Avoid errors in Excel

We all know how useful is MS Excel application but in many cases, this lets us down. In many of my earlier article, I have described various Excel issues and errors and its fixes.

But today in this article I have come with quite a different topic. In this article is am sharing the tricks to prevent Excel errors. 

And as it is said Prevention is better than cure!!! So below check out the best strategies to avoid errors in Excel


Tricks to Avoid Excel Mistakes:


Trick 1: Listen To Excel


In many cases, Excel informs the users about the possible mistakes. In Excel the formulas errors are indicated in two ways: the wrong cell ranges within formulas with green triangles and secondly, it returns the error messages.  

1: Notice the Green Triangle

If while working on the Excel spreadsheet, you notice the small green triangle on Excel cells? Then this is clear sign you have done any mistake in the formula.

The green triangle in the upper-left corner of the cell shows formula error in the cell. And when you select the cell > the Trace Error button emerges > after that click arrow next to the button for the options list.

Well by clicking the trace error button you can identify the mistake in the cell and solve the mistake to avoid further errors.

2: Solve error messages

In many cases, it is seen Excel shows the error messages like #N/A! , #DIV/0! Or the #VALUE! and others. These are most irritating errors and interrupt the users. Various errors in the Excel appear when any formula or Excel function goes wrong.

To know more about the Excel errors and its fixes read this: 8 Common Excel Error Messages that Irritates You The Most

In the formula auditing group on Formulas ribbon, Excel offers tools for Error checking:

  • Here go to the next error and you will get a short depiction of error and its fixes.
  • Trace Error shows the error path with arrows.


Trick 2: Check Sums to Avoid Errors


Well in many cases checking sums will help you to avoid Excel errors but this is often a difficult task because this requires real calculations. But this is really very useful.

Let describe it best with an example: suppose you got an input data and after that, you performed some calculations and lastly got an output sheet with final results.  Then try the below-given points to prevent mistakes.

  • Make use of these results and after that compare sums to input data.  
  • Possibly in the calculations, you can filter or summarize data. Make use of the simple filter on the input data for comparing it to the results also.
  • The COUNTIFS function helps in checking if a number of data sets of results match to the number of input data and others…

Other things you can try to judge:

  • Do the results are possible?
  • Do such results are expected?
  • Are there any outliers available?
  • What are the suggestions for such results?

Further Reading: 

Trick 3: Check and Display Formulas


Apart from the error checking tools, in Excel there are two other tools available in the ‘Formula Auditing’ group on ‘Formulas’ ribbon:

  1. In Excel formulas are also displayed instead of resulting values. To do so click on ‘Show Formulas’ in the ‘Formula Auditing’ you can also use shortcut key (CTRL + `). And when you choose cell input values will be highlighted
  2. Secondly, check the formulas commonly the complex ones, you can make use of the ‘Evaluate Formula’ function. This tool allows you to follow the calculation step by step. To do so click the cell > after that click Formula bar> click Evaluate Formula. Next press Evaluate or Step In for checking each and every calculation step.


Trick 4: Prevent Errors by Utilizing Named Ranges


Named ranges are very useful and using them has two benefits and one drawback. Here Excel allows the user to give names to the cells and cell ranges.

Simply choose the cell or range > on the top left corner of the screen type into a small text box (next to the formula bar). And now in the formulas, you can make use of the name in place of the reference.


Trick 5: Visualize Calculations & Results


Even the results are just a table this help you to visualize data.

1: Insert a chart

Let’s examine your results are monthly revenues, exhibit them in a simple bar or line chart. Well, this will give you clear results and afterward you can also delete the chart.

2: Add conditional formatting

Another easy way is making use of the conditional formatting rules.

Simply choose your data, calculations or results > and on the Home ribbon > click Conditional Formatting. The instant method is select color scales, put the lowest value in green color and highest in red color.

And simple the entire values get the shades of red and green color.


Trick 6: Organize Workbook


Well, this is not a way to prevent errors in Excel, but having an organized workbook will help you to easily find what’s gone wrong.

So try your best to keep your workbook clean and tidy workbook. Well doing this is quite frustrating because with a plenty of calculations and formulas it is quite difficult to manage everything in an organized way.

But here I have listed some suggestion that you can out into work.

  • Make a table of contents
  • Place a list of open issues.
  • Group worksheets by typing input vs. outputs

So these are the tricks that help you to avoid errors in Excel but if unluckily you face any errors in Excel then, in this case, it is worth to make use of the automatic repair utility to fix Excel errors and recover Excel data.


Automatic Solution: MS Excel Repair Tool


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Excel Repair for Windows


Steps to Utilize MS Excel Repair Tool:





So, in this way you can avoid errors in Excel.

Facing an Excel error is a big headache and after that analyzing what is causing the problem is another dilemma.

So here I tried my best to share with you all the best tricks to avoid mistakes in Excel and when there is no any mistake and the chance of getting errors are also very low.

Follow the given tricks while maintaining your Excel spreadsheet and simply make your Excel error-free.

Despite it, always create a valid backup of your crucial Excel data and as well scan your system with good antivirus program for virus and malware infection.

If, in case you have any additional questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments section below or you can also visit our Repair MS Excel Ask Question

Good Luck….

6 Tricks to Avoid Errors in MS Excel
6 Tricks to Avoid Errors in MS Excel
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6 Tricks to Avoid Errors in MS Excel
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