Fix Excel File Slow To Respond

Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly a very powerful and useful program. It is so powerful that it is possibly highly vulnerable to have issues.

The most common issue is Excel file slow to respond, this is very irritating and faced by the users randomly. Well, there are many reasons responsible for Excel running slow or crashes, hangs, freezing Excel.

Some of the common reasons are old graphics hardware, storing plenty of data in single Excel files, making use of the volatile formulas, updating Excel file from earlier to a later version or not updating the office program with the latest updates etc.

These are some of the common issues that make Excel slow. So, if you are one struggling with Excel running slow or Excel file slow to respond then read the article completely. Today in this article I am going to describe how to fix Excel file slow to respond and tips to avoid Excel running slow in future.

So let’s get started…

How to Fix Excel Slow Respond


Well, there is no any exact reason responsible behind slow responding Excel file. So here I described the possible working solutions that help you troubleshoot Excel file slow respond issue.


Step 1: Update the Graphics Card Drivers


This is one of the common reasons that cause the Excel workbook running slow. So, if you are having any graphics card on your system then try to update the drivers.

To update the drivers visit the manufacturer website or Microsoft official website and check for the latest updates and try installing them.

Moreover, you can also make use of the Free Driver Booster this help you to update the drivers automatically.


Step 2: Start Excel in Safe Mode


If the above solution won’t help you to fix Excel file slow respond then try to start Excel in Safe Mode.

Follow the steps to do so:

  1. First close Excel completely > press Windows + R > and in the Run dialog box type excel –safe  > hit Enter
  2. If Excel opens with the above steps, then it might happen any plug-in or other software is installed that interfere with the software. Then try to disable the plug-in and uninstall the software related to the programs. But if you still experience problems in starting Excel in safe mode, then try next solutions
  3. Choose File > Options > Add-ins.
  4. And select Excel Add-ins in the Manage drop-down menu > choose Go…
  5. If in case any items are checked, then uncheck them and choose OK. This disables the Add-ins causing the issue.
  6. Next close Excel and launch normally.

Hope the Excel file launches normally but if not then tries disabling the “COM Add-ins”, “Actions”, and “XML Expansion Packs”. Doing this will help you to open Excel file normally.


Step 3: Disable Hardware Acceleration


If your Excel file is still running slow then try disabling the hardware acceleration for Excel to fix the issue.

Follow the steps given:

  • Open Excel program and click on the file,
  • Then go to the Advanced tab.
  • And under the Display section > uncheck the box for ‘Disable hardware graphics acceleration’.
  • Click OK

And in this way you are able to fix Excel slow to respond issue.


Step 4: Scan for Virus Infection


In many cases the virus or malware infection causes the Excel file to run slow so, it is worth to scan your system with the good antivirus tool.

Perform a complete scan with the good antivirus program and check whether the issue is resolved.

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Step 5: Change Default Printer (Possibly a Solution)


Well, this is a working solution that worked for many users to resolve slow running Excel file. The printer driver corruption causes the issue for many so, try to change the default printer and update the printer driver with the latest update.

You can also try to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver or contact the printer manufacturer for doing so.

After that check, if the issue is fixed or not.

So, these are some of the best fixes that help you to troubleshoot Excel slow to respond issue. Now here check out the tips to avoid common mistakes that make Excel slow to crawl and speed up your Excel file easily.


Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes That Makes Excel Slow


1. Place Everything in a Single Workbook


This is a trick that prevents Excel from slowing down. Working across workbooks make Excel slow commonly when a lot of references are involved, so follow the order in which you place data and formulas to avoid slowing down Excel.

  • When you are placing everything in single sheet then remember to start from top left and proceed right and downwards as the dependence of the cells increases.
  • Name the Excel sheets alphabetically (earlier the sheet with only data, and later the sheets with formulas)
  • And after executing both the options, you can use the references from other workbooks.


2. Sort Data


Another mistake that causes the Excel spreadsheet to slow down – is the lack of sorting. Well if you are utilizing the formulas that have the ability to search across a range or multiple ranges, sort the data.

Start with the column used mostly in lookup followed by the others one less utilized. If a vlookup locate a match in first few rows than this will work much faster, rather than having to go through 30000 rows.

So, it is worth to sort the data in Excel and optimize the Excel performance.

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3. Avoid Using Volatile Functions (Functions re-calculated at every step)


If you are using an excess of volatile formula like RAND() or the RANDBETWEEN() functions, then this what slow down your Excel file.

When you change a single cell value in a spreadsheet, then all the cells containing these formulas recalculate themselves.

Alike this Conditional formatting also has the same impact. And this is the reason why your Excel spreadsheet with thousand of these functions suddenly becomes slow.

Although, this doesn’t mean you should stop making use of these formulas but try to use it generously across thousands of cells.


4. Remove Unwanted Formulas


This might sound useless but is responsible for Excel running slow. Leaving the thousands of unused formulas like sumifs, countifs, and vlookups around long can have served their purpose.

So, try to convert them to static values and avoid giving your Excel to run slow on you.


5. Optimize your Workbook


Here check out certain tips that you need to perform regularly to avoid Excel from slowing down.

  • Try keeping entire thing in the same workbook
  • Delete entire invalid references in the name manager
  • Remove any invalid links and formulas
  • Delete anything that is required. Hit Ctrl + END on each spreadsheet to verify the actually used range of your sheets. And if your used range includes empty cells than delete any rows or columns that are not needed.


Automatic Solution: MS Excel Repair Tool


It is recommended to make use of the MS Excel Repair Tool. It is the best tool to repair all sort of issues, corruption, errors in Excel workbooks. This allows to easily restore all corrupt excel file including the charts, worksheet properties cell comments, and other important data. This is a unique tool to repair multiple Excel files at one repair cycle and recovers the entire data in a preferred location. It is easy to use and compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Excel Repair for Windows

Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:



Final Verdict:


So this is all about Excel file slow to respond issue.

Excel tends to slow down or start crashing after some time so, it is very important to be careful while using Excel and try your best to avoid some mistakes that make the Excel slow down to crawl.

Here I have listed the fixes to resolve Excel file slow to respond issue and the tips to prevent Excel file from running slow.

Hope after following the fixes and tips you are able to speed up your Excel file.

Apart from that Excel is a very crucial file so it is very important to handle it properly and backup your important data to avoid data loss situation.

In case you have any additional workarounds that proved successful or questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments or you can visit the Repair MS Excel Ask Question 

Good Luck…

Learn Ways to Fix Excel File Slow To Respond Issues with Bonus Tips
Learn Ways to Fix Excel File Slow To Respond Issue with Bonus Tips
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