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Are you getting a runtime error in MS Excel? While working with MS Excel are you getting a runtime error? How to troubleshoot the runtime error 57121 in MS Excel 2013?  After reading this blog, you would be able to fix the errors that are related to runtime error 57121.

MS Excel plays an important role from the business point of view, say small, medium, large business. It helps you to maintain a large amount of data at a single place. Now just think if you are getting runtime error 57121 in excel 2013, then, in that case, your business may get affected. This problem can be fixed by following the steps mentioned below:


Methods to Fix the Runtime Error 57121 in excel


Here are the lists of methods by which you can fix the errors are as follows :

Method 1: Disable Proxy


Open the Command Prompt, in order to check, if you are behind the proxy. For this, you have to press the Windows key + R, both at the same time and then type CMD, and press OK.  cmd

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  • A command prompt windows would be opened, then type the following command
  • netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
  • And press enter.

If you are getting, “Error writing proxy settings. (5) Access is denied.” In such cases, the runtime error 57121 can be fixed, if the proxy settings in the internet explorer have to be disabled.

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Method 2: Dependent on the register DLL


If the MS Office is not installed properly or while updating the software some of the DLL files may get missed. In such cases, you would get the runtime error 57121 as it is unable to start. For this, you have to register the missing DLL file. in order to find the missing DLL file, you have to press Windows key and R at the same time and type regsvr32 dllfix.dll and then hit OK.


The error is fixed now.


Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall the software, again:


Another way of solving this problem is to uninstall the software, from the Control Panel. And then again reinstall the software. Hope this will fix the error but if still not then make use of the automatic solution.


Automatic Repair Tool: 


Make use of the professional recommended MS Excel Repair Tool, this help you to easily fix various excel errors and problems. It is capable of repairing corrupt excel file, restores the excel data without any modification done to it. This is easy to use.



Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:



Hope this article will help you to fix the runtime error 57121. Here we have provided both manuals as well as automatic solution to fix the runtime error. You can make use of any solution according to your desire.

That’s it!!!

How to fix the runtime error 57121 in MS Excel 2013?
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How to fix the runtime error 57121 in MS Excel 2013?
Facing Runtime error 57121 in Excel 2013 and other versions, then try to disable the proxy or uninstall and reinstall the software to fix the error
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How to fix the runtime error 57121 in MS Excel 2013?