Excel 2019 New Functions & Charts You Must Learn!

Microsoft Office 2019 is just released, and among its applications, Excel 2019 is the one having a wide collection of latest and developed features, and skills.

Well, plenty of the improvements are within the features like Power Pivot and Get & Transform. Despite this, many new functions and chart types are also available in Excel 2019 to make the work easier for the average users and master Microsoft Excel.

In this article, I am going to outlines some of the improved and latest Excel 2019 functions and chart types describe how to use them.

So, without wasting time, let’s dig out the latest Excel 2019 functions and use them like a Pro.


List of Excel 2019 Functions:


Excel 2019 Text Functions




This new Excel 2019 function is like CONCATENATE but better than that. This is shorter and also easy to type. It also supports range positions, to cell references.

For Example:

1 C:\ Users\ Teff

By using the Concat function text strings in cells A1, B1 and C1 are joined together.


which gives the resulting text string C:\Users\Teff




This Excel 2019 function join multiple text ranges and each and every item is divided by a delimiter specified by you.

For example:

  A B C
1 C: Workers Reff

Using the Textjoin function, the text strings given in the above example are combined and separated by the delimiter “\”.

=TEXTJOIN( “\”, TRUE, A1:C1 )

And the result is C:\Workers\Reff


Excel 2019 Statistical Functions




The MAXIFS function in the list gives the largest number from a range of number as per the given single or multiple criteria.

Let describe it best with the given example:

1 Students Set 1 Score
2 Tina 1 58%
3 Alex 2 87%
4 Henry 2 74%
5 John 1 41%
6 Johnson 1 79%
7 Emmy 1 66%
8 Jacob 2 90%
9 George 2 73%

Using the Maxifs function, the maximum game scored in Set 1 is easily found.

=MAXIFS (C2:C9, B2:B9, 1) 

And the result is 79 %




This MINIFs function is similar to MAXIFs, but this is used to returns the smallest range number, as per one or more criteria.

Describe it with the example:

1 Students Set 1 Score
2 Tina 1 58%
3 Alex 2 87%
4 Henry 2 74%
5 John 1 41%
6 Johnson 1 79%
7 Emmy 1 66%
8 Jacob 2 90%
9 George 2 73%

You can check the minimum game score recorded in set 2 by using the Minifs function

=MINIFS( C2:C9, B2:B9, 2 )

You can see the result in 73%


Excel 2019 Logical Functions


5: IFS


This is the newer version of the IF function. The IFS function allows the users to test the conditions in the specified order and returns result matching to the first condition that estimates to TRUE.

Let describe it best with the example

  A B C
1 40 0 2

The IFS function could be utilized for dividing the value in cell A1 by the first non-zero value in cells B1-C1: =IFS (B1<>0, A1/B1, C1<>0, A1/C1)

This will give the result 20.




This latest Excel 2019 function compares the number against the supplied values and returns the first matching result. And if no result matches, then “else” is returned

Let describe it best with the example:

1 2

Here the switch function is used for returning a fruit related to the number in cell A1

=SWITCH( A1, 1, “Apple”, 2, “Grapes”, 3, “Mango”, 4, “Strawberry ” )

And the result in “Mango”


Excel 2019 New Charts to Visual Display Data


Just like the functions Excel 2019 had bought new charts also. So, learn how to create interactive Excel charts and present the data in a fresh way.


1: Sunburst:

Excel 2019 charts

The Sunburst chart is a multi-level chart and displays hierarchical data. In this chart, the inner circle comprises top-level categories and the out circle shows subcategories and after that, the circle are so on.

These charts are best to display the relationships among the main categories and subcategories.

Here know how to create a Sunburst chart:

  • On the spreadsheet assure the data is arranged in the hierarchical method.
  • Then choose the all data range, with all labels levels.
  • Next click Insert then Hierarchy Chart and next
  • Now format the chart as you want


2: Treemap

latest Excel 2019 charts

The treemap chart generates hierarchical data view with the top categories (tree branches) display as rectangles including subcategories, presented as small rectangles grouped in the large ones.

