrupted .xls or .xlsx file. After then, click on “Select folder” for searching the .xls or .xlsx file in particular folder and click on “Select File” for the searching the .xls and .xlsx files in the specific drive.


Step 3: Click on “Scan” button for scanning the corrupted or lost file after selecting your file.


Step 4: You can see the scanning process is in progress.


Step 5: You can preview the corrupted workbook once your whole scanning was complete.


Step 6: Click on “Repair” button to begin the repair process.


Step 7: Select the desired location to save the repaired workbook on your PC.



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Recover damaged xls and xlsx file