[INFOGRAPHIC] Underrated Excel Functions That I Wish Knew Before

Excel underrated functions

Excel is a very useful application of the Microsoft Office suite. This is used to perform various tasks easily. But apart from its uses, Excel is also a very complex application. And this is the reason varieties of functions are provided in Excel to make the work easy for the users. Well, there are many Excel functions that are used regularly but there are also some functions that so specific and only used by some Excel users. So here in this infographic check out some of the useful but underused Excel functions.

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[Infographic] 11 Best Tips to Speed Up Your Excel

Excel Speed up tips

Microsoft Excel is the highly used application for maintaining the crucial data in the personal as well as the professional field. Excel is the most popular application of the Microsoft Office suite. This is notably useful but the biggest demerit is that as larger as an Excel spreadsheet gets, the workbook becomes slower. This is a very irritating issue but here we have mentioned the best 11 tips to speed-up your Excel file.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] What’s New In MS Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016 is the latest version of Excel series of spreadsheet software.

This latest version of Excel is smooth and modernized, with entire its previously existing features

and some more exciting features are added in it that provide greater ease of use.

In this infographic, we have listed what’s new in MS Excel 2016 its latest features and others.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Essential Excel Tricks to Become An Expert

excel tricks

Microsoft Excel is powerful spreadsheet software used for storing, analyzing data.

This is widely used application for scientific and statistical analysis with large data sets.

MS Excel is used in countless ways and this is reason various features are packed inside this Microsoft’s popular application.

In this infographic, we have presented best 7 Excel tricks that will help you to become an Expert.

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[Infographic] Excel Troubleshooting

excel infographic

In this infographic you will come to know how much percent of Excel Application is used by whom and in which fields. What is the use of Microsoft Excel files? But as mentioned above that Excel files corruption occurs due several reasons, so, I it gets corrupted and damaged then what they should do for Excel Recovery.

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