7 Ways To Fix Excel “Object Doesn’t Support This Property Or Method” (ERROR 438)

Frequently encountering Run-time error ‘438′: Object doesn’t support this property or method whenever you try to start work in Excel?

Don’t have any idea what causing this Excel runtime error 438 and how to fix it?

Well don’t get worried about it, as this post will help you to get the best fixes to resolve Excel error 438: Object doesn’t support this property or method error.  Not only this, but you will also get complete information about this Excel error 438.

What Is Excel Runtime Error 438?

Mostly it is seen that the user stuck into such annoying error code in macro when the object doesn’t support by the property or method.

If any Excel user creates a toolbar in Excel by using visual basic code then also the following error code occurs:

Run-time error “438”: Object doesn’t support this property or method

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Error Detail:

Error code: Run-time error ‘438′

Error name: Object doesn’t support this property or method

Error Screenshot:

Object doesn't support this property or method

What Are The Circumstances In Which Run-Time Error 438 In Excel Occurs?

There is not any specific reason for encountering this Excel runtime error 438: Object doesn’t support this property or method.

It is found that this Excel runtime error 438 occurs under several circumstances. So check this out:

  • When anyone tries to make use of variables for workbooks and worksheet names.
  • When executing a program within which form is already allotted to a variable. And that specific variable is now been used for accessing control over the form.
  • This error also occurs when an installed AMD driver becomes out of date.
  • The Macro you are using is maybe a wrong one or maybe it’s not working. Ultimately this will throw Excel runtime error 438.
  • Runtime error 438 also encounters when you are trying to execute the designed macro of MS Excel previous version, into the latest MS Excel application.
  • At the time of creating a custom toolbar in their Excel worksheet. User encounters a task failure error message i.e. “Object doesn’t support this property or method: Run-Time Error 438.
  • In another instance in which this error occurs, the user tries to run the Microsoft VB for Excel macro. This macro tries to set the Excel worksheet properties but fails to complete this task which ultimately results in runtime error 438 in Excel.

After catching the complete idea of what can be the reasons for the Excel runtime error 438. Now you can easily make a keen check over the sections where this problem can generate.

How To Fix Runtime Error 438 In Excel?

Fix 1# MS Office Version Supporting Issue

Runtime error 438 in Excel also encounters while trying to work with the outdated macro function designed in older version MS Office application in some latest version of MS Office.

For this, I will recommend you to, use your macro in the respective version of MS Office application in which you have designed it. OR else you can get help from this helpful post [FIXED]: “This File is Not in Recognizable Format” Excel Error.

Fix 2# Check The Codings

As we have already discussed that Excel Runtime Error 438 also occurs due to the incorrect creation of a macro. Or when the user tries t0 run the macro which Excel objects don’t support property or method.

So, to resolve this Excel Object doesn’t support this property or method error user needs to check or rewrite the coding within the VBA module.

If you are not having good command over the programming then you can contact Microsoft Advisory Services.

Fix 3# Uninstall Microsoft Works Add-in:

It is seen that Microsoft works add-in generates this Excel Object doesn’t support this property or method error.  So, uninstall this add-in just by following these steps:

  • Go to the Start menu then click the Settings option and then on the Control Panel.
  • Now tap to the Add / Remove Programs.
  • Hit the File Location present within the Options.
  • From Uninstall/Install tab, choose the add-in suit i.e Word in Works. After then tap the Add / Remove.
  • Now carefully follow the screen instructions.
  • Restart your PC and attempt to load Microsoft Word again.

This will stop the error from occurring again because you have successfully uninstalled the problem causing Works for Word add-in the program.

Fix 4# Use Microsoft Fix-It #50356

In many cases it is found that by downloading the Microsoft Fix-It #50356 user has successfully overcome the Excel error 438: Object doesn’t support this property or method.

So, you can also download the Microsoft Fix-It Patch from this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/2970908/how-to-use-microsoft-easy-fix-solutions After complete downloading, the wizard will assist you throughout the tasks that you have to perform.

Through this Microsoft #50356 hotfix broken registry strings that are causing the issue can easily be repaired. This patch gives new keys on behave of broken registry keys. If your registry keys are broken then your Windows application displays the error message. But after downing this new patch in your PC your Window won’t show any error regarding Object doesn’t support this property or method.

If even after trying the above fixes the problem won’t resolve then move to the next solution.

Fix 5# Disable or Uninstall Windows Antivirus Software

Sometimes installed anti-viruses on your system also cause this runtime error 438. So, by disabling or uninstalling the anti-virus software you can easily get rid of this issue.

Steps to uninstall antivirus program from your PC:

  • Open the control panel of your PC.
  • After then make double-tap to Add/Remove Programs
  • Choose the antivirus program which you want to uninstall from your PC. After then, tap to the Remove or Change/Remove option.

Disable or Uninstall Windows Antivirus Software

  • Carefully follow the on-screen instructions for removing up the antivirus program. Once it gets over, restart your PC.

Fix 6# Reinstall The Device Drivers For The Device

Reinstalling the device driver can fix Excel Runtime Error 438. Try the following steps to resolve Object doesn’t support this property or method:

  1. Go to your system taskbar and make a tap on the start button. Here you will see a search box, in this box type device manager. After then choose the Device Manager.
  2. Make a right-click on the device name you need to uninstall and choose the Uninstall option.
  3. After uninstalling the device, restart your PC.
  4. Windows will try for driver reinstallation.

Reinstall The Drivers For The Device

Fix 7: Resolve The Corruption Issue

Sometimes Excel sheet gets damaged or corrupt due to so many reasons like sudden system shutdown, software malfunction, virus attack, etc. Once the Excel spreadsheet gets corrupted /damaged you can’t access it anymore or it starts throwing error messages. So, the chances are high that some of your Excel file Objects got corrupted and thus it showing Object doesn’t support this property or method error.

Hence for the quick and easy solution to repair and restore corrupt Excel files go with the recommended option i.e Excel Repair Tool. It is the best software for repairing the damaged excel file.

* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

With this efficient repair tool, user can easily be able to fix all known errors that lead to corruption of excel files on Mac. It deeply scans the selected excel files without making any changes to the original content of the worksheet and fetches all the issues.  It restores all the charts, objects, hidden sheets, pictures, clip charts, and other important Excel file content.

Wrap Up:

Carefully try all the above fixes to resolve runtime error 438 in Excel as some of the listed fixes may hamper your system settings if performed incorrectly. Even after trying all the above fixes if the Excel Object doesn’t support this property or method error won’t be resolved then let us inform by commenting in our comment section.

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