3 Manual Ways to Recover Deleted Data from Excel Sheet

Recover Deleted Data from Excel Sheet

Today here in this article I am going to discuss the common issue faced by the Excel users – how to recover deleted data from Excel sheet.

I guess, we all have faced Excel data loss or deletion issue in our life. Well, this is really a miserable situation as this can leads a serious big dilemma. Losing data not only cause data loss, in fact, the hours which you have spent in maintaining, organizing your data in Excel sheet and even cause many other issues.


How to Recover Unsaved/Overwritten Excel Files

recover unsaved excel file

Are you the one dealing with the data loss situation due to closing unsaved Excel workbooks, or because of computer or Excel file crashing/freezing, power loss or due to other unexpected reasons?

This is the worst nightmare faced by every Excel users. After working on a workbook for several hours you accidentally close it without saving or due to other spreadsheet hazards is a common problem. But the Good news is that there are few ways that help you to recover unsaved Excel files.