How To Insert A Checkbox In Excel

Insertions of checkboxes in Excel may sound you like a trivial task. But do you have any idea that using this checkboxes; will make your work easier with the worksheets. As, this will ultimately help you in keeping track over your goals, schedules, assignments etc. in a well-arranged manner.

Checkboxes and other controls like drop downs, look quite impressive in Excel and can be quite helpful while designing forms in MS Excel.  These controlling options prevent users from entering some unwanted data in your forms and hence they are preferred to traditional text boxes.

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to insert a checkbox in Excel and utilizes the check box results in formulas to create an interactive checklist, to-do list, report or graph.

How To Insert Checkbox In Excel

Just like other Excel form controls, check box control exists on Developer tab. This tab won’t appear on Excel ribbon anywhere. So firstly you have to turn this on.

1. Show the Developer tab on the Ribbon

Here is the step to add Developer Tab into the Excel Ribbon.

Make a right click anywhere over the ribbon. After then tap to Customize the Ribbon option… Or, you can go to the File > Options >Customize Ribbon.

Within the Customize the Ribbon, you need to choose Main Tabs (by default it is selected), make a check sign over the Developer box, and hit the OK option.


After getting the Developer tab within your Excel ribbon. You will get easy access to most of the interactive controls like Check Box.

2. Organize the Data

While making an excel checklist, the very thing you need to do is to make list of items or tasks for which you are putting the checkboxes.

Suppose, you have created a checklist for party planning:

excel checklist data e2

3. Add a check box

Now the preparation time is over so let’s move on to the next important part i.e adding check boxes to above create party planning list:

Here is the following steps to add checkboxes in excel.

  • Go to the Developer tab> Controls group. Tap to the Insert option and choose the Check Box under Form Controls.

insert checkbox excel e3

  • Tap to the cell in which you want to insert your first checkbox. After then you will see Check box control will present near it, not exactly in that cell.

checkbox added excel e4

  • To keep the check boxes in proper position, put your mouse pointer over it. And as the pointer gets changed to four-pointed arrow shape, drag down the checkbox wherever you want to keep it.


  • For removing off the text “Check Box 1” from the checkbox. Make a right click over the checkbox. Just select the text and erase it.

excel checkbox remove text e6

Or, you have to right click on the check box, tap to the Edit Text option and after then delete the text.

So now your first checkbox is ready, so just copy it down to other cells.

4. Copy the Checkbox to other Cells

Choose cells having the check boxes using arrow keys of your keyboard and place the cursor over lower right corner of cell.  When mouse pointer changes to thick black cross shape then drag it to the place wherever you want to copy the checkbox.

copy checkbox excel e7

 Now the check boxes are well added to all items present in the checklist.

excel checkboxes added e8

You must be thinking that Excel checklist is now ready to get used but actually it’s not. You can make check or uncheck by clicking to the box but excel won’t respond to these changes as no cells are linked to any checkboxes yet.

So in our next section of this tutorial we will learn about how to link a checkbox to a cell.


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How To Link A Checkbox To A Cell

As already mentioned, to be able to capture the checkbox state (checked or unchecked) you need to associate the check box with a certain cell. To do this, please follow these steps:


  • Make a right click over the checkbox. After then tap to the Format Control option.

Right click the checkbox, and then click Format Control.


  •  In the opened Format Control dialog box, make a switch to the Control tab. Tap to the cell link box and choose the empty cell over the sheet of which you need to link to checkbox.  OR just you can type the cell reference manually.

Link a checkbox to a cell.

  • In the same way repeat same steps for remaining check boxes.

Note:  for easy identification of the linked cells, just select them in an adjacent column which is empty.  In this way you will be able to hide the linked cells, so it won’t do any kind of mess up in your worksheet.

In the linked cells, TRUE appears for selected checkboxes, and FALSE for cleared checkboxes.

  • Tap to each link of linked checkboxes. In linked cells, you will see TRUE appear for the chosen checkboxes and false for cleared checkboxes.

Deleting a Checkbox

You can delete a check box by using these two ways.

First method:

  • Select a checkbox and press delete. This one is the fast method to do that.
  • And if you have more than one checkboxes in your worksheet:
  • Select all the checkboxes by holding control key.
  • And press deletes to delete them all.

delete when you insert a checkbox in excel 12

Second method:

  • Use selection pane to delete them.
  • Go to home tab→ Editing → Find & Select → Selection Pane.
  • In selection pane, you will get the list of all the checkboxes you have used in your worksheet.
  • You can select each of them one by one or you can select more than one by one using control key. Once you select them, press delete.

insert checkbox in excel use selection pane in-excel e13

Wrap up:

Hope after reading the article, you know how to insert a checkbox in Excel and create an interactive checklist, to-do list and report easily. So make use of it.

If you are having any query or additional information then please share it with us, by going to comment section or on Ask Question.

How To Insert A Checkbox In Excel – Create An Interactive Checklist, To-Do List And Report
How To Insert A Checkbox In Excel - Create An Interactive Checklist, To-Do List And Report
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How To Insert A Checkbox In Excel - Create An Interactive Checklist, To-Do List And Report
Here get the complete information on how to insert a checkbox in Excel for creating an interactive checklist, report and much more.
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