How To Create Backup Of Active Workbooks In Excel?

In this tutorial, check out a very useful topic on how to create backup of the Excel workbook. This is very useful to overcome the unpleasant situations in Excel. So here check out the complete information on how to backup Excel files automatically or manually as well.

We all know how important Excel application is. This is used by both the professional as well as for the personal use of carrying out various tasks easily.

This is very useful for perform the task easily and maintain data. But sometimes while using Excel workbook, we accidentally might make several wrong operations in a big workbook and this can cause corruption or put you on the nerve.

However, it is true that by pressing the undo button, you can restore the workbook. But many times pressing an undo button does not seem a good way and make the entire Excel file corrupt.

So, it is better to be safe than sorry, this is the reason we often recommend to backup the Excel files.

In this article, you can learn ways to create a backup of the active workbook so that you can quickly and conveniently restore it without any hassle.

How To Create Backup Of Active Workbook In Excel

By default, Microsoft Excel creates backup active workbook automatically so that user can easily recover active workbook with AutoRecover files. Here follow the steps to recover it:

Method 1: Utilize Excel Autorecover Option

You can make use of the Excel Autorecover option for saving the Excel files automatically. This creates periodic backup copies of Excel and you will lower the risk of losing your work.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Start Microsoft Excel on your machine > and click File > choose Open
  • Now choose the Excel document in the file browser > click “Open” to open it.
  • Open the “File” menu > click Options for opening the Excel Options window.
  • And click “Save” > place a check-mark in front of the “Save AutoRecover Information Every” option > choose how often you want to Excel to create backup copies (in minutes)


  • Next, replace the default location in the AutoRecover File Location box for saving the backup copies in a different folder.
  • And place a check-mark in the “Keep the Last Autosaved Version if I Close Without Saving” option to assure the backup copies won’t get deleted when you close Excel file.
  • Lastly, click “OK” for saving the settings and close Excel Options window.

Now Excel starts creating backups of Excel files periodically automatically.

Please Notes: It will easily back up active workbook every in 10 minutes according to your settings. Because all former versions are replaced with the latest version, you can only restore the last backup version.

So, in this way, you can backup Excel files automatically. However, the Save Button is still the best friend, so be sure not to lose the latest work click Save or simply hit Ctrl + S shortcut key often.

However if in case you are dealing the Excel corruption or the data loss situation or lost your backup or while making a backup for active workbook you may lose some important workbook of yours then Relax!!!, here I am having a solution for you as well. Make use of the automatic MS Excel Repair Tool, this is the best utility to repair and recover Excel files just by scanning once automatically.

Automatic Solution: MS Excel Repair Tool

Try the professional recommended MS Excel Repair Tool, this is an advanced tool that not only helps you to repair the corrupted, damaged Excel files but also recover the entire data stored in it without making any modification in it.  It is a very effective tool that helps you to retrieve the workbook with all its properties. This tool is capable of repairing all sort of corruption, damages, and errors in excel files. It is a unique tool that repairs multiple corrupted excel file at one time and also recovers everything included charts, cell comments, worksheet properties and other data. You can also preview the files before recovering. This tool is very easy to use and consistent user interface.

* Free version of the product only previews recoverable data.

Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:

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Hope by following the solution you can now easily create a backup copy of your workbook data.

Excel is very crucial file this is the reason it is recommended to backup the Excel files. Also, scan your system with the good antivirus program to avoid getting infected with a malware infection.

Additionally, we all know how essential is Excel application, so handle the Excel file properly and follow best preventive steps to protect your Excel files from getting corrupted.

Good Luck!!!

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