How To Repair Runtime Error 1004 in Excel?


In this post, I have included the complete information about Excel runtime error 1004. Besides that I have presented some best fixes to resolve runtime error 1004 effortlessly.

To fix Runtime Error 1004 in Excel you can take initiatives like uninstalling Microsoft Work, creating a new Excel template, or deleting The “GWXL97.XLA” File. If you don’t have any idea on how to apply these methods then go through this post.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss different types of VBA runtime error 1004 in Excel along with their fixes.

What Is Runtime Error 1004 In VBA Excel?

Excel error 1004 is one such annoying runtime error that mainly encounters while working with the Excel file. Or while trying to generate a Macro in Excel document and as a result, you are unable to do anything in your workbook.

This error may cause serious trouble while you are working with Visual Basic Applications and can crash your program or your system or in some cases, it freezes for some time. This error is faced by any versions of MS Excel such as Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 as well.

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Error Detail:

Error Code: run-time error 1004

Description: Application or object-defined error

Screenshot Of The Error:

run-time error 1004

Don’t worry you can fix this Microsoft Visual Basic runtime error 1004, just by following the steps mentioned in this post. But before approaching the fixes section catch more information regarding runtime error 1004.

Excel VBA Run Time Error 1004 Along With The Fixes


The lists of error messages associated with this Excel error 1004 are:

  1. VB: run-time error ‘1004’: Application-defined or object-defined error
  2. Excel VBA Runtime error 1004 “Select method of Range class failed”
  3. runtime error 1004 method range of object _global failed visual basic
  4. Excel macro “Run-time error ‘1004″
  5. Runtime error 1004 method open of object workbooks failed
  6. Run time error ‘1004’: Method ‘Ranger’ of Object’ Worksheet’ Failed
  7. Save As VBA run time Error 1004: Application defined or object defined error

Let’s discuss each of them one by one…!

#1 – VBA Run Time Error 1004: That Name is already taken. Try a different One

This VBA Run Time Error 1004 in Excel mainly occurs at the time of renaming the sheet.

If a worksheet with the same name already exists but still you are assigning that name to some other worksheet. In that case, VBA will throw the run time error 1004 along with the message: “The Name is Already Taken. Try a different one.”

VBA Run Time Error 1004 in Excel 1

Solution: You can fix this error code by renaming your Excel sheet.

#2 – VBA Run Time Error 1004: Method “Range” of object’ _ Global’ failed

This VBA error code mainly occurs when someone tries to access the object range with wrong spelling or which doesn’t exist in the worksheet.

Suppose, you have named the cells range as “Headings,” but if you incorrectly mention the named range then obviously you will get the Run Time Error 1004: Method “Range” of object’ _ Global’ failed error.

VBA Run Time Error 1004 in Excel 2

Solution: So before running the code properly check the name of the range.

# 3 – VBA Run Time Error 1004: Select Method of Range class failed

This error code occurs when someone tries to choose the cells from a non-active sheet.

 Let’s understand with this an example:

Suppose you have selected cells from A1 to A5 from the Sheet1 worksheet. Whereas, your present active worksheet is Sheet2.

At that time it’s obvious to encounter Run Time Error 1004: Select Method of Range class failed.

VBA Run Time Error 1004 in Excel 3

Solution: To fix this, you need to activate the worksheet before selecting cells of it.

#4 – VBA Runtime Error 1004 method open of object workbooks failed

This specific run time Error 1004 arises when someone tries to open an Excel workbook having the same workbook name that is already open.

In that case, it’s quite common to encounter VBA Runtime Error 1004 method open of object workbooks failed.

VBA Run Time Error 1004 in Excel 4

Solution: Well to fix this, first of all close the already opened documents having a similar name.

#5 – VBA Runtime Error 1004 Method Sorry We Couldn’t Find:

The main reason behind the occurrence of this VBA error in Excel is due to renaming, shifting, or deletion of the mentioned path.

The reason behind this can be the wrong assigned path or file name with extension.

When your assigned code fails to fetch a file within your mentioned folder path. Then you will definitely get the runtime Error 1004 method. Sorry, and We couldn’t find it.

