How To Share Excel Workbook With Multiple User?

Share Excel Workbook With Multiple User


This post will help you out to know how to share an Excel workbook with multiple users by saving it on the local network or OneDrive.

Apart from that you will also get to know control user access to a shared Excel file and fix conflicting changes.

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[Video] 3 Ways To Make Excel Confidential

Make Excel Confidential

Are you guys looking for some smart trick to make your Excel data confidential? Well not to worry as this video will tell you how you can make your excel spreadsheets confidential.

 Enjoy this interactive way of Excel learning….!

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[Video] Useful Time Saving Shortcuts Keys of Microsoft Excel

Excel shortcut keys

Microsoft Excel is the most powerful application of Microsoft Office suite. This is used for performing various tasks like maintaining, organizing and managing complex calculation.  It is used worldwide by the small as well as large sectors. Here learn useful shortcut keys of Microsoft Excel to dramatically speed up your work and easily use the complex Excel application.

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[Video] Repair Corrupt/Damaged Excel Files

excel repair and recovery video

Have you ever think what makes your excel file to get corrupt? May be it’s due to Improper way of transferring the Excel workbooks, Deleting the Excel workbooks mistakenly, hard drive crashing issue, malware malfunction your excel worksheet etc. Looking For Some Instant Solution To Recover Back Your Damaged Excel File? Then this video will surely going to help you in knowing about the best recommended solution to fix this issue.

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