6 Effective Reasons Why Use a VPN at Work

Defending oneself from cyber threats doesn’t have to halt at the private gadget. Making use of VPN while working has its own advantages. Whether you wish to hide browsing data from the establishment, or you wish to open services and webpages that are the local firewall has restricted, or whether the primary concern is to continue safety when operating the system from a café or home, a VPN will help achieve all of this you can read more about VPN here. Truthfully, there are several explanations to make use of VPN while working.

Why VPN at the workplace?

In short: It will keep your browsing activity secure, circumvent restrictions of a network, and ensure your online safety.

In detail: A VPN behaves as protection that turns it difficult to damage and/or follow you online. Irrespective of your organization’s system or personal device coupled to a network of the company with no VPN, it is easy for the employer to possibly track your browsing activity, the time when you browse them, and also the duration. In a few scenarios, a tracking application might be installed on the device to be monitored greater than your expectation.

The research discovered that an enormous 16-30% of employees either are not aware of a virtual private network or do not understand their importance. Similarly, employees in the US are more expected to use company devices for private surfing in comparison to their UK counterparts.

The time, when you need to think about using a VPN going forward, depends on the primary reason for using one. It could be about unblocking web pages at the workplace. Or it could be about maintaining a low profile and not letting anyone know about your online activities. Likewise, we have listed 6 important reasons to consider adopting a VPN while at work.

Reason 1: Hide browsing activity

Your boss is probably knowing everything that you are doing on the internet if you are not using a VPN. Since they are the ones providing internet at the workplace, it’s inconsequential – particularly for organizations that are enough big to incorporate an IT subdivision – to track activities of individual devices are knowing what they are accessing on the internet.

Generally, a connection encoded with HTTPS will demonstrate where it is originating (the IP address of the device) and where it is landing (the address of the website). So if you are trying to Know Your Steam or Meme, those who are managing firewall will be able to track your intentions. It does not matter if they are unaware of the exact purpose – your boss might consider such services and webpages to portion what’s required for work.

But having a VPN will only allow others to see the IP address of the VPN server, which is not enough to track anything. You can bluff about VPN usage for the purpose of reading Harvard Business Evaluation or blogs regarding optimization of Six Sigma Agile.

Parenthetically, it is also helpful in preventing your service provider of the internet from tracking your habits of browsing.

Reason 2: Access restricted sites and content

It is possible for your company to restrict a few websites. A phenomenon called web filtering is used by the majority of corporations and companies to restrict employees. This repetition screens traffic of the internet for efforts to visit particular websites or blocks them.

Other reasons for blocking web pages involves: anything racist, offensive, gambling, and illicit content is apparent ones. Though, others stop workers from accessing music sites like YouTube because of bandwidth and the possibility of reduction in productivity at the workplace.

Therefore, A VPN will encrypt traffic and transfer it by means of a VPN server. The firewall of your company would not track your connection– only the VPN server address will be visible to them.

Enjoying memes or viewing dog clips on YouTube is not misconduct. Nor is linking to VPN for bypassing the filter to relish this vacation time off.

Reason 3: Protect confidentiality from tweeting eyes

Using VPN is not merely private browsing. But can even be helpful for keeping distance from cyber intimidations. Obviously, the most noteworthy dangers ascend if a person with malevolent intent obtains your information. Anyone having appropriate applications can interrupt banking information, credentials, and other things that can be transmitted over the internet (which is perhaps more than enough), considering your workplace as well.

As per IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, the vector most used spell in the year 2019 was phishing. Technology corporations, streaming services and social networks establish ten foremost brands that are falsified by cybercriminals in phishing challenges.

Even while making use of VPN services during office work, it’s problematic to recognize which links are viruses infected. That is why incorporating a potential VPN tool in your system could decrease the chances of getting exposed to websites that are malware-infected that might place you in danger to online scams such as phishing attempts.

When scams are considered: phishing is the biggest online safety coercion at the moment. Notwithstanding being watchful about it, a technological tool that could be helpful is VPN. This will safeguard your and your company’s private data.

Reason 4: Privately public Wi-Fi connection

By getting connected to unrestricted Wi-Fi and having no VPN, there is a great risk of you falling into the hands of hackers who were able to breach the open hotspot. Potential stealing of sensitive data (along with email credentials) is highly possible. In the meantime, the majority of hotspots do not utilize encryption, the assembly is stress-free to be accessed and private information can be easily stolen.

Whereas all these scenarios can be avoided with just one good VPN functioning on your system. As VPN encodes your information, it turns incomprehensible to the public for stealing it. Renowned VPN makes use of encryption that’s difficult to be cracked even by modern techniques.

Reason 5: Safety working home

Working from your favourite café, or private office, or sitting at your home is simply as well-organized as working from office – isolation has proven this during the pandemic. Safeguarding your distant access linking is protected is indispensable. Revealing this profound information can damage your PC, you, and probably your organization.

Whether WFH or working by means of public Wi-Fi, indiscreet Wi-Fi grids are eye-catching to hackers wishing to acquire data of credulous consumers. Protect visibility of your IP address and eventually protect your sensitive data.

Reason 6: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

It’s trending wherein people are preferring working using their own gadgets at office or home. It will not just keep you alert while you are working, but also you won’t find any difficulty when you wish to install a VPN on your device.

Nonetheless, be careful about the company installing their certificates on your laptop. This might provide them with the aptitude to screen devices and open sensitive or private details. A VPN can assist you to alleviate this and while working you will feel relaxed.


It is hard to envisage that it’s correct for anyone to see what you are browsing online and procure your personal data with your consent. Well, now it’s important to accept that it happens in the real world, whether you are operating from the laptop or from the device of the company. Installing a protective application will consume hardly 3 minutes, but will provide the required defence in terms of cyberworld safety.

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