VBA Run Time Error 1004 in Excel 5

Solution: make a proper check across the given path or file name.

#6 – VBA Runtime Error 1004 Activate method range class failed

Behind this error, the reason can be activating the cells range without activating the Excel worksheet.

This specific error is quite very similar to the one which we have already discussed above i.e Run Time Error 1004: Select Method of Range class failed.

VBA Run Time Error 1004 in Excel 6

Solution: To fix this, you need to activate your excel sheet first and then activate the sheet cells. However, it is not possible to activate the cell of a sheet without activating the worksheet.

Why This Visual Basic Runtime Error 1004 Occurs?

Follow the reasons behind getting the run time error 1004:

  1. Due to corruption in the desktop icon for MS Excel.
  2. Conflict with other programs while opening VBA Excel file.
  3. When filtered data is copied and then pasted into MS Office Excel workbook.
  4. Due to application or object-defined error.
  5. A range value is set programmatically with a collection of large strings.

Well, these are common reasons behind getting the VBA runtime error 1004, now know how to fix it. Here we have described both the manual as well as automatic solution to fix the run time error 1004 in Excel 2016 and 2013. In case you are not able to fix the error manually then make use of the automatic MS Excel Repair Tool to fix the error automatically.

How To Fix Runtime Error 1004?

Fix Runtime Error 1004

Follow the steps given below to fix Excel run time error 1004 :

1: Uninstall Microsoft Work

2: Create New Excel Template

3: Delete The “GWXL97.XLA” File

Method 1: Uninstall Microsoft Work

1. Go to the Task Manager and stop the entire running programs.

2. Then go to Start menu > and select Control Panel.

run time error 1004 (1)

3. Next, in the Control Panel select Add or Remove Program.

run time error 1004 (2)

4. Here, you will get the list of programs that are currently installed on your PC, and then from the list select Microsoft Work.

run time error 1004

5. And click on uninstall to remove it from the PC.

It is also important to scan your system for viruses or malware, as this corrupts the files and important documents. You can make use of the best antivirus program to remove malware and also get rid of the runtime error 1004.

Method 2: Create New Excel Template

Another very simple method to fix Excel runtime error 1004 is by putting a new Excel worksheet file within a template. Instead of copying or duplicating the existing worksheet.

Here is the complete step on how to perform this task.

1.Start your Excel application.

2. Make a fresh new Excel workbook, after then delete the entire sheets present on it leaving only a single one.

3. Now format the workbook as per your need or like the way you want to design in your default template.

4. Excel 2003 user: Tap to the File>Save As option


OR Excel 2007 or latest versions: Tap to the Microsoft Office button after then hit the Save As option.


5. Now in the field of File name, assign name for your template.

6. On the side of Save as type there is a small arrow key, make a tap on it. From the opened drop menu

  • Excel 2003 users have to choose the Excel Template (.xlt)

Create New Excel Template 1

  • And Excel 2007 or later version have to choose the Excel Template (.xltx)

Create New Excel Template 2

7. Tap to the Save.

8. After the successful creation of the template, now you can programmatically insert it by making use of the following code:
Add Type:=path\filename


From the above code, you have to replace the path\filename with the complete path including the file name. For assigning the exact location of the sheet template you have just created.

Method 3: Delete The “GWXL97.XLA” File

Follow another manual method to fix Excel Runtime Error 1004:

1. Right-click on the start menu.

2. Then select the Explore option.

Excel Runtime Error 1004

3. Then open the following directory – C:\Program Files\MSOffice\Office\XLSTART

Excel Runtime Error 1004 (1)

4. Here you need to delete “GWXL97.XLA” file

Excel Runtime Error 1004 (2)

5. And open the Excel after closing the explorer

You would find that the program is running fine without a runtime error. But if you are still facing the error then make use of the automatic MS Excel Repair Tool, to fix the error easily.

Automatic Solution: MS Excel Repair Tool

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Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:

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Hope this article helps you to repair the runtime error 1004 in Excel and recovers Excel file data. In this article, we have provided a manual as well as automatic solution to get rid of Excel run-time error 1004. You can make use of any solution according to your desire.

Good Luck!!!

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