Therefore, it allows users to easily compare top-level categories and subcategories sizes at first glance.

Steps to create a treemap chart:

  • Just like the sunburst, assure the data is arranged in a hierarchical manner on the spreadsheet
  • Choose the complete data range, with entire levels of labels that you need to comprise.
  • Next click Insert then Hierarchy Chart and
  • And format chart as per your desire.


3: Waterfall Charts

what's new in Excel 2019

In Excel 2019, the waterfall chart is added to the demand of the users. Well, in earlier Excel version making this type of chart is really time taking and requires a workaround.

But in Excel 2019, the waterfall is presented as a chart type and can be created easily in few clicks. This chart is best for presenting the growing result of higher and lower values.

So here follow the steps to create the waterfall chart:

  1. To make it assure your data is arranged in the order as it should appear in the chart. So if required reorder it first
  2. Now choose the data to present in the chart, with the data labels.
  3. Click Insert then Insert Waterfall, Stock, Funnel, Surface, or Radar Chart.
  4. Then click Waterfall.
  5. And format the chart as you need it.


4: Box and Whisker Charts

Excel 2019 latest charts

The box and whisker chart is like a histogram, presents frequencies in the data set. But is used for deep analysis than a histogram.

Note: A quartile is one-quarter of a data points

This précises the data by breaking it into the quartiles. And the mid two quartiles (2 & 3) are signified by a box and the above and lower quartiles (1 & 4) are signified by Vertical lines named whiskers which is projected from the upper and bottom of the box.

Now follow the steps to create a box and whisker chart:

  • In the spreadsheet organize the data sets in columns with a single column for each data set.
  • Than place text labels showing the data sets above the data.
  • And choose the data sets & column labels.
  • Click Insert and Insert Statistic Chart then Box and Whisker.
  • And lastly, format the chart

And in this way, the Excel 2019 box and whisker chart is created easily.


5: Filled Map Charts

Excel 2019 charts

In earlier Excel version, create a map with numeric data is very tough a time taking. Therefore Excel 2019 had made it easier for the users with the Filled map chart type.

This is used to distinguish countries, states/provinces, and postal codes in data labels, and shows the suitable map and suitable areas by placing the value on the map.

Steps to create a filled map:

  • On the spreadsheet place some data suing country or state names for data labels.
  • Next, choose the data and labels > click Insert and Maps then Filled Map.
  • Wait for the map to load
  • Then format and resize it as per your requirement.


6: Funnel Chart

Excel 2019 new features

This is the last latest Excel 2019 chart named funnel chart. The funnel chart displays every data point as a horizontal bar, with the long bars for higher values.

All the bars are centered and arranged vertically. And if you sort data from higher to lowest, the overall result looks like a funnel.

Follow the steps to create a funnel chart:

  • First, type the labels and data > then arrange them in the order you desire than to appear in the chart from upper to lower
  • Next, choose the labels and data > click Insert > Waterfall, Funnel, Stock, Surface, or Radar Chart >Funnel.
  • And design the chart as per your desire.

So, this is it, in this way you can create the funnel chart in Excel 2019.




Excel 2019 is undoubtedly highly advanced and had lots of improvements in it. Various functions, formulas, charts, etc. are implemented in it to make the work easier for Excel users.

But, with the latest improvements, it is equally important to know how to use them.

So, in this article, I had listed the latest Excel 2019 functions and charts with ways to create it easily.

Read the blog carefully to know about the Excel 2019 functions to simplify your calculation and formula editing experience.

Also, know the 6 six new chart types to visualize and present the data and gain your audience insight.

Despite this, if you are looking to become an Excel pro then learn Advanced Excel guide and become master in Excel.

Hope, you like the article, and if you are having any suggestion, queries, comments then feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

Good Luck!!!

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Excel 2019 New Functions & Charts You Must Learn!
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