Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used world widely. This is a popular program and available on many operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Well, its popularity clearly shows how useful this is. And this powerful tool provides graphic, calculation, pivot tables and many others for performing various tasks easily.

But as it is said the Grass Is Not Always Greener on the Other Side, just like this, despite its popularity and uses Excel is also not free from ISSUES.

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There are many types of errors faced by the Excel users time to time. So, today here in this article I am going to describe a very common error faced by the Excel user while saving Excel workbooks.

This is a very irritating issue but commonly appears when you save Excel workbooks and as a result, the file is not saved.

So, here know some of the errors that commonly appear when you save Excel file.


 What Kind of Error Arise When You Save Excel File


There are many types of the Excel errors, crop up when trying to save an Excel file, you might get surprised with.

But the luckily there are solutions for all the known errors.

Let check out the errors and know how to fix them.

Please Note: The given methods might not save the entire latest changes, formatting and feature sets of the workbook specific to the Excel version that you are using. The given methods are proposed to obtain a usable, saved version of the file.  And this requires you to save file to your hard disk by utilizing a unique file name


Error 1: Save the workbook by using a new file name


Solution:  In this case for saving the Excel workbook, try

  • Click Save As, on the File menu.
  • Then use a unique file name to save the workbook.


Error 2: Move the original worksheets to a new workbook


Solution: This is another random error appears while saving Excel workbook, and to save it try

  • Press shift + F11 to add a filler worksheet to your workbook
  • Please Note: This sheet is needed because there should be at least one remaining sheet in a workbook after moving the entire related data sheets.
  • Now, group entire worksheets (accept the filler) and to do so, click the first sheet and hold the Shift key, after that click the last sheet.
  • Next, right-click the grouped sheets > and click Move or copy.
  • And in the To Book list > click (New Book) > click OK.

Doing these steps will move the active (grouped) worksheets to a new workbook. And if your workbook contains VBA macros, then copy the modules from old workbook to the new workbook.


Error 3: Save the file as a different Excel file type


Solution: Now in this scenario, try this

  • Click Save As, on the File Menu
  • Then in the Save as Type list, select a different file format.

For example: If using Microsoft Excel 2007 or other versions, then save the file as .xlsx or .xlsm instead of as .xls.


Error 4: Save the file in HTML format


Solution: In this case, try the given ways to save it.

  • First, on File menu > click Save As.
  • Then in the Save as type list > click Web Page.
  • And lastly, click Save.

Well, these are the common errors faced by the users while saving the Excel file and solution that you can do to save the Excel file.

Know after safely saving the Excel file to your Computer; follow the troubleshooting steps to fix Excel saving errors.


Troubleshoot Errors while saving Excel Workbook


There are various cases when you get the errors while saving Excel workbooks to a local hard disk, to a network drive, or to a floppy drive, while saving the workbook in safe mode or while trying to save the workbook to the original location.

So, here follow the complete solution to fix Excel saving errors it doesn’t matter what will be the case.


Solution 1: Restricted Permissions


You might be getting the error if you are having the restricted permissions to the folder on which you are saving the Excel file. So, when you save an Excel file you must have the following given permissions:

  • Read permission
  • Write permission
  • Modify permission
  • Delete permission

Please Note: If you do not have these permissions, then the Excel saving process cannot be completed.


Solution 2: Network Connection Lost


If you are using an Excel workbook, and the connection to the drives in which the file exist is lost, then you might receive an error message while trying to save the file.

This happens because some parts of the workbook might not be downloaded to the local computer when you open the file from a network location.

Well, the Pivot Table Caches, the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and the ActiveX objects are not downloaded to the local computer till they are accessed in the local Excel session.

So, if in case the network connectivity is lost, then Excel cannot access the file parts that were not downloaded to the local computer and as a result cannot save the Excel file.

Well to fix this follow the solution given in this article:

Helpful Article: FIX: Excel Saving File at Network Location Fails Error


Solution 3: Antivirus Software Conflict


Well, due to the installed or running antivirus software, you might receive an error message when you try to save an existing workbook.

In this case, you may receive an error message, as some antivirus programs quickly scan new files that appear on a computer. And this scan can sometimes interrupt the Excel save process and this might stop Excel from saving the file correctly.

So, try to disable the antivirus and try saving the file again.


Solution 4: File name Length


If you try to save or open an Excel file and the path of that file (including the file name) is more than 218 characters, then you might receive the error message:

Filename is not valid

To fix this read the article and fix it:

Helpful Article: How To Resolve ‘Excel Cannot Open The File ‘(Filename)’.Xlsx’ Error


Solution 5: Third-party add-in


If the Excel is not saved when you try running Excel in Windows safe mode, then this issue might be caused by the third party add-in or by the file that is one of the Excel startup locations. These files are by default loaded when you start Excel file.

So, check it and remove the possibility that a third-party Excel add-in or file is causing an Excel save issue, start the Excel file in safe mode and follow the steps:

  • First Exit Excel.
  • Then, click Start, > point to Programs.
  • When you start Excel press Ctrl > and hold it till you get the message given below:
  1. Excel has detected that you are holding down the Ctrl key. Do you want to start Excel in safe mode?
  • After that click Yes.
  • And try saving a new Excel file > and again resave the same Excel file.

If the file saves correctly, then custom add-in or a file located in Excel startup location that might be the cause.

Locate and remove the add-in or the file to remove the problem, after determining the add-in or the file that is causing the problem, so contact the vendor who designed it. the vendor might have the additional information about the issue and an update that won’t cause the issue to occur.


Solution 6: Insufficient Drive Space


When you try to save the file to a floppy disk drive, or a local hard disk or a network drive and this causes the issues, then you need to make sure that the media must have the sufficient free space to let the file to save.

And this case you get the error message

Disk is Full.

So, in this case, to fix it read the article for the valid solutions.

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Well, these are some of the manual solutions that will help you to fix errors when saving Excel workbook.

However, you can also check your Excel file for various issues with the automatic solution:


Check Your Excel File Issues:


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Final Verdict:

So, this is all about the errors while saving Excel workbook.

Well, I had tried my best to cover the entire information about the related errors when you try to save Excel workbooks.

Just go through it and follow the given troubleshooting steps to fix the Excel saving errors in future.

Also, I love to hear from  you, so if you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented or related information or workarounds that I missed out then do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Ask Question 

That’s it!!!!

6 Ways to Fix Errors that Occur While Saving Excel Workbook
6 Ways to Fix Errors that Occur While Saving Excel Workbook
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