How to Recover Excel XLB File on Windows or Mac?

Facing issue while handling your Excel XLB file? Want some instant solution to restore your damaged/corrupted Excel XLB file? If YES, then this tutorial will surely be going to help you out. Just read this carefully, you will surely get the solution.

Excel file is almost the most well-liked MS Office program that’s widely used all around the globe. It’s indeed quite an admired handy application for storing information and data. But you may stumble upon various issues while accessing your Excel sheet. Suppose your Excel file is not opening, and you are trying to open it more than a few time but you can’t access it. You might have tried several other methods to fix it as if you have inbuilt repair feature but yet you may come across a similar issue.

You may not be able to access Excel XLB file due to the corruption, that could happen if anything is wrong with the position of XLB Excel file. So, if there is any difficulty with the .xlb file then you won’t be able in using your Excel spreadsheet. Therefore it is obvious that devoid of XLB file you cannot open your Excel sheet.

You are obliged to identify that XLB files be full of the toolbar settings such as toolbars that are noticeable on Excel file, obtainable toolbar, and target of toolbars. XLB files are situated on a hard drive or it can be amassed in external storage gadgets. XLB Excel file has its specific significance that plays a major role following screen. It is extremely vital to encompass .xlb files if you wish to get access to your Excel spreadsheet. Hence, if your .xlb file is corrupted, deleted, or missing than here know how to open XLB file. But before moving further check out what causes the Excel XLB file corruption.


Causes of the Excel XLB file Corruption:


  • Due to sudden system shutdown or system restarts due to the unexpected power cut, software malfunctioning
  • Unintentionally selecting and deleting of XLB file
  • Empty recycle bin without checking XLB file
  • Formatting computer storage drive or external hard drive containing XLB file
  • Due to virus or malware infection

These are some of the common reasons that cause Excel XLB file corruption or deletion of XLB file.


Ways To Detect Excel XLB File Corruption


Before attempting any solution you need to be completely sure that Excel file is actually corrupted or it has any other issue. Below mentioned are some of the situations where you can easily detect that the Excel XLB file is corrupted or not.

  • Excel Crashes Randomly: The most common warning every Excel user faces: “Excel has stopped working” or “Excel has crashed”.
  • Detected on File Open: Most of the time, the corrupted files are detected when Excel attempts to open a file. When excel file is corrupted, it will display a corruption and repair warnings like:
  • Excel cannot open the file “, because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file.
  • Can’t find project or library. Microsoft Excel is restarting...”
  • The workbook cannot be opened or repaired by Microsoft Excel because it is corrupt.
  • Multiple custom UI parts were found in the file. Only one part is expected.


Manual solution To Repair Excel XLB File


Firstly try the manual repair method to fix Excel corruption and if you get unsuccessful then go with any other repair tool. Apply the below-given carefully to repair damaged MS Excel File.

  • At very first close MS Excel application and re-open it. Try to open the affected file.


  • If you are unable to open the affected file then, reboot your computer and open MS Excel. Try to open the file again.
  • If you are still unable to open the file then, delete the contents of your C:\windows\temp directory then restart your computer. Try to open the affected file.


If the affected file is still inaccessible then apply the below-given trick:

Click on the Start button-> Open run dialogue box and type- “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\excel.exe” /s


  • After it, try to open the file again
  • Are you unable to open the file again? It is suggested to scan the file for possible virus infection. Make sure that your macro heuristics scanning option is set to on.
  • After completion of the scan if no virus has been found then, rename the file name and replace the .xls extension with the .doc extension. After it, try to open the file with Word.

If all the above-given tricks failed to open the corrupt .xlb file then try another trick:

  • Try to copy the damaged Excel file to another location
  • If the file you are unable to copy it to another location, then the actual there is a chance that the sectors on the disk may be damaged
  • If the data is very important, then it is suggested to go for any professional service


Automatic Solution: Microsoft Excel Repair Tool


Microsoft Excel Repair Tool is a special tool which is specifically designed to repair such kind of files so that one can easily continue to work on that file. This repair tool searches for .xls file in the folder specified by the user. The file which is found to be corrupted will create a preview in the Excel Repair window. The interface is very simple, with a large toolbar of buttons to add files or folder to the application. With this software, you can repair your corrupted Excel file. It can easily restore all corrupt excel file and also recover everything which includes cell comments, charts, worksheet properties and other related data. The corrupted excel file can be restored to a new blank Excel file. It has the ability to recover the complete Excel file data from the file and restore them even without modifying original formatting.

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* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:


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Hope after following the given solution you are able to restore Excel XLB files. Make use of the given solution to fix the error and start using the Excel file without any hassle.

Apart from that, it is important to handle the Excel file carefully as a small corruption can damage the entire Excel file and you are not able to recover XLB excel file.

Good Luck!!!

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