5 Quick Fixes To Resolve “Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File” Error

Does your Excel spreadsheet frequently showing a ”failed to parse the corrupted Excel file” error message? You want to get rid of this annoying error message but don’t know how?

Well, in that case, this post will surely give you some relief. As it contains several ways to fix ”failed to parse the corrupted Excel file” error message. So, let’s check it out …!

Before moving on to the fixes it’s important to know the main causes behind this error. So, that you can apply the fixes according to the issue.

What Are The Causes Of “Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File” Error?

Causes Of Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File Error

There are different reasons behind “failed to parse the corrupted Excel file” error. Some most probable ones listed down here:

  • Unexpected power failure during the editing of Excel sheet
  • Excess data storage in single Excel file
  • Bad sector in the Excel workbook
  • Damaged CSE Formulas and Excel Macros
  • Due to the sudden closing of the opened Excel workbook
  • Unexpected Excel crash
  • Bugs in Excel installation or application
  • Attack of virus/malware in the file or system
  • Hardware failure such as the presence of bad sectors on the system hard drive which contains your saved Excel sheets.

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  3. Preview the repaired files and click Save File to save the files at desired location.

How To Fix “Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File” Error?

How To Fix Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File Error

However, if somehow you caught into this ‘failed to parse the corrupted excel file’ error then don’t get panic. Instead, you can try out these easy fixes to repair corrupt Excel file. since there are several ways to figure out this specific issue. So, let’s elaborate these manual fixes one by one in brief.

Method 1: Open and Repair in-built Utility

When Excel detects any corrupted spreadsheet upon opening, the application itself starts file recovery mode and attempts workbook repairing. But if in case the file recovery doesn’t get started by itself then try using Open and Repair in-built Utility.

  • Tap to the FileOpen.
  • Go to the location where your corrupted file exists and open the folder having the corrupted Excel workbook.
  • Now from Open dialog box, you have to choose your corrupted Excel workbook.
  • Hit the arrow present next to the Open button, after then tap to the Open and Repair

Open and Repair in-built Utility

  • In order to recover much of your Excel workbook data, tap to the Repair

If a repair fails to recover your Excel workbook data then choose for the Extract Data option to extract formulas and values from the workbook.

Method 2:. Store File To Different Format

If you are able to open the Excel file but can’t perform any editing option due to this “Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File” error. In that case, the second manual option to approach here is to store files in different formats.

In this method you have to store the file in different formats. After then re-open it again in Excel & store it again as Excel workbooks.

Here is the step to perform this:

  • Open the corrupted Excel workbook on your PC.
  • Hit on the File option and then on the Save As.
  • Choose the SYLK (Symbolic Link) from the file format list and then tap the Save After then close your Excel workbook.
  • After then hit the file and open your excel workbook again. Click the File option and tap the Save As Now you have to choose the Microsoft Excel Workbook file format and tap the Save option.

Method 3: Delete Temp Folder

Another very important step to resolve this Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File issue is the deletion of the temp folder.

For this, you need to remove the content of the C:\Windows\Temp directory after then restart your PC. Once more try to open your Excel file.

Method 4: Set the Calculation Option to Manual

Maybe this Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File issue occurred due to some issue in the Excel formula. So, to fix this try changing the Excel formula setting from automatic to manual.

Here is the following step to perform this:

  • At first, open the Excel application and then tap to the File > New option.
  • Now from the Available Templates window > you need to choose the blank workbook.
  • Hit on the File > Options.
  • Within the Formulas tap to the Calculation options and hit on the Manual option. At last tap to the OK option.

  • Hit the File > Open option from the Excel worksheet menu bar.
  • And try opening the Excel corrupted file.

Hope this works for you but if not then follow the second method to open the corrupt Excel workbook.

Method 5: Inspect issues with Add-ins

Another very effective method to resolve this Excel file corruption error is inspecting and resolving the issues with add ins.

As it is seen that add-ins may lead to corruption error and Excel workbook not responding like issues.

So, to find which add-ins is actually causing the issue. Disable all the add-ins altogether or one by one and start the Excel application again.

If the corruption issue doesn’t appear this time, then uninstall the add-in which is causing the error. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open your Microsoft Excel
  • Hit on the File tab > Options and choose the Add-ins

Inspect issues with Add-ins 1

  • At the window bottom, choose the COM Add-ins> tap to the GO

Inspect issues with Add-ins 2

  • Now, deselect all the Add-ins which are active and hit the Ok

Inspect issues with Add-ins 3

  • Restart your excel application and check whether the issue still persists.

What To Do When Nothing Worked For You?

With the aforementioned fixes, you can easily resolve Excel failed to parse the corrupted error and resume your work from where you have left it out.

If the excel workbook undergoes severe corruption or damaged then it’s become quite tough to repair Excel file with the above listed manual fixes. well in such a case, making use of the reliable software recovery tool is the best option. So, for this, we recommend Excel Repair Tool to fix failed to parse the corrupted excel error. This tool is well efficient to support the recovery of single and multiple files concurrently in the minimum possible time.

* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

Using this software, you can also restore all corrupt Excel files and at the same time recover everything which includes worksheet properties, charts, cell comments, and other data. It recovers complete text as well as other data of the file. And without modifying the original format, it restores them.


With the above-mentioned manual methods, you can troubleshoot failed to parse the corrupted Excel error without wasting any more time and can resume your work. But if in case the problem persists even after trying the manual fixes then it’s better to approach the software solution. As the tool do analyses for both the corrupted or badly damaged MS Excel files and let you successfully repair and recover the data.

5 Quick Fixes To Resolve “Failed To Parse The Corrupted Excel File” Error
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