MS Excel File Repair & Recovery Tool

# 1 Rated Tool to Fix Corrupt, Damaged & Broken MS Excel (XLS/XLSX) Files, Spreadsheets, Charts and more... in Windows & Mac

One-Click Solution for All MS Excel Problems

Just, 'Open Corrupt Excel File', 'Scan for Issues' and 'Repair It' to Fix Any Possible Problems & Recover All its Content

# 1 Rated Tool to Repair MS Excel Files

Repair MS Excel Files

Fix & Recover All Worksheet Data of Corrupt Excel .xls/.xlsx Files

  • Repair single or multiple XLS/XLSX files.
  • Restore tables, images, formulas, charts, chartsheets, cell comments, sorts and filters.
  • Fix any kind of Excel corruption errors.
  • Preserves worksheet properties along with cell formatting.
  • Supports all MS Excel versions including 2016.
  • Available for both Windows & Mac systems.

Why Choose Excel Repair Tool

This powerful tool comes with unique capabilities of repairing corrupt or damaged MS Excel files which is really hard to find in any other program. Some of the ingenious features of this tool are mentioned below -

Restore Worksheet With Properties

Repair corrupt Excel files and recover the entire workbook along with its properties and exact behavior to provide you familiar and convenient experience.

Recover Everything without a Delay

It simplifies the MS Excel repair practices and restores every single object in the Excel file without any modification.

Real Time Pre-Recovery Preview Of Excel File

With this tool you have the convenience to preview repaired Excel file objects in the main interface. You can also verify the Excel data before recovery so that you get the accurate results.

Simple Files And Folders Selection

It comes with unique mechanism to select or find a particular MS Excel file from the PC along with a search folder option that list down only excel files present in the folder.

Resolve All Excel Corruption Errors

This tool effectively fixes any Excel file corruption errors and recovers Excel data without any hassle and with complete accuracy.

Easy And Consistent UI

Its standard explorer-styled user interface with step by step wizard makes the browsing and navigation easy. You can be sure of high quality results no matter how boring the repair task is.

Free Download Now to Scan and Preview all Recoverable Microsoft Excel Files and Data

Reasons of Excel File Corruption

MS Excel is one of the applications of MS Office suite which is used to manage records. Unlimited number of operations can be done on MS Excel including calculations, chart making, graphs, arrangement of data and so on. But being a powerful tool, it is very much prone to corruption. Even a minor mistake can damage the entire Excel file. Here are some of the common reasons that causes corruption in Excel file are:

  • Virus / Malware attacks.
  • Improper or abrupt machine closure.
  • Bad sectors in machine's hard drive.
  • Mistakes in dealing with Excel files.
  • Excessive storage of data in a single Excel file.

Common Issues & Errors in Excel File

The best thing about the errors are they show up when they occur. Same is the case with MS Excel errors. It gives you a clear indication of what has gone wrong with application. Below mentioned are some of the common issues and errors in the Excel file that people encounter very often along with complete solution on how to resolve it:

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