[Solved] Tutorial to Fix “Microsoft Excel File is Locked for Editing/in Use” Issue!

Microsoft Excel File is Locked for Editing Use

Are you unable to edit your excel workbook due to an error message “The document is locked for editing by another user”?

If YES then you are at the right place, today we will try to solve this issue and fix the error showing excel file.

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Now, coming to the point, why “The document is locked for editing by another user” error is appearing while trying to edit the excel spreadsheet and how to solve this situation. So let’s start,


[Solved] How to Fix “Microsoft Excel Quit Unexpectedly Mac” Error for Excel 2016 and 2011?

fix Microsoft Office 2011 crashes on Mac OS X Yosemite

Are you unable to open the Microsoft Excel Application on Mac OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.10)? OR Microsoft Excel Quit Unexpectedly on Mac? Or getting an error message “The application Microsoft Excel quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected. Click re-launch, to launch the application again. Click report to see more details or send a report to Apple”?

If you are dealing with the above-given scenarios and want to get rid of Microsoft Excel Quit Unexpectedly Mac issue then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss several solutions that will help you to fix Microsoft excel quit unexpectedly Mac.

This annoying situation may appear when the user tries to open the Microsoft Excel on Mac OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.10) and the situation becomes worse when Microsoft Excel refuses to start after crashing.

Not only excel but you may also face trouble while trying to open the other Microsoft Office apps like MS Word, MS Powerpoint. They start throwing an error “Microsoft office Quit unexpectedly on Mac” each time when a user tries to open MS office on OS X Yosemite.

You can easily solve this error without the need of any professional experience and help you to access your document without losing data. Microsoft provides effective solutions to fix this problem. All the solutions discussed under this blog are resourced by Microsoft officials. (more…)

How to Fix “There’s a problem with the clipboard, but you can still paste your content within this workbook” Error in Excel 2016?

delete excel There's a problem with the clipboard error

All Microsoft Office Applications like Microsoft Excel, PPT and other have their own clipboard feature. Microsoft Office allows their users to copy the same formatting or paste it as a plain text.

Sometimes when the user tries to copy anything from the Microsoft Excel file then Excel application throws an error message “There’s a problem with the clipboard, but you can still paste your content within this workbook”.

This happens when a user tries to copy something because another application is using your clipboard. Once Microsoft Office starts throwing this error message then from that time you can only copy and paste to other programs, but not on any Microsoft Office applications.

Before fixing this issue, you have to find out that which program is using your clipboard and preventing you from accessing through Microsoft Excel.

This error message appears when you press Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, via the Format Painter and only copying complete cells. But, it doesn’t appear up while trying to copy an element of the cell content.

I have browsed several excel communities in the search of a solution and found that this error message appears up several times while using Excel. It is an irritating error message that generally comes in to view at the second Ctrl+C after opening an Excel spreadsheet. (more…)

[Solved] How to Fix Microsoft Excel 2016 Autosave Not Working?

Fix Microsoft Excel 2016 Autosave Not Working

Autosave option is the life-saving feature of Microsoft that save all the unsaved data of excel file automatically during the unexpected excel file crash or any other issue.

This option is very effective and able to deal with all types of data loss situations. Sometimes while reading/editing excel document user may face sudden power failure, excel app crash, or computer crashing issue, and the Excel docs are forced to close before the user can save the data.

To get rid of these data loss situations you can turn on the Autosave feature in Microsoft Excel to save the unsaved documents automatically. (more…)

How to Fix Memory Error on Microsoft Excel without calling any Excel Professional?

Fix Memory Error on Microsoft Excel

Memory issues are very common while dealing with the Microsoft Excel application, no matter what version you are using as memory error may appear on any of the Microsoft version (from 2010 to 2016).

There are different types of memory errors that can appear and prevent user to execute a specific action. In this blog, we will discuss several of the Microsoft Excel Memory error and try different solutions to get rid of them.

But before going to troubleshoot the memory error, it is recommended that find out the root cause of this error first as through this we can prevent the Microsoft memory error in the future.

After launching the Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft is pressurizing the users to install 64-bit Office in order to skip the running out of memory and resources issues. In their previous version of Excel, Microsoft suggested 32-bit because some of the controls and add-ins were not yet present in the 64-bit compatible versions. If you are dealing with a lot of macros then it is recommended to test it first before migrating to 64-bit Excel. (more…)

Top 11 Tested Ways to Reduce Microsoft Excel File Size without Deleting Data

reduce Microsoft Excel 2016 File SizeToday we will discuss about a very common problem of Microsoft Excel File i.e. Huge File Size of Excel file and try several techniques to reduce the Microsoft Excel File Size without deleting data.

There are many causes that can help an excel file to become huge, sometimes Excel spreadsheet become so huge while it actually containing very little information.

A large sized Excel workbook may generate lots of issues while dealing with the file, such as file will respond very slow, take more time to save any changes, take time to upload and more.

The main question is “What part of an Excel file causes the big file size. Some of them are, (more…)

How to Lock and Unlock Cells, Formulas in Microsoft Excel 2016?

Lock and Unlock Cells Formulas

Want to lock cells in Excel 2016 and make them protected from any type of modification OR unable to edit/modify cells because they are locked? Read this blog till its conclusion, and know the simple tricks to lock & unlock cells in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Preventing spreadsheet cells from any types of unwanted modifications become necessary as no one want inadvertently change in cells that should not be modified.

Luckily, Microsoft Excel 2016 and other of its earlier versions allow you to lock cells and prevent them from being modified.

In case, you want to lock all the cells in a worksheet or protect a specific cell and allow some cells of the excel file to be changeable then you can also do this.

One can easily lock some specific cells and ranges before you prevent the worksheet and, optionally, allow users to modify only exact ranges of a locked sheet. (more…)

[Solved] How to Fix Excel Error “An Unexpected Error has Occurred” when Exporting?

An Unexpected Error has Occurred

Are you facing “An Unexpected Error has Occurred” error message while working over an excel file? Are you unable to export or import excel file due to “An Unexpected Error has Occurred” error message?

If your answers of the above-asked questions are YES then don’t worry, as today we will discuss on “An Unexpected Error has Occurred” error and apply different solutions to get rid of this issue. So let’s start,

Before going to applying any fixes lets learn more about MS Excel file. Excel files digitally replaced the paperwork; it deals with several spreadsheets. Through the Microsoft Excel files you can easily store your insights in an organized manner. (more…)

7 Working Solutions to Resolve Microsoft Excel is Not Responding Error

Fix Microsoft Excel is Not Responding Error

Is your Microsoft Excel file turn to Not Responding and throwing Not Responding Error message? Or getting “Excel has stops working” error message while trying to operate over an excel file?

If you are unable to access your important insights saved in the MS Excel 2016 or any other version due to the “Excel is not responding” issue then don’t worry as today we will discuss “How to get rid of Stuck MS Excel File and recover the unsaved data?”

MS Excel not responding or stuck situation is very irritating and annoying, the situation becomes more dangerous when you have some unsaved data.

This problem may appear due to several causes, you will see an hourglass or a looping circle showing that a heavy thing yet to be completed and at the top of the Excel window, you get a message “Excel not responding”. (more…)