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Are you the one encountering situation missing Excel worksheet? As, when you open an Excel workbook that has several worksheets, but only single worksheet appears to you. This happens when the MISSING worksheet may get hidden in plain sight due to some changes in Excel setting.

In order to restore the vanished worksheet tabs, here are few techniques which help you in easy navigation of workbooks, as well as there are some other ways to find hidden worksheets.

Normally, within the Excel workbook, you will get several tabs along with the bottom of the screen however it is also possible to hide the worksheet tabs. Since, in order to solve the mystery of missing tab, you must know, what are the symptoms of occurrence of this issue and then follow the workarounds to fix the Excel missing sheet tabs issue.

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Why My Worksheets Tabs are Missing?



There are numbers of things that get you stuck in such situation. Here we have listed some most common causes. Have a Look…

  • When you inadvertently disconnect the workbook Windows from the Excel while using the trio of restore windows buttons on the title bar and move the Windows under the status bar.
  • The screen resolution is done too high and tab gets vanished from the bottom of the screen.
  • You may have turned off the Display options for this workbook.
  • The workbook window is sized in a way that the tabs are hidden.
  • The tabs get obscure due to the horizontal scroll bar
  • The worksheet itself is hidden


Methods to Get the Sheet Tabs Back in Excel:


Follow the given methods to troubleshoot the missing sheet tab issue:

Method 1: Change the Zoom Settings


Change the zoom settings to some other settings. Then change the zoom settings back to the preferred settings.

Follow these steps to do this:

  • Click zoom out or zoom in on the status bar.
  • On the view tab, click zoom in the zoom group, select the settings you want under Magnification and then click OK.

Hope by changing the zoom settings you are able to see the missing Excel sheet tabs but if not then follow the method 2


Method 2: Check Show Sheet Tabs Setting Is Turned Off


This might be the case that Excel sheet tabs go missing as the sheet tabs setting is turned off. So verify it, follow the steps to do so:

  • Click File > Options > Advanced, then under Display options for this workbook.
  • Assure that the Show sheet tab check box is selected.

This process is same for all Excel versions.

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Method 3: Unhide the Worksheet


In many cases, the worksheet hides by itself. So get the missing sheet tab unhide the worksheet

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Right click on any visible tab on the worksheet > click Unhide
  • Then in the Unhide dialog box > click sheet you desire to unhide
  • Click Ok


Method 4:  Check The Show Sheet Tabs Settings Controls


In Excel 2010 and former, it is comparatively easy to unintentionally organize a spreadsheet Window. Subsequently, the worksheet tabs aren’t present on the screen, even if the Show Sheet Tabs option is enabled. While this happens, double click on the workbook’s name to maximize the Window and recover workbooks. In Excel 2013 if you are not able to see the worksheet tabs, simply double-click on the words “Microsoft Excel” at the top of the Windows for maximizing Excel’s application window.


Method 5: Check Excel Windows Arrangement


In some cases, it is found that Excel Windows get arranged in such a way so that the tabs are not visible.  So check for them. Make use of the keyboard shortcut to navigate between worksheet within the workbook. And to do this, press Ctrl – Page Up for activating the adjacent worksheets to the left and or else press Ctrl- Page Down for activating the next worksheet to the right.


In this activate menu Excel 2013 provides the helpful improvements, since as the entire worksheets are displayed in a single dialog box and after that, you can select a worksheet by entering the first letter of the sheet name.

In Excel 2010 or the earlier version, the Activate menu very first displays up to 16 worksheets and requires selecting more sheets for displaying more lists.

Additionally, in Excel 2010 or the earlier version, you should select the desired sheet name by making use of your mouse. Because the menu cannot be accessed by way of keystrokes as it is possible in Excel 2013.


Method 6: Click the Navigation Arrow in the Excel File



In many other cases, it happens that the worksheet tabs are available, but a worksheet still appears missing. In Excel 2007 and later version, right click on any worksheet tab and select unhide.

Well, if the command is disabled there is most likely no any hidden worksheet is present in the workbook. However, there is still a way you can find out this possibility.

Follow the steps to access the unhide sheet command from the Excel’s main menu:

  • Excel 2007 and later: Go to the home tab > select format > click hide and unhide sheet.


  • Excel 2003 and earlier: Select Format > Sheet > and Unhide.
  • And Excel 2011 for Mac: From the main menu > select format option > sheet > unhide. The format command on the home tab of the ribbon doesn’t let you unhide worksheet.

If the unhide sheet is disabled, you can’t necessarily assume that there are no hidden worksheet within a workbook.


Automatic Solution To Recover Tabs Disappeared In Excel


Well, if none of the above-mentioned methods help you to recover missing sheet tab then it might happen your Excel sheet is facing any type of error. In this case, you can make use of the professional recommended MS Excel Repair Tool.  This is the best tool to repair any sort of issues, corruption as well as errors in Excel file. It also restores the entire data in the preferred location. It is easy to use.

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Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:





Hope after reading the article you are able to recover your missing sheet tabs in Excel. I tried my best to provide the complete information about how to recover the missing or hidden sheet tabs in Microsoft Excel.

So, now it’s your turn to make use of the given methods for recovering the missing sheet tabs. Just go for it.

Good Luck!!!  

How To Restore Missing/Disappeared Sheet Tabs In Microsoft Excel?
How To Restore Missing/Disappeared Sheet Tabs In Microsoft Excel?
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How To Restore Missing/Disappeared Sheet Tabs In Microsoft Excel?
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