7 Methods for Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel

The runtime error 76 path not found Excel typically occurs when attempting to run the VBA macro or code that references the file/folder path that does not exist. Encountering such error messages while handling the Excel workbook or spreadsheet is quite frustrating as it disturbs the workflow.

Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel

However, if you have encountered the above-shown error and are wondering how to fix it, don’t fret. Read this comprehensive blog to know why run-time error 76 path not found Windows 10/11 occurred and how to get rid of it.

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Quick Fixes:

What is Error 76 Path Not Found in Excel Macro?

In Microsoft Excel, “Error ‘76’: Path Not Found” is a runtime error that generally occurs when a VBA code attempts to access a folder or file that does not exist in the specified path. You may also encounter this error message when working with file manipulation functions, like opening a file to perform read or write operations.

However, this error was triggered due to a wide variety of reasons, such as:

Invalid Path– If the file path or directory specified in a VBA code is incorrect, then it can lead to a “Path Not Found” error.

Due to Missing File or Folder– The file/folder that a VBA code is attempting to open doesn’t exist at a definite location.

Network Path– If a file or folder is stored on the network drive and the internet connection is not established, a path isn’t properly mapped.

Insufficient File or Folder Permissions– The user running a VBA code or macro may not have the required permissions to access a definite file/folder.

File is in Use– If a file is in use by another program that the code is trying to access, then also it can prevent Excel from accessing it.

Containing Special Characters– If a file path holds special characters such as commas, full stops, and other punctuation symbols in the code, it can lead to this error.

Excel File Corruption– A corrupt Excel (XLS or XLSX) file is the foremost reason behind the occurrence of errors in Excel including path not found. Excel file corruption triggers due to virus attacks, sudden system shutdowns, power failure, etc.

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How to Fix Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel?

Here are the step-by-step methods to troubleshoot this runtime error effortlessly.

Method 1- Try Some Basic Tricks

Before trying any complex methods, it is always suggested to try some basic tips. Here, you have to do the same things, like:

  • Check your network connection.
  • Ensure that your file is not in use by another program.
  • Make sure the file or directory doesn’t hold special characters such as commas, full stops, etc.
  • Restart your Excel program or PC.

Method 2- Check the File/Folder Path

If the file path specified in a VBA code is incorrect then all you need to do is to correct it and again run the code. Ensure there are no mistakes in the file path. Also, make sure that the file is not missing from the location.

Even after correcting the file directory or path, if the run time error 76 path not found Excel VBA persists, then try the next solution.

Method 3- Move A File To A Different Folder Path

To fix this error message, try moving the file to a different location and then run the VBA code to open or access the file. To move a file, follow the below steps:

  • Open File Explorer >> find & select the Excel worksheet to move.

Move A File To A Different Folder Path

  • Next, click on the Move to option.
  • Choose the location to move a file to on the menu.
  • Then, click on Move >> OK.

Method 4- Access the File Using Recent Workbooks

If you have saved an extra copy (backup) of your Excel worksheet in another location, you can easily access your file from there. For this, you can use option “Recover Unsaved Workbook” option in MS Excel.

Follow the below steps to access your Excel spreadsheet:

  • Open Excel then go to File tab >> Open.
  • Next, find and click on Recent/ Recent Workbooks.

Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel

  • After that, scroll down to find and click “Recover unsaved workbooks”.

Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel

  • Find the same file in a different location then double-tap on that file to open it.

Method 5- Check for Necessary Permissions to Access the File/Folder

You may be encountering the Excel run-time error 76 path not found Windows 11/10 due to inadequate necessary permissions to access the file. Therefore, check and make sure that you have the required permissions to access the file or folder. If you are running the code in a different user context, it might not have access to certain locations.

Method 6- Run Open & Repair Command to Fix Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel

Sometimes, corruption in the Excel file can lead to this runtime error. In such a situation, you can use the ‘Open and Repair’ feature to fix a problematic Excel file.

Here is how you can run this utility:

  • Open Excel application >> click on the Blank
  • In a blank workbook, go to the File >> Open.
  • After that, click on the Computer > Browse.
  • Choose the Excel file displaying the ‘run-time error 76 path not found’ & click on the Open button arrow.
  • Then, choose the Open and Repair.

Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel

  • In the pop-up dialog box, you have to click on the Repair button to repair a corrupt Excel file & bring back the maximum data from a file.

Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found Excel

One-Stop Solution- Fix Excel File Corruption

In case, if the Open and Repair utility fails to fix the corruption in the Excel file then it is likely that your file is severely corrupted. In this case, you need to repair it immediately by using well-rounded software i.e. Excel Repair & Recovery. This tool will eventually help you to regain access to your Excel macros.

Below you can find other igneous features of this program:

  • Repair single or multiple corrupted Excel files at once.
  • It has to “Browse” and “Find” to easily select the file.
  • Fixes Excel files & recovers all the elements, such as tables, pivot tables, formulas, charts, etc.
  • The program previews the repaired Excel file & its recoverable items in the main interface.
  • Supports both Windows & Mac PCs.
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All you need to do is download this tool on your PC & follow its step-wise guide to repair the file and solve error code 76.

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Time to Wrap Up

This post discussed possible causes and enough solutions to get rid of runtime error 76 path not found Excel. Therefore, try the step-by-step fixes accordingly to escape this error and regain access to your work.

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