How To Insert A Checkbox In Excel – Create An Interactive Checklist, To-Do List And Report

How To Insert A Checkbox In Excel

Inserting a check boxes in excel sounds like a trivial thing but it opens up a host of new possibilities of your worksheets that will keep you on track  with your goals, schedule, assignments etc. Check boxes and other controls like drop downs looks quite impressive in excel can be quite helpful while designing forms in excel.  These controlling options prevent users from entering some unwanted data in your forms and hence they are preferred to traditional text boxes. (more…)

How To Use Dynamic Data Labels To Create Interactive Excel Charts

Use Dynamic Data Labels To Create Interactive Excel Charts

In excel worksheet Chart is a perfect tool to present data in an enhanced and more understandable way but most of the time it is seen that it sucks because of the overloading of excess of data representation. Actually the fact is that Chart looks more understanding when it is neat and clean. So the best way to keep your chart representation clean and understandable you need to make interactive charts in excel so that it don’t look too messy. As by doing this you can present more data in a single chart without worrying about all that clutter. (more…)

How To Recover Missing Sheet Tabs In Microsoft Excel?

How To Recover Missing Sheet Tabs In Microsoft Excel?

You may have encountered with the situation where you open an excel workbook that has several worksheets, but only single worksheet appears to you.  If this happens your missing worksheet may get hide in plain sight due to some changes in excel setting. In order to restore the vanished worksheet tabs, here are few techniques which help you in easy navigation of workbooks easier, as well as other ways to find hidden worksheets. (more…)

Resolve Excel “Too Many Different Cell Formats” Error Message

Too Many Different Cell Formats excel error

Facing “Too many different cell formats” is a common problem for Excel users. Users are commonly facing this error while saving Excel workbook, and when this appears user are not allowed to save the file and leave you at the risk of losing all the work to the sheet or workbook. This is a very irritating issue, here in this article follow the complete information about Excel too many different cell formats error and how to fix it.


Repair Excel Error “Opening Blank Page Issue When You Double-Click A File Icon Or File Name”

repair excel error

Annoyed a lot with excel opens blank page each time when you double click the file icon or file name to open it? Obviously, this can be a very irritating situation. As this will prevent you to access your excel file or watch the content of the file. However, you need not worry as here in this article we are describing the possible workarounds to easily repair Excel error file opens blank issue. (more…)

Resolve “Invalid XLS File Format” Excel Error On Windows OS

The file format is invalid error

Nowadays, the Spreadsheet program is popularly used to perform the calculation, integrate information from different applications and analyze the data. Excel is commonly used application in various official workplaces. The user can easily maintain separate worksheet for individual drafts of any works, complex and multiple calculation are done in just one click and statistical representations of work can be perfectly shown in different diagrammatic forms.


11 Simple Yet Powerful Excel Troubleshooting Tricks for Analyzing Data

Simple Yet Powerful Excel troubleshooting Tricks for Analyzing Data

Microsoft Excel is a magical program that most of the office employees utilize to easily perform complex calculation and make the work done easily. At first glance, it might look like a program with only tables and slots for entering data, but this description is not enough to know about the real capabilities of this program. Excel can do anything from managing your office accounts to managing the data required for the whole country but for that, you must need to know complete about it. Here in this tutorial, we are describing excel troubleshooting formula that helps you to easily analyze data.

Let’s take a look:


Resolve “Microsoft Excel has stopped working” Error Message

fix excel stopped working error

If you are a regular excel user then you have commonly encountered the error message “Microsoft excel has stopped working” while working on the excel file or during closing the application. This is a very irritating issue as you are not able to do anything for some time and in some cases, it corrupts the excel file and the entire data stored in it become inaccessible. (more…)