Undoubtedly Excel is most popular and highly useful application.

This is used for performing various tasks, calculation and much more by the large as well small sectors.

But there is also a fact the Excel is a quite complex application, this is highly prone to corruption and easily gets corrupted and damages.

From time to time various errors disturbed the Excel users.

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Today in this article I am going to describe a highly frustrating issue Unable to save Excel file 2007.

 Many users are found reporting on the forums thread about the Excel file not saving issue in Excel 2007.

 Let’s define it best with the user experience:

Only have issues with 2007 Excel, Word and Powerpoint save fine. Tried reinstalling and “repair” options from original software DVD? If I try to save Excel file, if I try to save Excel file from a jump drive, if I email Excel file from another PC…results ALWAYS the same. All attempts at saving Excel convert to internet explorer file.

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There are some cases that are responsible for getting the error Unable to Save Excel File 2007. Check them out:

  • If you are trying to save Excel file to a location where sufficient disk space is not available.
  • An antivirus program is creating the problem.
  • While trying to save a shared Excel file
  • If trying to save Excel file to a network drive with restricted permission.
  • If you entered more than 218 characters in file path while saving Excel file.
  • Due to third-party add-ins

These are some of the cases that cause unable to save Excel 2007 file error. So here know how to fix it:


Ways to Fix Cannot Save Excel 2007 File:


Well, as there is no any definite cause behind the issue in Excel 2007 file, so here I had listed some of the working solutions, try them and check whether the issue is solved or not:

Please Note: It is suggested before following the solutions, creates a valid backup of Excel file. Doing this will help you to restore the data if any methods fail to work.


Solution 1: Save with New Name


It might happen due to the name was given to your file you are facing the issue so, in this case, try to save the file with new name.

  • Go to File > Save As and give another name to your file

Now check whether the issue is solved if not then try the second solution:


Solution 2: Change the File Format


Try to save the file in different file format. Hope this will help you:

  • First Go to File > Save As > then in Save As Type dialog box change the file format > save file with .xlsx or .xlsm extension.

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Solution 3:  Save File in HTML Format


Trying saving the file in HTML format, follow the steps to do so:

  • In file > go to Save As > then in the Save As dialog box > click Web Page > Ok

Hope doing this will help you to fix the error but if not then try the given solution


Solution 4: Try Saving Excel File to Other Location:


In this case try saving Excel file to other location you may save it to new hard disk, floppy disk or network drive.

If this will help you to save Excel 2007 file then it might happen that your system has one of the below-given problems:

  1. Antivirus conflict with your Excel file: It might happen antivirus installed on the system can cause the issue, so try to uninstall the Excel file. The antivirus installed on the system might conflict with Excel saving process.
  2. Exceed Limit in File Name: If in case you have entered more than 128 characters while saving Excel file than this can cause an error in saving the file.
  3. Insufficient Disk Space: If you are saving the file to a disk that has insufficient space, then in this case you are not able to save the Excel file.


Solution 5: Save New Excel File at Original File Location:


Try to save new Excel file at the original file location to determine if the issue is related to file location:

Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Create new Excel sheet > go to File > Save As.
  2. And try to save file on the same location where you are saving the original Excel file.

If you are able to save the file in the original file, then it is clear the problem is related to the file. So try changing the file name or else the file was in the shared mode.


Solution 6: Delete Excel Add-ins


Hope after following the above-given solution you are able to solve unable to save Excel file 2007 error, but if not then try to save Excel workbook in safe mode

In some cases, the corrupted add-ins might cause the issue. So, try disabling add-ins individually and check if the issue is solved or not.

Follow the steps:

  • First, go to FILE > in the Microsoft Excel Options
  • After that in Excel Options window > choose Add-ins against Manage > click Go.
  • And disable the add-ins individually and check the error is fixed or not.

Hope the given solutions will help you to resolve Excel 2007 unable to save file. but if not then make use of the automatic repair utility.


Utilize Automatic MS Excel Repair Utility


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Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:





Hope after following the given solutions you are able to fix unable to save Excel file 2007 error.

Follow the given solutions one by one and check which work for you.

Apart from that if none of the above-given solutions works you then you can make use of the automatic solution to fix the error and start using your Excel 2007 file.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Ask Question 

Good Luck….

6 Working Solutions to Fix “Unable To Save Excel File 2007” Error
6 Working Solutions to Fix Unable To Save Excel File 2007 Error
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6 Working Solutions to Fix Unable To Save Excel File 2007 Error
Facing issue while saving Excel 2007 files, then here follow the complete solutions to fix unable to save excel file 2007 error
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