Ways To Repair MS Excel Pivot Table Corruption

Are you unable to perform any action in your Excel pivot table or does it denies to get open?

Well it’s a clear sign of Excel pivot table corruption. Those who all are dealing with such situation for them, it’s my recommendation to fix Excel pivot table corruption as quick as possible. Otherwise the whole data contained within your pivot table may get collapsed.

Among various other features, Pivot tables are one of the best Excel features. This helps the users to extract data from a large number of rowed data.

Well, Pivot tables are a very helpful feature but in many cases, this easily gets corrupted due to unexpected errors.

When the Pivot Tables gets corrupted, this stops the users from reopening earlier saved Excel workbooks and as a result, the data stored in it become inaccessible.

Don’t worry this post will help you in easy troubleshooting of Excel pivot table corruption issue. So, just stick with this post till the end.

To Excel Pivot Table Corruption, we recommend this tool:

This software will prevent Excel workbook data such as BI data, financial reports & other analytical information from corruption and data loss. With this software you can rebuild corrupt Excel files and restore every single visual representation & dataset to its original, intact state in 3 easy steps:

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User Experience:

This is very irritating problem lets define it with the personal user’s experience:

I have a spreadsheet with a large amount of data.

I  have inserted a number of Pivot tables into a new worksheet, and keep losing the Pivot tables.

When I save and reopen the spreadsheet, I get messages saying ” We found a problem in  XYZ.xls. Do you want us to try and recover as much as we can? IF you trust the source of this workbook click Yes”

When I click yes ,all my data is there but the Pivot tables no longer function and are hardcoded numbers and a message :

PivotTable report ‘PivotTable2’ on ‘XYZ.xls]Sheet2’ was discarded due to integrity problems.

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Now it’s time to move onto our next section of how to repair corrupt Pivot table in Excel.

Best Software To Repair Corrupted Excel Pivot Table:

To repair corrupt pivot table of MS Excel, use the professional recommended MS Excel Repair Tool. As it is the best software to repair corrupt/damaged Excel Pivot table as well as it fixes several Excel file errors. This tool allows easy recovery of all corrupt Excel file items including the charts, pivot tables, worksheet properties, cell comments, and other important data.

This is a unique tool to repair multiple excel files at one repair cycle and recovers the entire data in a preferred location. It is easy to use and compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating system. This supports the entire Excel versions and the demo version is free.

* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

Steps To Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:


Excel Pivot Tables & Associated Problems

In Microsoft Excel, Pivot tables are made by using operating like sorting, averaging or summing to existing data within some tables.

The operating results are saved as summarize data into other tables. While working on a group of saved data, Pivot Tables are utilized in data processing and as well found in data visualization programs.

This is a very helpful feature of Excel and it allows the user to extract the significance or data from a large, data set and let you to slice-and-dice data, filter-and-sort data or even arrange it as you want to.

Pivot Tables is highly easy to use, but sometimes while working on Excel file it easily gets corrupted and damaged.

However, if you want to learn more about Pivot Tables, then visit Learn Advanced Excel.

Well, corruption of the Pivot tables can be resolved by following easy fixes.

But in many cases the simple corruption result in bigger issues such as unexpected Pivot Table error messages, fixing this unexpected error can be very troublesome.

Here check out some of the common reasons and the errors of the Pivot table.

Common Errors In Pivot Table & Their Reasons

Excel is a highly popular application of Microsoft Office suite. This is used to carry out various functions such as complex calculation, maintaining company data, maintaining stats and other functions.

This is the reason Microsoft Excel is having plenty of amazing functions and features in it.

These features help the users to work with large data easily. Additionally, this helps the users for saving data into well-organized cells and tables, the application helps users draw an inference from that data.

Many Excel users are found reporting about that in Excel the built-in new Pivot Tables are getting the error when they try to reopen earlier saved the workbook.

We found a problem with some content in <filename>. Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes

Errors In Pivot Table 1

And as the users click on ‘Yes’, they start getting another error message showing

Removed Part: /xl/pivotCache/pivotCacheDefinition1.xml part with XML error

(PivotTable cache) Load error. Line 2, column 0

Removed Feature: PivotTable report from /xl/pivotTables/pivotTable1.xml part (PivotTable view)

Well, this is the very irritating situation, it might happen the data within the Pivot Table still exist but the table itself is not functioning. There might be two main reasons behind the errors:

  • If you have created the Pivot Table in older Excel version but try to open-refresh-save it through a new Excel version.
  • Or if Pivot Table itself is corrupted

How To Fix Excel Pivot Table Corruption?

Well, Microsoft won’t offer any built-in technique to repair Excel Pivot Tables. But, to solve the errors related to Pivot Tables, try the below-given troubleshooting steps.

Open MS Excel in Safe Mode

It is found that opening Excel file in safe mode and then check if you can open the Pivot Table.

Well, if you can save the entire contents to new Pivot Table in latest versions of Excel, so that you may not get this error anymore.

But if the error is not resolved then, follows the below-given steps:

  1. First right click on the Pivot Table > click on PivotTable Options.
  2. Then on the Display tab > clear the checkbox labelled “Show Properties in Tool Tips
  3. After that save file with the new setting intact

Hope the given option will help you to fix Pivot Table corruption in Excel.

But if not then try opening the Pivot Table Options Windows > right click on Pivot Table > select Pivot Table Options from the pop-up menu.

After that make suitable changes to the options given > and check if issues go away.

Hope to know the Excel Pivot Table corruption is resolved but if not then make use of the automatic MS Excel Repair Utility.

Summing It Up:

I Hope that after reading the article, all your queries regarding Excel Pivot Table corruption has now successfully cleared.

I tried my best to put the entire information about Excel Pivot Table corruption and the other errors related to it.

Well, if none of the given fixes helps you then make use of the automatic repair utility to repair corrupt Pivot table in Excel.

Always make a valid backup of your crucial Excel file data and scan your system deeply with the good antivirus program to avoid getting the virus or malware corruption.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below. 

Good Luck….

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