Getting error message ”filename.xls’ cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to access a read-only location.” each time when you tries to open up your excel file and looking for some easy solution to fix it soon. As a matter of fact excel files are also affected by error, damage and corruption. Since excel files are affected by error, the bottom line is that you to repair them. In order to recover your valuable data, you can use the updated backup. However in case of such proper backup, you can use a professional and efficient Excel Recovery Tool as it is the best suited tool to repair damaged and corrupt Excel files.

 Other helpful features of this recovery tool:

  • Easily repair Windows excel file and restore all the original properties of the workbook.
  • Easily restore formatting of the charts, user defined charts, shared formulas, properties of worksheet generating formulas, texts, rules, etc.
  • The software has explorer-styled user interface which makes it very easy task to browse and navigate.

Reason Behind:

You might be getting this error message while trying to open an excel workbook:

 “.xls cannot be accessed. The file may be red-only or you may be trying to access a read-only location or the server the document is stored or may not be responding.”

 This error will obstacle you to access the file and its contents.

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There are more than one reasons for the occurrence of such error messages. Here they are:

  • Excel file is located on a server that is currently unavailable.
  • May be you are trying to open a damaged or corrupted excel file.
  • You don’t have sufficient permission to access the file.


To fix this error manually, you need to perform following operations:

  • If the file is marked read-only, then you need to modify the permission first.
  • Diagnose for the server issue and correct them.

In order to repair damaged excel file, follow these steps:

  • Try to open the file with ‘Open and Repair’ feature
  • Save the damaged excel file in XML or HTML format and convert it back in MS Excel file format.
  • If you have used any chart that is attached already with the damaged excel file then use a macro to extract the data from file.

If still you are getting the same issue with the excel file then use your recent file backup to restore. If you don’t have backup of an excel file then it would be very irritating for you. In order to resolve backup file issue you need to use Excel Recovery Tool for safe and reliable repair and restoration of excel file. This special tool which is specifically designed to repair such kind of files so that one can easily continue to work in that file. This repair tool searches for .xls file in the folder specified by the user. The file which is found to be corrupted will create a preview in the Excel Repair window. The interface is very simple, with a large tool bar of buttons to add files or folder to the application.

With this software, you can repair your corrupted excel file. It can easily restore all corrupt excel file and also recover everything which includes cell comments, charts, worksheet properties and other related data. The corrupted excel file can be restored to a new blank excel file. It has the ability to recover the complete data from the file and restore them even without modifying original formatting.



Step 1: To start the process, download and install MS Excel repair Tool and then select “OK” button.


Step 2: By clicking on “Select file”button, select the corrupt .xls or .xlsx file. In order to search a .xls or .xlsx file in specific folder click on “Select folder”. In a particular drive in order to search a .xls or .xlsx file click on the “Search file” button.


Step 3: After selecting the corrupt file click on “Scan” button to begin the scanning process.


Step 4: You can see the scanning process is in progress


Step 5: After the scanning is finished, you can preview your corrupt file from the right panel.


Step 6: Hit on the “repair” button to begin the repair process.


Step 7: Select the desired location to save the repaired excel file and after that hit on “OK”.



So in this way, using the above-mentioned steps you can easily repair and recover your excel file with MS Excel Repair Tool.

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