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Excel file is an immensely powerful application and MS Excel 2013 is very powerful workbook and database application. It allows the user to store, organize and analyze information. This is very commonly used but like other Excel versions this is also prone to corruption and start showing error. Here in this article, we are going to describe the most common “Excel 2013 has stopped working” error.

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Let describe it best with the practical scenario:

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I regularly use MS Excel and my complete work depends on this application. But recently I encountered an error in my excel file ‘Excel 2013 has stopped working‘. Every time when I try to open the Excel file it starts crashing and displays an error. This is really very frustrating, my entire work is affected. I don’t know how to resolve this error? Can anyone please suggest me the answer? Please Help!!!


Solution to fix  Excel 2013 has stopped working error.


1. Change your Default Printer:


It is the common reason behind Excel file crashing. Whenever the excel file is started it automatically communicates with default printer to identify the margin. And if the communication fails then the file starts crashing and displaying such error. So, in order to fix the issue just change the default printer. Follow the steps to do so:

Move to start button >Control panel > “Devices and Printers” >Set as default printer.

After that install the Printer Driver again:

Now it is required to uninstall the printer’s driver and reinstall it again. In many cases, this solves the issue and Excel file 2013 starts working.


2. Change user mode as Administrator:


Here, it is required to start the system as an administrator account. Admin permission is required while doing some work. So, follow the steps to start the system as an administrator.

  • In the start menu, right click on application
  • And choose ‘Open as Administrator’.

Now try to open your Excel file.


3. Start your Excel file in Safe Mode:


To repair the error, try to open MS Excel file in safe mode so that you cannot open it with any other application that results in excel file crashing. Remove add-ins and hit Windows key + R key for opening the “Run Window”. Then, in text box type ‘Excel.exe /safe‘, you will go to the file menu and press ‘Options’ > ‘Add-ins‘. Now, you will find ‘Manager‘option on bottom part; and then select ‘COM Add-ins’ > ‘Go’ and here you will find the list of ‘add-ins’

Now, uncheck all the buttons and restart your application.


4. Repairing Process:


If your Excel 2013 file gets damaged or corrupted then you need to repair the file. Microsoft office provides a repair option to repair the file select the Repair option, and open the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Microsoft Office 2013 and press ‘Change’. Then a window opens from where you select the repair option and start the repairing process. And as the process is finished restart your system.


5. Re-installation the Application:


This is the best way to fix entire issues with any software. So if still, you are unable to fix the error then uninstall the Microsoft office and again reinstall it.  Click on the uninstall option and this will un-install it and after that, install a fresh MS Office and start working.


Alternate Solution: MS Excel Repair Tool


If you don’t want to go through all the lengthy manual solution then, in this case, make use of the third party professional recommended MS Excel Repair Tool. This is specially designed to resolve the error, corruption, damage in the excel file and recovers data. This is a unique tool that is designed in a way to repair multiple excel file at one time and save the recovered data at the preferred location. It is easy to use and compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Excel Repair for Windows


Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:




In this article we have tried our best to provide every possible workaround that helps you to get rid of the Excel 2013 has stopped working error. You can make use of the manual as well as automatic solution to fix the error. So try the solution and starts utilizing the powerful excel 2013 with ease. If you found any other solution that helps you to fix the error, don’t forget to post a comment here.

Ways to Fix “Excel 2013 has stopped working” Error Message
Ways to Fix “Excel 2013 has stopped working” Error Message
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Ways to Fix “Excel 2013 has stopped working” Error Message
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