If you are a regular Excel user then you must have encountered the error message “Microsoft Excel has stopped working” while working on the Excel file or during closing the application. This is a very irritating issue as you are not able to do anything for some time and in some cases, it corrupts the entire data stored in it or the data become inaccessible.

excel has stopped working

The error is generally faced by the user when the workbook contains lots of data or complex calculation then Excel file starts crashing and starts showing the Excel has stopped working error message.

Well, it is seen many users are getting the error due to the add-ins of the older versions office file. However, it doesn’t matter whatever be the reason for getting the Microsoft Excel 2010 has stopped working error message, here in this article know how to get rid of this annoying error.


Solution To Fix Microsoft Excel Stopped Working Error


Well, there is no any exact reasons behind getting the Excel stopped working error message, so here I have described some of the possible solutions that work for you to fix the error.


Solution 1: Start MS Excel in Safe Mode


This is the first solution to fix the error, try to run the excel file in safe mode to do follow the steps:

  • Press Windows+ R to open the command prompt or open from the Run option in the Start Menu.
  • Then in the command prompt type exe/safe to open the MS Excel in the safe mode.

  • After that press, the Ctrl button > open Excel file is another option to use the safe mode.

Hope this will help you but if not then try the second solution.

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Solution 2: Disable Faulty Add-ins


Follow the steps to check Add-ins:

  • Go to the File Menu > click on the Excel Options.
  • Then in Excel Options window, Add-ins option is available on the left-hand side.
  • Here you can see the list of the Active Application Add-ins. Every add-in has its name location and Type mentioned in the list. In this example, the Type of this Add-in is COM Add-in.

  • Next, go to the Manage option, available in the bottom and set COM Add-ins > click on the GO button.

  • A COM Add-Ins dialog box will appear on the screen > then in the above image, uncheck the first checked option > and click OK button.

Hope that after completing the whole process you are able to open the Excel file without any error.


Solution 3: Check for Antivirus Conflicts


It is seen that antivirus confliction can also cause the Excel has stopped working error message. So here try to fix antivirus confliction, remove the entire antivirus program integration with Excel. Well while doing this here you need to remove the entire add-ins of the antivirus program from Excel application.

Apart from that also check if your antivirus is outdated than try updating it as this might hamper the Microsoft office application and eventually Excel also.


Solution 4: Repair MS Office


It is seen that MS office confliction is also creating the issue so here try to repair it to fix the issue. Follow the steps:

  • Go to Control panel > select the Microsoft Office from the list.
  • And go to command prompt and type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.

  • Click on the Change option

Note: When you click on the Change option then an office window appears on the screen. Select Quick Repair option > click on the Repair button > now you can see the repairing process starts.

  • When repairing process completes a confirmation message appears on the screen > click on the Close button and open the Excel file.

Please Note: The given steps are for the MS Office 2013 application, it might happen some of the steps are different as per your Excel version.


Solution 5: Keep your Windows Updated


Well, it is also found that the outdated windows system also causes the issue. So, if any latest updates are available on the web then update your application with the latest update. It is always good to keep your operating system updated with the latest update this keep the system healthy. Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Click on the Start button > go to the Control Panel.
  2. And click System and Security.
  3. Then at the Windows Update option > click on Turn automatic updating on or off.
  4. Next, select Install updates automatically (recommended) option or Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them the option.


Solution 6: Recompile Macros


This is the last manual solution that you can try if none of the manual solutions works for you. Here you need to check for the problematic macros as some users have confirmed due to macros they are getting Excel stop working error.

Well, this doesn’t mean you need to stop using them. Here check out how you make use of the Macros to avoid the Excel has stopped working error:

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Start Excel > click on Developer > Visual Basic.
  • And go to Tools > Options.
  • As the Options window opens > under the General tab > clear the ‘Compile on Demand’.
  • Then in the Project navigation pane > right-click Module > choose ‘Insert’ for inserting a new module.
  • After that save your spreadsheet > exit the Excel application

So this is it and the next time when you make use of the macros, the Microsoft Excel has stopped working error message will not appear.


Automatic Solution – MS Excel Repair Tool


MS Excel Repair Tool is a special tool which is specifically designed to repair such kind of files so that one can easily continue to work in that file. This repair tool searches for .xls file in the folder specified by the user. The file which is found to be corrupted will create a preview in the Excel Repair window. The interface is very simple, with a large toolbar of buttons to add files or folder to the application. With this software, you can repair your corrupted excel file. It can easily restore all corrupt excel file and also recover everything which includes cell comments, charts, worksheet properties and other related data. The corrupted excel file can be restored to a new blank excel file. It has the ability to recover the complete data from the file and restore them even without modifying original formatting.

Excel Repair for Windows


Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:





So, this is all about the Microsoft Excel has stopped working error message. here check out the manual solutions to fix the error.

I tried my best to put together the entire manual solutions you can try them one by one to get rid of the Excel stopped working error message.

But if none of the manual solutions works for you in this case you can go for the MS Excel Repair Tool, this is the reliable tool to fix various Excel errors and recover the entire data stored in it.

Despite it, always create a valid backup of your crucial Excel data and as well scan your system with good antivirus program for virus and malware infection.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Ask Question

[This is an updated version of the Excel has stopped working error message.]

6 Working Solutions to Fix “Microsoft Excel has Stopped Working” Error Message
6 Working Solutions to Fix “Microsoft Excel has Stopped Working” Error Message
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6 Working Solutions to Fix “Microsoft Excel has Stopped Working” Error Message
First Start Excel in safe mode, secondly check add-ins or else repair office and many other solutions to fix the Microsoft Excel has stopped working error message permanently...
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