6 Ways to Use Pivot Table to Analyze Quarterly, Monthly & Yearly Trends

Excel is the very popular application of Microsoft Office suite, but this is very tricky also. And we all know the fact that how complex is it.

However, there are many features in Excel that makes it less complex and easily perform certain tasks. One of the most powerful Excel features is the Pivot Tables.

A Pivot table allows you to extract the impact from a detailed, large data set. This helps you to quickly sum up and categorize many table records into a single report.


Fix 3 Excel Errors That Occur Due To Corruption & Recover Lost Data


Are you a regular Excel file user, then you must have come across a situation when due to Excel file corruption you start getting an error message? Then here find out what goes wrong with your Excel file and how to fix it. 

MS Excel is the most popular software and is known for its reliability. This is a very crucial file and highly prone to corruption.

There are many cases when the Excel files malfunction and these malfunctions result in the Excel workbook corruption or the currently open Excel workbook.


3 Working Solution To Fix Excel Error Stdole32.tlb


Are you the getting the stdole32.tlb while using the Microsoft Excel. Then here knows what goes wrong with the Excel file.

Microsoft office is software that is used in every day works. The most popular software of Microsoft Office suite is Excel and then comes the Microsoft Word.

MS Excel is widely used application, but this is highly crucial also. As this is highly prone to corruption, sometimes a minor mistake can make the entire Excel file corrupted and as a result, it starts showing errors.

Well, in our previous blogs we had discussed many Microsoft Excel errors and also the provided solutions successfully fixed the errors by many users.


FIX: Excel Fill Handle Not Working Properly & Tips to Use it Efficiently


Are you the one facing Excel Fill handle not Working Properly issue, while using the fill handle useful tool. Then here know how to fix Fill handle Excel issue.

The fill handle is an extremely useful Excel tool that helps the user to perform certain action easily. With the help of this user can extend a series of numbers, dates or text to the desired number of cells.


7 Underrated Excel Functions That I Wish Knew Before


We all know how complex is Excel program. But behind of its complexity this is still used worldwide to perform various tasks such as analyze, audit and calculate data.

Therefore due to this Excel provides varieties of functions to perform various tasks easily.

However, some of the Excel functions are used by many Excel users regularly. Whereas some of the Excel functions are so specific that only a number of statistical, financial, or the engineering specialists, understand and use them.

Well, these underused Excel functions are also useful but due to certain reasons least used by the users.


16 Advanced Excel Skills To Succeed at Office

Excel skill

Excel is one of the most perplexing pieces of software in the Microsoft Office suite. And is the most widely used spreadsheet software.

So, if you are the one who needs to regularly use this scary program then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Whether you are just starting your Excel journey or have been using it for a while, there are few skills that will help you succeed in this complex program,

…and the best things about the Excel skills are this help to avoid the certain hazard and impress the other person with your work (especially your Boss).