5 Tricks To Lock Cells In Excel

How To Lock Cells In Excel

Wants to prevent users from changing the data, formatting or formula contained within the cells of an Excel worksheet?

In my previous blog I have already shared some quick tricks to protect Excel workbook from editing. But if you want to restrict user from making changes into any particular cells then those fixes won’t be applicable.

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How To Lock And Unlock Cells, Formulas In Microsoft Excel 2016?

Lock and Unlock Cells Formulas

Want to lock cells in Excel 2016 and make them protected from any type of modification OR unable to edit/modify cells because they are locked? Read this blog till its conclusion, and know the simple tricks to lock & unlock cells in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Preventing spreadsheet cells from any types of unwanted modifications become necessary as no one want inadvertently change in cells that should not be modified.

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