How To Create Flowchart In Excel?

Does your Excel worksheet densely packed with useful data but you are facing difficulty to interpret it?  Why don’t you use flowcharts to illustrate relationships between all your data points and for giving more clarity to your Excel spreadsheet.

If you don’t know how it is to be done then also you need not to get tensed as this guide will gives you the complete overview on how to create flowchart in Excel.

Before that, let’s grab some basic knowledge about Excel Flowcharts.

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What is Flowchart?

What is Flowchart

What Are Flowcharts Used For?

A flowchart is a visual representation to elaborate entire process flow in an easier way which will ultimately help you to identify errors and avoid unnecessary steps.

All in all flowcharts play a very important role in defining and analyzing the complete process.

Each and every process steps is represented by some symbol. These symbols are connected with arrows which show the flow direction of the process.

For example:  you are working with your team in some project then making use of the flowchart help in easy visualization of your project.

Even the system analysts, engineers, programmers, managers use this flowchart for easy illustration about following things:

  • Data flows
  • System operation flows
  • Document workflows
  • Algorithms.

Here are the compulsory elements required for creating flowcharts in Excel.

oval Round corner Rectangle is mainly used at the time beginning and exiting in flowchart.
rectangle Box having straight corners is used to input process stages
parallelogram Parallelogram helps to illustrates the input/output of data
romb Diamond represents conditional branching
arrow Arrow is used to show the process flow

How To Create Flow Chart In Excel?

Method 1# Draw Flowchart In Excel

Those who want to use different shapes and add complex topology in flowchart for them it’s better to draw their own flowchart.

  •  Go to the Insert tab, and then from the Illustrations group, choose the Shapes tab:

draw flowchart in excel 1

  •  From the Shapes list go to the Flowchart group. Select the item which you prefer:

draw flowchart in excel 2

  •  To add text in the selected shape, just double-click in it and enter the text.

draw flowchart in excel 4

  • To connect the shapes perform the following task:

Go to the Insert tab and after that from the Illustrations group hit the Shapes list.  Now choose any type connectors from the “Lines” group:

draw flowchart in excel 3

For easy customizations of connectors and shapes and connectors, check out our next section how to change connector type for flowchart in Excel.

How To Change Connector Type For Flowchart?

In flowchart, the workflow diagrams are used by connectors to make connection between various stages and elements.

But several similar type connecting lines gives your chart a very messy look. You can easily combine different types of connectors which represent semantically other types of transitions.

For changing the types of connector, here are the steps that you need to perform:

  • Make a right-click over the connector appearing in your flowchart design.

change connector type for flowchart 1

  • After that, from the popup menu hit the Connector Types list.

change connector type for flowchart 2

  • Here you will see various type of connector so choose the one which you like. This will change the connector type.

change connector type for flowchart 3

Method 2# Create Flowchart In Excel Using Template

Excel provides it’s user with several flowchart designs. All these designed templates are available in SmartArt options.

  • Open the Excel worksheet in which you want to add the flowchart.
  • Hit the Insert tab and then from the Illustrations group choose the Very soon you will see the dialog box of SmartArt Graphic seems to be opened on your screen.

create a flowchart using templates

  • Choose the Process which is present in the left pane.
  • Select the flowchart template you like.
  • Choose the OK option.


After performing these steps a new basic flowchart starts appearing on your Excel spreadsheet.

Customize The Flowchart

Now you have got the basic structure of your flowchart through this template. So the only thing left to do is customizing the flowchart.

For customizing your SmartArt flowchart here are the things that you need to do:

  • Choose the flowchart blank area for activating the SmartArt Tools.
  • To change the color : go to the SmartArt Tools Design> Change Colors.

create a flowchart using smartart

create a flowchart using template 6

  • For adding text in the shapes: choose the shape and then type the text within it. Hit the Enter button.

create a flowchart using template 3

  • For adding more shapes:

1. choose the shape that you need to connect as the new shape.

2. Go to the SmartArt Tools Design and choose the drop down arrow present across the Add Shape.

3. Select the area where you need to insert the new shape.

Note: For all the flowcharts entire Add Shape options are not available.

  • For changing up the flowchart layout: go to the SmartArt Tools Design after that from the Layouts group choose one option.

For changing up the flowchart layout

  1. In order to modify the shapes in your flowchart: make a right-click on the shape and then go to the change Shape. Just select the shapes you need to apply.

change flowchart shapes

  1. Now save your worksheet after making complete changes.

Tips To Work Flawlessly With Excel Flowcharts:

  • If you need to apply line breaks in some points within the text then keep holding the Alt key down while pressing the Enter key.
  • By making use of standard toolbar buttons you can format the text present within the shape.
  • Autoshapes present inside the Insert > Shapes section doesn’t get integrated with the Smart Art shapes. Both these shapes can’t join by the lines and formatting tools are also different.
  • If shapes remove text at the time of printing, then try grouping the entire shapes before proceeding towards the printing procedure.

This problematic bug is also found in Excel 2007 version. It is also found at the time of PDF creation and printing drivers.

Benefits of Flowchart In MS Excel

Benefits of Flowchart in MSExcel

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Wrap Up:

Lastly I want to conclude that Excel is the best platform to create flowchart. The “SmartArt” tools and “Shapes” option are ideal for creating flowchart in Excel.

In the first option you will get a chance to your creativity in representing data using flowcharts. Whereas, in the second option you will get the pre-designed templates in which you need to make small changes.

I hope this article seems helpful to you….!

How To Create Flowchart In Excel?
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How To Create Flowchart In Excel?
Learn how to create flowchart in Excel through different options. Method 1# draw the flowchart using shapes method 2# create flowchart using template.

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