How To Repair Excel Files (XLS, XLSX, XLT, XLS, XLSM, XLSX)?


This blog is written with the main prosepective of providing best solution to repair Excel files of any format .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltm, .xltx, .xlam. For this i have shared both software and manual solution to repair Excel files .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltm, .xltx, .xlam in this post .

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Microsoft Excel is a world-widely used application by many big and large organizations. This file is used for processing all kinds of information and the worksheet often contains important data. There are many situations when the users face the problem while opening .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltm, .xltx, .xlam file due to various errors or corruption in the Excel workbook.

This is really a very annoying issue as this leads to an entire data loss situation. Here in this article follow the best solution to repair Excel XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, XLAM files easily. But before moving further know the common causes responsible for the corruption of the Excel files, to avoid it in the future.

Best Software To Repair Excel Files:

Those who don’t want to take risks associated with the implementation of manual fixes to repair Excel files .xlsm, .xls, .xlt, .xlsx,  .xltm, .xltx, .xlam. For them, I want to recommend MS Excel Repair Tool.

Using this tool you can easily fix several of your Excel file issues raised in any file type. This tool is designed with the advanced algorithm to fix any sort of corruption, errors, damages in the Excel file, and recovers data. It can easily restore entire Excel data including cell comments, charts, worksheet properties, and other related data.

This is a unique tool to repair multiple files at one time and restore them even without modifying original formatting. It is easy to use, even a novice user can use it.

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* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:

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What Causes Excel File Corruption?

There are many reasons behind the Excel files corruption, here follow some of the common reasons:

  • Virus Attack: The most common way of the Excel file corruption is the virus attack. If your system is infected then this corrupts the Excel file also.
  • Sudden System Shutdown: If you suddenly shut down the system or there is a sudden power failure that turns off your system unexpectedly then there is a chance that opened excel file may get corrupted.
  • Large size file: When you store excess data in your excel file then it can result in the file corruption. It is always suggested not to store data in a large size so that it becomes corrupted.
  • Hard Disk Failure: If the hard disk of the system has failed or there are some bad sectors on it where the excel file is stored then there are high chances of getting the file corrupted


Here are the fixes to repair XLSM/XLS/XLT/XLSX/XLTM/XLTX/XLAM files.

1# Utilize Open and Repair Utility

2# Move the File

3# Revert Workbook to the Last Saved Version

4# Recover Excel Data From TMP File

Let’s discuss all these points in brief…!

Method 1# Utilize Open and Repair Utility

Make use of the inbuilt Open and Repair utility to repair corrupted Excel file available within the MS Excel application.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Click on “Open” in the File Menu > select corrupted Excel file.

Open And Repair Method

  • Now, from the drop-down list of the “Open” tab > select “Open and Repair”

Open and Repair in-built Utility

  • Click on the “repair” button to repair the Excel file.

excel open and repair

Well, in some cases the inbuilt utility fails to repair the severely damaged file.

Method 2# Move the File

Well, it is found that the corrupted workbook is not really corrupted, it becomes inaccessible and the networks and server mark it as a corrupted file. So if you fail to repair the apparently corrupted workbook that Excel can’t repair then try to move the corrupted file to another folder, drive, or server. Hope this will help you to fix the issues and recover corrupted Excel file.

If nothing works then try the easy trick like moving the Excel file to the new workbook.

  • Open corrupted Excel file > right-click on sheet tab > Select All Sheets.
  • Now right-click Excel sheet tab > click Move or Copy.
  • Select New workbook > choose to Create a copy box > click OK.

If the above-given manual solution won’t work for you then make use of the third party Automatic Repair utility.

Method 3# Revert Workbook to the Last Saved Version

If the workbook becomes corrupted during working but before saving the changes revert the workbook to the previous version:

Follow the steps to do so:

  • First, click File > Open.
  • Then double-click the workbook that you have open in Excel.
  • And click Yes to reopen the workbook.

Now the workbook opens without any changes you made that caused the workbook to become corrupted.

Method 4# Recover Excel Data From TMP File

Microsoft is having an AutoRecovery feature that allows you to automatically save Excel file as a temp file on Windows PC. So, try recovering the corrupted or crashed Excel file from the temp file.

Follow the steps to do so:

Step 1: Follow the temp folder location and locate Excel temp files with the TMP extension.

The Windows 8/10 users:

recover from temp file

The Windows 7 users:

Step 2: Now locate the temporary Excel files begin with “$” or “~” and end with “.TMP”

Step 3: And copy the files and save to another safe location by changing the extension from.TMP to .XLS/.XLSX.

For more information regarding this method, check out this post: How To Recover MS Excel Lost Content From Excel Temp Files


Hope this article will help you to fix XLS/XLT/XLSX/XLSM/XLTM/XLTX/XLAM files and recovers the data stored in it easily. Here follow both the manual as well as an automatic solution; you can make use it as per your convenience.

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